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and serve you God's Word of Power to encourage and enrich and grow your life. We pray you feel God's love and compassion


Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s new teaching,


     God has wonders He wants to perform in your life that will leave you with your mouth open saying, “Wow!”  To experience those wonders, you have to expect the supernatural.  See how to receive the wonders God has for you.

 I.   Wonders of Might!

II.   Wonders of Resources!

III.  Wonders of Compassion!

IV. Wonders of Recovery!

V.  Wonders of Escape!



“Thank you for praying for my family.  My son has a very good job now.  We prayed for him to be in a positive Christian environment.  Well, God has done it.  He starts in two weeks.  And my husband is going from the walker to a cane now.  And my daughter and I are doing well on our diet.  It seems you always have a right now word for my whole family.” 


When you listen to Word of Power teachings, you can hear a word from the Lord and receive prayer for the power of God to change the circumstances you’re facing.  Click here now to share your prayer requests with us.  We will personally pray over everything, and we’ll send you a letter filled with a "now" word for you.  Jeanne and John Alcott.