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miracle! Whenever you're here, we will open our arms to you as our family and Partner
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Be a part of this and see what God will do!

On Sunday, July 27, John and I are having a time of special anointed prayer and fasting for you.  So let us know what’s happening in your life.  I tell you, we’re expecting tremendous answers to prayer for you.  Amazing miracles happened the last time we did this, and we’re expecting that for your life now.  Be sure to send your prayer requests while there still is time.  We are expecting miracles to begin on July 27.  Click here to share.  Jeanne Alcott


NEWSLETTER released!

We just released the July/August/September newsletter.  And it is filled with inspiration and encouragement for your life.  Click here to receive this packet of power as our gift to you.  Jeanne and John.


Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s new teaching,


You can see that long-awaited desire happen.  That turnaround.  The need met.  Say within yourself, “I have the strength to achieve in the Lord” (Isaiah 45:24).  Don’t be pushed off from where God wants you to be and from what you are to do.  Achieve your God-given goals.

I.    Run at a New Level!

II.   Know That You’re Never Struck Out!

III.  Establish a Beachhead!

IV. Cross the Bridge!

V.  Take Another Opportunity!