We're so glad you’re here! We want you to make this your home. Alcott Ministries is here for you to come to as often as you want.
We're here to pray for your needs and believe for God's power to enter your life with a
miracle! Whenever you're here, we will open our arms to you as our family and Partner
and serve you God's Word of Power to encourage and enrich and grow your life. We pray you feel God's love and compassion



“I so appreciate your program and the Lord speaks to my heart daily through you.  Thank you for your personally directed prayer and word at the end of each program.  God has brought me to a new place in my heart now.  I have joy, peace, and hope.  I’ve given Him my life, my future, my dreams, my broken dreams, my reputation, my needs.  I look forward to the best days of my life.”


Dear Friend, as you listen to Word of Power teachings, let the Lord communicate to your heart the plans He has for you now.  Share with us the needs you have and we will come into a prayer of agreement with you to see God do a great work.  We’re here for you as your Partners in prayer, Jeanne and John Alcott


Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s new teaching,


Weariness can come in many different forms—in your spirit, body, mind, or emotions.  When daily life is tiresome, responsibilities are heavy, and expectations are demanding, you can go from being weary to refreshed.

 I.   Stop Knocking Yourself Out!

II.    Eat the Honey Sometimes!

III.   Find Your Lost Heart!

IV.  Refuse To Go on Overload!

V.   Rest in God!