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Don't you love to get into God's Word and experience the revelation of what He is saying for your life and what He is doing among us in the world today! Through this blog, we will explore the heart of God and the flow of His Spirit. At times we will discuss those spiritual issues that many of us want to know more about. Get ready to go deeper into the Word of God.

DEEPER IN THE WORD                          

DEEPER IN THE WORD              

 Stay Full So You Can

Meet Any Challenge!

Jeanne Alcott


       You know how it is when you work or play too hard one day and then experience a sort of “down” feeling the next day.  If you do that often enough, it will eventually take its toll on you.  You’ll feel so depleted that you might wish you hadn’t overdone it. 

       You feel as if you’re dragging, your mind isn’t sharp, and your emotions are not always in check.  Invariably, when you’re feeling depleted, that’s when the enemy, the devil, strikes with the challenge.  It requires extra energy, determination, and awareness in order to meet the challenge and solve the problem.

       But you’re caught empty and you just don’t “have it”—the spiritual wherewithal to confront a situation effectively.  That’s why God wants you to stay full of His Spirit—so that you’re ready and able to meet every challenge!

       Even when you’re tired in your body, mind, or emotions, you can deal with and overcome what faces you when you’re staying full.  You’ve been in God’s Word and His Presence, so you have faith and His power and anointing operating within you.  Because you’re full in your spirit, that spiritual strength can supersede your physical weakness or “down” feelings.  When you are full, you can still be victorious during times of challenge because the supernatural power within you is much greater than the natural power that you don’t have at the moment. 

       You will not be caught unawares if you stay aware of God in us.  That is a powerful motivation for staying full!


When the Test Comes 

       This is what a man saw happen firsthand when he had just returned from a missions trip.  He had witnessed the power of God in manifestation as he ministered to the people in that country.  He was still full of the Spirit when he went to church the following Sunday.  So he was ready when at the end of the service, the pastor asked him to pray for the congregation!   He prayed that the people would become hungry for God and that His Spirit would empower them. 

       He felt great when he finished that prayer.  But then as he was talking with others after the service, he heard his young son cry out in pain.  The boy had fallen off the platform and broken his arm.  He was in terrible pain as they rushed him to the hospital.  There, they discovered their insurance was no longer in effect for some reason.

       So with his son’s arm broken and in excruciating pain—with no medical coverage—this minister was facing a real challenge.  He could fall apart or he could meet the challenge.  But because he was full of the Spirit of God, he could handle it. 

       After his son was treated, the man went back and forth with his insurance provider trying to figure out what had happened to the coverage.  He didn’t know how he would ever be able to cover those bills.  But after three months, God provided a way for him to get a new insurance program, and the company was willing to back-date the coverage and therefore cover the accident.  All the bills were paid, and his son’s arm healed perfectly!  Even more, the new insurance program turned out to be better than what he had previously. 

       That ordeal was a challenge to this minister, but because he was full and ready to meet it with faith instead of despair, he saw victory. He was full of God’s Spirit and not depleted, and he overcame that test.


The Enemy’s Goal for Us Is Depletion and Defeat

       That’s why the devil tries so desperately to cause us to become depleted in our spirit.  He doesn’t want us to be able to sense what God is doing behind the scenes when we’re faced with a problem. He doesn’t want us to rise above those problems with our faith.  His goal is for us to become discouraged and think that our answer isn’t coming.

       The devil knows that if he can get us away from God’s Word and prayer, we won’t be able to conquer the challenges we face.  We will become spiritually depleted and unable to overcome them. 

       The enemy even tried to do this with the Son of God.  Jesus had to stay full in order to meet the challenges He faced.  The scripture describes Him as being full of the Holy Spirit.  (Ref. Luke 4:1-13.)  And it was a good thing He was full of the Spirit, because He was about to go into a time of being tried by the devil.  (And that’s why God urges you to stay full of Him—because He knows what is ahead.)

       Jesus was going into the desert for forty days, where he would be tried by Satan.  To make matters harder, Jesus was fasting.  He ate nothing during those forty days.  You can imagine how hungry He was.  But remember—if you keep your spirit full, the supernatural power you have will supersede the natural power you don’t have.  Therefore your strong spirit can help you meet the challenge because you’re not relying on physical strength or emotional stability, but on the Holy Spirit within.  It’s only when you allow yourself to become depleted spiritually that the challenge can seem overwhelming.

       Because Jesus had stayed full, He was ready in His spirit when the devil came to Him when He was hungry.  Satan urged Him “if He was the Son of God” to order the stone that was in front of Him to turn into bread.  But Jesus did not come back at him with human arguments.  He met this challenge with the Word of God. 

       Well, that’s what Jesus was full of—the Word of God—so that’s what came out of Him.  And when you are full of the Word of God and His presence, that’s what will come out of you when trials come.  It won’t be doom and despair, but the power of the Word, that comes out of your mouth. 

       So even though Jesus’ stomach was empty and He was hungry, He was full of the Spirit and the Word, and that’s what He gave back to the devil.  It’s so amazing and wonderful to think of the Lord speaking the Word and pushing that in the devil’s face.  That’s what you can do when he comes at you with temptation, trials, or trouble—push the Word in his face.


Sustained by God!

       Jesus said back to him, It is written, Man shall not live and be sustained by (on) bread alone but by every word and expression of God (Luke 4:4).  In other words, Jesus said, “Listen, devil, I’m not sustained by a loaf of bread.  I’m sustained by the bread of God.  I feed on His Word, and His Spirit will get me through this even if my body is hungry.” 

       Can you hear yourself saying that during a time of need?  “I’m sustained by the Word of God.  That’s what I’m feeding on, and that’s what will get me through this challenge.”

       Then the devil came at Jesus again—he does not give up the first time.  Since he could not appeal to the hunger of Jesus, he tried to appeal to His desire for power.  Jesus was offered all the power of Earth if He would just worship the devil. 

       What did Jesus do?  He gave him the Word again—right smack in the face!  He said, Get behind Me, Satan!  It is written, You shall worship your God and Him alone (Luke 4:8, paraphrased). 

       I encourage you to say to your problem right now, “Get behind me!  Get out of my face.  You’re in my way.  I’m on my way to celebrate victory.”  As you give the Word of God out, you will give the enemy an answer he cannot refute.  He has to respond to the power coming out of you.  You’re full of the Word and God’s Spirit, and he cannot withstand that.  And that’s what was happening with Jesus.

       The third time the devil tempted Jesus in the desert, he tried to get Jesus to cast Himself down from the top of the temple.  He even quoted the Word of God to Jesus.  He said, “You can do this because ‘it is written’ that God will give His angels charge over you to guard and watch over you.  So if You cast Yourself down from here, the angels will bear you up.  You will not be destroyed.” 

It Pays To Obey

       The devil was quoting from Psalm 91.  But here’s the deception: He did not quote the entire passage.  Yes, the scripture says that God gives His angels charge over you, and He preserves you.  But the rest of that verse says that He preserves you in all your ways of obedience and service.  He doesn’t preserve you in sin or ignorance or in your doing crazy things.  He preserves you in your obedience and service to Him.

       Jesus, recognizing how Satan was misusing that scripture, said to him, “It is also written that you should not try and test your God” (Luke 4:12).  In other words, you don’t go to the top of a building and start to jump off and say, “Okay God, You promised to watch over me and bear me up—so catch me!

       Most of us would not go to the top of a building and jump off, but we can do that same type of thing in other ways.  We can enter into a wrong relationship thinking that when things go bad, we’ll just say to God, “Catch me.”  Or we can go into unnecessary debt, casually thinking God will simply catch us when we’re in over our heads.  Or we can eat nothing but junk food and expect God to prevent us from getting sick or having a physical issue.  

       “Catch me, God!”  And God in His mercy will come and help us when we make mistakes.  But if we stay full of His Spirit through the Word and prayer, we will be ready to meet temptations and trials when they come.  Because Jesus was filled with the Spirit, He was able to meet those challenges from Satan.  After the ordeal was over, the scripture says that Jesus went back FULL of the power of the Holy Spirit, and His fame spread into the entire region round about. 

       He was fulfilling what God had for Him and enjoyed great victories and miracles because He stayed full!  Jesus went into the challenge full of the Spirit, and He came out of it full of the Spirit.  Even though He was very hungry during that long fast, He could withstand one of the greatest challenges He would encounter.

       God wants to help you be full of the power of the Holy Spirit so you can experience victory and miracles.  No challenge will be able to stop you—rather, you will meet it with the Spirit of God within you.  Allow God to fill you right now with a special touch of His Spirit.


We Want To Believe With You and Pray for You!

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                                                        Jeanne and John Alcott





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