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Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s new teaching,


Spiritual authority is the privilege and right to exercise the power you’ve been given by God.  Experience how things can change in your life when you operate in your spiritual authority.

I.     You Are Dangerous to the Devil!

II.    You Have the Upper Hand!

III.   You Can Stand for What You Believe!

IV.  You Refuse To Retreat!

V.   You Can Cut It!


It’s another day!

How do you face it?

You can have words of power to begin each day with hope in your heart and a positive attitude, even in the midst of pressures and demands.  Jeanne Alcott has written a daily devotional book that gives you what you need for every day of your life.  It’s filled with…

• Short inspirational messages

• Quotes from proven leaders

• Stories from people facing the same types of circumstances as you

• Spiritual Powerlines to express throughout the day to keep yourself strong

• Prayers to pray out loud that ensure God is working behind the scenes for you.

          Words of Power, daily devotional book is available in paperback, hardback, or eBook and the devotionals are not dated so you can start them anytime of the year.  Click here to request your copy of the paperback or hardback from Alcott Ministries.  Click here to request the eBook from the publisher!



      We have created a great calendar for you for 2015.  We call it GOD’S MIRROR because each picture contains a mirror image that shows the beauty and wonder God has created on earth.  Every day you look at this calendar, be reminded that you are a mirror image of God, and He is watching over you!  It’s a handy size of 8 ½ x 11 and printed on card stock.  We are happy to offer this to you for a gift of any amount into Alcott Ministries.  Click here to request your 2015 calendar today!