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DEEPER IN THE WORD                          

DEEPER IN THE WORD              


Getting Past the 'Why' Question!

by Jeanne Alcott


       There are times when we are tested by trials that come our way.  To be tested means that the quality of our character and our faith are shown up.  We see what we have in us and what we can grow to be. 

       So when trials hit, we have an option: We can allow them to use us, or we can use the trials to grow.  We can refuse to allow them to push us backward or to destroy some area of our life. 

       In other words, when we find ourselves in a test of trials, we can ace the test!  We come out of that test successfully and see God’s power and grace move in our circumstances.  But in order to ace the test, we have to keep moving forward.  We can’t get stuck on one of the questions that invariably comes up during such a test, and that is “why.”

       It seems that question is on every test!  But don’t get hung up there when you’re being tested by a trial.  Learn to get past the “why.”  Why should you get past it?  Because it goes nowhere.  It helps no one.  It stops you from progressing through the trial so you can come out of it.  The “why” question can stump you and cause so much anguish.  You’re going to have to learn to get past it!

       That is what a man was advised to do when he found himself in a trial concerning his parents.  It shocked him when he found out that after many years of marriage, his parents were getting a divorce.  It was so unexpected, and it was so painful!  How could this be happening to his parents? 

       So the man went to see a Christian counselor.  He described to the counselor his shock, anguish, and perplexity because he didn’t know what to do.  He felt his whole world was being turned upside down. 

       He said, “I don’t get this.  How did this happen? This is excruciating.”  In other words, he was trying to answer the why question, and he was stuck! 

       The counselor saw the man trapped in the prison of why, just beating his head against those prison bars, frustrated and to no avail.  So he told the man, “The ‘why’ is none of your concern.  This is not your burden.  It’s not yours to figure out. This is in God’s hands.  As painful as this situation is, it gives you an opportunity to show your parents grace and to love them in their brokenness in a new way — which is precisely what Jesus has done and continues to do for you.” 

       Those words from the counselor made all the difference.  He got past the why question and began to understand that he was to show grace to his parents and work through this trial.  That strategy was where the healing and new hope could be found.  He was then moving forward, finally unstuck from “why.”

Stuck on ‘Why’ Doesn’t Help—It Hurts!

       You may have discovered this as I have: There is no healing in the “why.”  In fact, as we continue to ask it, the healing process is slowed down—and it can even be stopped.  Then the help we need can’t get to us—because we’re stuck.

       In other words, God’s healing thoughts can’t get into our mind; His healing power can’t enter our spirit. Being stuck on “why” even affects our physical well-being. 

       When you keep asking why, it’s as though you get trapped in a prison, where all you can do is beat your head against those prison bars.  It’s not healthy to get stuck on that question.  So give it to God and get past it.  Allow healing to be generated.  When you do that, here’s what happens—you are actually exchanging a question for an answer.  Instead of focusing on the question of “why,” you’re focusing on the answer of faith!

The ‘Why’ in the Wilderness

      This is what the Israelites had to do.  In Numbers chapter 21, we see the trials God’s people were experiencing.  They were on their way to the land of promise, but Moses had to change the route.  Because of their enemies, they could not go through the center of the area in a straight shot to get where they needed to go.  So they went around the land of Edom by the Red Sea.  The scripture says, “…The people became impatient (depressed, much discouraged), because [of the trials] of the way” (v. 4).  

       You know yourself how it is when you can’t seem to get to where you want to be, whether it be in your health, in your position or station in life, in a relationship, or in your finances. You keep working on problems that don’t seem to have answers.

       Those are called “trials of the way!”  If we’re not careful, we can become impatient and discouraged, and we might even start asking why just as God’s people did in their wilderness journey toward the Promised Land.

       The Israelites said to Moses, “…Why have you brought us out of Egypt to die in the wilderness?  For there is no bread, neither is there any water, and we loathe this light (contemptible, unsubstantial) manna” (v. 5). 

       They were saying, “If you were going to deliver us out of Egypt and out of bondage, why did you take us to this terrible place?  So we could die here?  We don’t have bread; we don’t have water.  And this manna stuff you’re giving us—we hate it!  We were supposed to be delivered and led into our land of promise.  Why are we in this trial?”

The children of Israel were obviously stuck on that one question.  They were not moving on—moving forward—and they were failing the test!  If they had gone to God with faith, He would have comforted them, met their needs, and taken them through the trial so they could develop the character and strength they would need to sustain them in their new home in the Promised Land.


The Look of Faith—When We

Exchange Our Question for His Answer!

       The Israelites had come to the point they were rejecting God’s intervention in their lives, so that opened them up to experiencing harmful things.  Serpents began to come among the people and bite them, and many of the Israelites died. 

       So the people came to Moses and confessed they were wrong for turning against God, and they asked him to pray for them.  When Moses prayed, God told him to make a serpent of bronze and set it up on a pole.  And when anyone who was bitten looked upon it, he or she would be able to live. 

       But they couldn’t just casually look upon that serpent; they had to look with the look of faith.  So Moses did as the Lord commanded him, and as the people gazed upon the bronze serpent in faith, they were healed.

       We have to change the bewildered look of why on our face to the look of faith as we turn wholeheartedly to God.  That’s where deliverance from our trial lies.  But we can’t have faith at the same time we’re asking why.  Our “why” cancels out faith and drives our senses crazy.  We get so wrapped up in “why” that we can’t see with the eyes of faith what God wants to do in the midst of our situation. 

       That’s why it’s so critical not to get stuck on “why.”  When you can’t see with your faith what God wants to do, you become stuck and you can’t go on.  When you keep asking, “Why is this trial happening?” that’s what you have in front of your eyes: W-H-Y. Therefore, you become blinded to what God wants to do for you in your trial. 

       But when you reach out and throw the word “why” away from you, your faith can take over, and you can begin to see what God is doing.  Then your puzzled look of why is changed to your steadfast look of faith!  As you turn to God, that is what He sees—faith in your heart and on your face!  Oh, what a picture!  And He is going to respond to you!  He’s going to take you out of the trial.  He will bring you out with victory. 

       When God sees your faith even in the midst of being tested by a trial, He responds to you from His heart and with His power.  He’s going to take your world that seems to be turned upside down in your trial, and He’s going to give you new purpose.  You’ll come out of it and experience all that God has for you. 

       So when the pain seems unbearable and the frustration great, or when disappointment is all you can see, turn to God.  Pour out your heart to Him and do it not with questions, but with faith.  That’s where healing is.  That’s where your future is—and it’s a good one!

       So right now in the face of your trial—no matter how small or big—give God the look of faith and tell Him you believe He will take you through this and that you will come out with healing and blessing in the name of Jesus.  Refuse to get stuck on that one question in your test—God wants you to move on and ace it! 

We Want To Believe With You and Pray for You!

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