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Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s new teaching,


       God delivers in full, on time whatever your need is.  He's never behindhand but supplies everything and in the right timing as you expect delivery by your faith.  Discover what He wants to deliver to you and how He promises to do it on time as you believe. 

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                                                Listen Now to the Personal Interview With Jeanne Alcott!

Be inspired as you listen to the radio interview Jeanne had with Cherri Willis of OASIS Radio Network.  God’s anointing was strong as Jeanne ministered on hope for healing.  You will also hear about what God wants to do in your life for 2015.  And she gives an update on the vision for Alcott Ministries.  Expect to hear from the Lord!  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.


WORDS OF POWER Daily Devotional Book by Jeanne Alcott

This new devotional book is available in paperback, hardback, or eBook.  Click here to request your copy of the paperback or hardback from Alcott Ministries.  Click here to request the eBook from the publisher!


January/February/March 2015 Newsletter Package

Click here to receive the January/February/March 2015 Word of Power newsletter package.  This POWER PACKET is filled with spiritual articles, great stories of good things that God has done in people’s lives, a special letter to minister to you, and lots of good information, as well as a turkey chili recipe.  It’s our gift to you.