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“Multiple times you all have spoken a word in due season in my life.  And recently my brother was experiencing feelings of guilt and discouragement.  He called and told me he 'happened' to listen to your teachings online.  What was spoken to him through this ministry softened and strengthen his heart to hear from the Lord.  It meant so much to me to hear the uplifting that was taking place inside of him.  I covet your prayers as well.  I have no doubt things move and shake when you all agree in prayer.”



As we come into a prayer of agreement, the Bible tells us that we have great power to move and shake the circumstances (James 5).  So, share with us today what needs to be done.  John and I will personally pray over everything you share with us, then we’ll send you a letter filled with the encouragement of God’s Word.  Just click here to share and it will come directly to us.  Jeanne Alcott


Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s teaching,


 When unfair things come your way—something has happened that’s unjust—you can rest assured that God promises you justice in His Word.  Here’s how you can overcome every injustice: 

I.     Leave It to God’s Might!

II.    Come Out of It a Better Person!

III.   Wait for Your Reward!

IV.  Believe God Will Undo What Needs To Be Undone!

V.   Don’t Play the Harp!