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This is a TEACHING SERIES by Jeanne Alcott that can help you come through the storms of life with victory!  This four-CD set contains some of her most powerful teachings that have helped many people see a tremendous turnaround!  You discover through God’s Word how to triumph over problems, trials, disappointments, and pain.

Each teaching contains five segments that are fifteen minutes long so it’s easy to listen to them.  Also included are powerful prayer times in which you can feel the Spirit of God move and personally touch your heart. 
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Listen now to Jeanne Alcott’s teaching,


Do you ever get tired of things being taken from your life?  God wants you to keep all that He has given you—love, blessings, relationships, your gifts and abilities, the people He places in your path to minister to, health, personal fulfillment, and the work He's given you to do—every part of our life.  If you have had enough of taking from you, learn through this teaching how you can keep what is yours.
I.     Save Your Land!
II.    Don't Allow Any Messing With Your Dreams!
III.   Lose So You Can Gain!
IV. Stop the Taker!
V.  Keep What Is Yours by Giving!