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We're here to pray for your needs and believe for God's power to enter your life with a
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and serve you God's Word of Power to encourage and enrich and grow your life. We pray you feel God's love and compassion


The Fall Newsletter Is Ready and It’s Filled With


The fall newsletter packet is ready!  Be sure to get your complimentary copy today and read articles that will inspire you.  Let God speak to your heart of what He has for your life.  Read the encouraging testimonies of what’s going on with others in the body of Christ.  There are all kinds of good things in it for you.  Click here to request your packet today!

 Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s new teaching,


You've prayed and planted your seeds.  Now, believe God has a harvest time for you.  And here is what you can do to experience it.

I.     Make the First Move!

II.    Work for the Harvest!

III.   Permit Your Harvest To Accumulate!

IV.  Plant Seed Even When It’s Hard!

V.   Watch With Expectation for the Harvest!