Thursday, October 19, 2017

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If you need prayer, contact
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Healed of Cancer in the Tonsils!

“The Lord healed me ten years ago of cancer in the tonsils….  During that time [that I was fighting cancer] I listened to and read everything you sent to me and prayed with your help in faith for my healing.  I have been cancer free for seven years now.”

Able To Keep Going in Her Faith Walk!

“Thank you for your ministry and how you're used by God to minister to people!  I listen to your broadcasts and CDs all the time and God has used you to keep me going in my faith walk.  Thank you for having a spirit that's sensitive to the Holy Spirit!  His messages through you are timely and they minister to me in a deep way!  Thank you for your prayers and ministry!” 


       Click here to request Jeanne Alcott’s teachings to be sent to you each month—four CDs a month for a pledge of $30 a month.  Hear the encouragement, comfort, and teaching God wants to send into your life.


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