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       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




                    You can get well and stay well!

      Believe for greater health this year in every area of your life.  As you read this letter, see how God's healing power can be administered to you.  Determine that you're going to walk in the blessing and enjoyment and health God has for you.

       We’re going to come together in prayer and set this as YOUR YEAR OF HEALTH for your life in every way.  Then see how you can set the PATH OF BLESSING for this year.

Dear Partner,  

     As you are reading this right now, if you have any kind of pain or disease or you have an aggravating condition, or perhaps something is bothering you emotionally or mentally, no matter what it is, you’re in the hands of God.  His hands can touch you and make you whole.  He holds the power to heal in His hands, and He holds you in His hands.  So when He puts the two together—His healing power and you—the results are miracles!  That’s a good image for you to have.

      I often tell people that if they want to increase their faith to believe they are in the hands of God and therefore can be healed, start by reading Matthew 9 in the Bible.  That chapter has one story after another of power coming out of Jesus into people and restoring them to wholeness.  It shows the heart and power of God to heal not only back then but now, today!  And to heal YOU!  Here’s what you see in that chapter.

      – There is the paralyzed man who was raised up and began walking and running.

      – Then Jesus ate a meal with people who were not living for God and turned around their lives.

      – Later, a synagogue ruler came up to Him to get his daughter healed.  Before Jesus could get to their house, she died.  But He went on to the home and raised her from the dead.

      – As He was on His way to that house, He turned and made a woman whole who had suffered with a blood disorder for many years.  This is all happening in this one chapter.

      – Then two men, who were blind and sitting by the roadside, heard a crowd and realized Jesus was passing by them.  So they cried out to Him that they might see.  He healed them and right away they had full vision.

      – Finally a man who was under the power of a demon came up to Jesus and He drove the demon out of him and restored him to himself.

      As you read those wonderful stories, you start to believe bigger.  It causes your faith to reach out and touch the hands of God.  Then that chapter ends this way: Jesus made a circuit of all the towns and villages.  He taught in their meeting places, reported kingdom news, and healed their diseased bodies, healed their bruised and hurt lives.  When He looked over the crowds, His heart broke.  (Ref. Matthew 9:35.)  Oh Jesus has so much compassion for us.  We touch His heart.  That causes His hands to be stretched forth and release His goodness into our lives.

      You see, Matthew chapter 9 didn’t just happen in Bible days and stop there.  We have our own Matthew chapter 9, right now, here today.  I can tell you story after story that proves we are in good hands, and so we can be healed.

      A woman called for prayer for a young man who had been run over by a truck and almost died three times.  Now he is doing fantastic.  He’s working.  She says he’s a miracle.  The insurance company wasn’t going to pay the huge medical bill but after prayer, the insurance paid the entire bill.

      Another woman reported to us that after prayer, her heart has been healed from emotional wounds and that God is taking her to a higher place in Him.

      A young man was diagnosed with cancer and given a short amount of time to live.  When they started chemotherapy on him, he went unconscious.  He was nonresponsive so the doctors encouraged his wife to pull the plug, but she didn’t feel they should.  Her family called for prayer and after about 36 hours, he woke up.  They sent him home, and he began taking some natural supplements.  We received word that his most recent CT scan showed 90 to 95% of the cancer is gone.  He’s back to work!

      A woman wrote to us and said, “Thank you for all for your prayers.  My health is much improved.  My stomach issues have resolved!  Praise be to God!”

      See!  We can witness as many testimonies now as Jesus saw back then.  He said we would see greater works done in our day and age.  (Ref. John 14.)  So let’s believe for that.


      Here’s how we can set this as a YEAR OF HEALTH in every way for you.

      Everyone I know has needed healing at some point in their life.  Also the vast majority of us can use better health in some way.  That’s what God has for you.

      Healing and health.
      He wants you to be well so you have what it takes to see your dreams come to pass.
      His purposes for you can be fulfilled.
      You can have joy and peace.
      God wants you healthy so you can do the work He has for you.
      There are many reasons for you to be well.  So what’s it going to take?  What will it take to get you healed?

      God has been opening up to me His Word about the healing He has for us.  I know how our health comes with a certain amount of responsibility on us.  We’re supposed be doing what we should in order to enhance our natural health and not work against it.  But there are also times where supernatural healing has to happen.

      So I believe God is calling us as the body of Christ to seek divine miracles and experience them.  Walk around as people who have divine health and are experiencing all the good things God wants us to do for Him and through us.

      I encourage you to have a determined spirit with me as we decide in this year that you’re going to walk into the healing and health God has for you.  We’re going to see a turnaround in the body of Christ where we appropriate His Word and see the health that He has promised us.  Don’t allow what “has been” to stop you from believing you can be well.

      That’s the first thing you have to do in order to be healed and walk in health.  You have to take yourself out of the mindset that it’s just too late.  You’ve had this problem for too much time.  Or it’s too difficult.  No, BELIEVE THE GAME IS NOT OVER!  You can still have victory.  Arise in your spirit.  It’s time to walk into your healing!  Yes, it’s time for you to RUN into it!  Your opportunity is not gone.  It isn’t too late.  The game is not over.

      God has so much for you to pursue in your life, and He doesn’t want you to feel that it’s over because your health is interfering with what you desire in life.  Your health is not going to stop you because healing is going to set you free.  You can get past the obstacles and experience health above and beyond what you can imagine.

      You’re going to live, and I’m not just talking about having breath,

but you’re going to really LIVE and enjoy life.

      Now, this is so important!  We are ready to join our faith with yours as you share with us by clicking here.  As soon as we hear from you, and we pray and intercede, I believe you will feel the Spirit of God move on the inside of you to do a work in your life.  This can help build your faith for the miracle answers you desire.

      Also to help build your faith and to give you a great encouraging word from God about your future, we want to send to you a new booklet I’ve just written.  You Are Healed!  We designed it to be a smaller size so you can carry it around or keep it by your bedside or in the place where you have your devotions, or even at work.

      In this booklet, we lay the foundation for you to have good health in every area of your life.  I take you through a scripture-by-scripture study of how you can expect to walk in health.  Then I give you scriptures from God’s Word to speak over your life.  It’s important not just for your own heart to hear God’s Word, but also when you speak these scriptures out loud it sends power into the spiritual realm to defeat the forces of Satan that would try to interfere with your life.

      In this booklet, we also give you recipes because, just as I mentioned earlier, our health is also a result of what we do in the natural.  We have a certain amount of responsibility to keep up our health by how we eat and exercise and keep emotional balance and rest.  In addition to the recipes, we have good health information in there.  So be sure to request the You Are Healed booklet for your gift of $10 or more to help this ministry continue to minister to you by clicking here!  We want to be here for you in everything you experience in your life.  That’s what God has called us to do.


     So we are here!  Anointed and called and ready to pray over you and join our faith with yours.  We will send you this powerful booklet that can help you receive the healing God has for you.



      Now, we thank you for giving into the ministry and recognizing the importance of that.  It’s so important that we have Partners called alongside us by God.  We are all in this together.  Sending out God’s Word of power and ministering to thousands of people in a personal way.  As you can tell from the testimonies you read, that’s just a taste of some of the wonders of what God can do because of your gifts.  Believe with us that greater works are going to be done through this ministry this year because of our giving.  Click here now to give.

      Then you can expect WONDERS to come to your own life.  That’s what God promises to do when you give into His work.  When you put Him first, especially beginning this year, you are setting a path of blessing for you to take.  Oh hear that!  As you give right now into Alcott Ministries, into God’s work, you’re setting a path for you to walk into blessing and health and goodness.  God rewards those who obey Him and follow His Word.

      We are excited as we wait to hear from you so we can begin praying and seeing a great difference made in your life.  We are here for you as…

     Your Partners in Prayer,

     Jeanne and John Alcott


To get on the path to health and blessing we encourage you to take these steps!

→Let us join our faith with yours to see greater works done in your life by clicking here and sharing your prayer requests.

→ Request “You Are Healed” booklet by Jeanne.  Click here.

→ Start this year by giving into God’s work so His Word can continue going out and wonders can be performed in your life and for thousands of others.  Click here.



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                                     Stomach Issues Gone.
“Thank you for all of your prayers.  My health is much improved.  My stomach issues have resolved!  Praise be to God!”


                               Two Raises and a Gift Card.

"Praise be to God for His goodness.  So much has been happening.  Since the last time I wrote to you, God has blessed me to get two raises on my job.  [Also] on my job they pulled names for gifts at our workers appreciation day, and I won a VISA gift card which I had never won before.  I truly thank God for winning that.  I do appreciate you all being there for me, standing in agreement with me and in prayer for my family and me.  Here's my offering.  I name this seed God's provision and financial breakthrough."

                                Son in Prison Accepts Christ.  

“Dear Jeanne and John, a praise came to me when I was talking to my son in prison.  He said, ‘I believe in God and Jesus Christ.'”

                                   Gum Infection Healed.  

“My gum infection is healed.  Thank you so much for your prayers!”

                                      Marriage Helped.  

“I have seven people that I gave your book to.  One of them said, ‘Enjoying reading the book.  There are some days the book just talks to me.’  [Another friend] was ready to run away before she started the book.  Now she is staying [with her husband].”

                           Off Drugs and Going on Missions.  

“I was on drugs for years and have been sober six years.  I am living a wonderful life now in Jesus.  I asked you to pray for me about being a missionary.  Well [this summer] I am going to Guatemala with my church for a week!  Thank you so much.”

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