We're so glad you’re here! We want you to make this your home. Alcott Ministries is here for you to come to as often as you want.
We're here to pray for your needs and believe for God's power to enter your life with a
miracle! Whenever you're here, we will open our arms to you as our family and Partner
and serve you God's Word of Power to encourage and enrich and grow your life. We pray you feel God's love and compassion



Now is the time for you to enter into a powerful prayer of agreement with us and believe for God to move in your life.  For the next three days John and I are going to be coming into prayer together specifically for you as you share your prayer requests with us.

So click here and tell us what date you want us to pray for you—choose either March 29, 30, or 31.  Then know that in the spiritual realm, battle will be fought for you on that day.  We’re expecting that to be your day of victory and for it to be the day of defeat for the circumstances.  Contact us right away so we have your prayer requests on time.  Don’t underestimate the power of what God can do through prayer.  Jeanne and John Alcott.



“I sent in a prayer request for my husband to receive a better job with higher salary and benefits.  God answered this prayer above and beyond what we could have expected.  He began his new job in December and we are still rejoicing for this answered prayer!  Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement you share every day on the Oasis radio.”

“I had a problem with gangs, as I travel to work by bus five nights a week.  I asked for your prayers.  The gang problem stopped and has not reoccurred!”

“I’m serving time in Virginia, but I rededicated my life to the Lord.  I really enjoy listening to you on the Oasis channel on my radio….  You have no idea how much it means to me to be able to receive the word of truth in the mornings.” 

Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s new teaching,


God provides direction so you can enjoy blessings, accomplish His calling in your heart, and experience the answers He has for you.  See what steps you can take to receive direction from the Lord. 

I.      Relinquish Your Way!

II.     Open Up Yourself To Hear!

III.    Follow the Burning in Your Spirit!

IV.   Get Good Reception!

V.    Operate in Discernment!