We're so glad you’re here! We want you to make this your home. Alcott Ministries is here for you to come to as often as you want.
We're here to pray for your needs and believe for God's power to enter your life with a
miracle! Whenever you're here, we will open our arms to you as our family and Partner
and serve you God's Word of Power to encourage and enrich and grow your life. We pray you feel God's love and compassion



“Thank you!  The Lord brought your last letter to me at a time I really needed the encouraging Word of the Lord.  The scripture passage you referenced was the very one that I had kept coming to in my Bible readings.  The Lord is blessing me, healing me, and rebuilding my life in the most tender loving way that only God can provide.  Your teaching in your letter gave me an understanding that really ministered to me.” 



God wants to share His heart with you for what you’re going through and we believe as we pray with you, you will receive an encouraging word from Him.  Click here and tell us what’s going on in your life or with someone close to you.  It will come directly to us and we will begin to join our faith with yours.  Then we’ll send you a letter filled with God’s encouragement for your life.  We are Your Partners in Prayer, Jeanne and John Alcott


Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s teaching,


God invites you to seek Him in a deeper way—not only worship Him, but LIVE with Him.  He is in your thinking and your every breath.  Learn what His desires are concerning your life.  Then see how satisfied and blessed you will be. 

I.     Seek Me When You Don’t See Me!

II.    Seek Me When You’re Dissatisfied!

III.   Seek Me When Something Is Seeking You!

IV.  Seek Me When You’re Seeking Other Things!

V.   Seek Me in the Way You Live!