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Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s teaching,


     Difficulties try to make us give up hope of seeing God’s deliverance and goodness.  But as we continue to try, the anointing of God’s Spirit adds the umph to our try and enables us to triumph!  He overshadows, directs, and energizes our efforts.

I.    Add the Umph to Your Try!

II.   Triumph in Troubles!

III.  Triumph Requires Allegiance!

IV. Keep Trying To Triumph!

V.  Triumph Over the Enemy!


Don't miss what God wants to do in your life.  Whatever you're facing—if it's financial or emotional or dealing with a relationship, a challenge in your work or health or a troubling situation—God has an answer in His hand for you.  As we pray, it can cause the answer to be released to you.  Share with us personally, then we will pray and share with you a letter from God's Word to help your life.  Don't let this opportune moment pass.  Click here to send your prayer requests personally to us.  Jeanne and John Alcott