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       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




You can change the handwriting on the wall!

The conditions don’t have to be that way. 
God wants you to live an amazing life filled
with His power and goodness!

Dear Partner,  

     There are times when it appears sure that an event is going to happen.  So we may say, “The handwriting is on the wall.”  Meaning there’s no hope of changing it.  Just accept it.

     No doubt there are times when that appears true.  All indications are that this is the way things are going to be.  Just because you desire it to be a different way doesn’t make any difference.  But God is saying that you can change the writing on the wall.

     It may seem obvious that funds are not going to come in on time, or you’re going to be damaged from the disease or your spouse or child will never return.  That’s what the writing on the wall says, and it appears to be obvious.  But what’s more obvious is the truth of God’s Word.  When He tells you it still can change, it can!  As you have faith in that truth, it CAN change.  That’s because when you believe that events can turn in your favor, God starts writing a different message on the wall.  And hey, His handwriting supersedes any other message that’s written about your life.

     His handwriting for you says, “Healed.  Walking free.  Restored.  Abundantly blessed.  Raised up and promoted.  Peaceful and joyful.  Honored.  Fulfilled and accomplishing.”  So when all indications say that you can’t see what you want to see happen, keep watching.  Keep watching for the writing on the wall to change.  What appears obvious will become null and void when God’s hand takes over and begins writing a better ending.  So don’t give up believing even if it appears the writing is on the wall and nothing can change it.  You can change it by your faith.

Even when it’s down to the day before something is to happen!

     Here’s something very important God wants us to recognize.  Don’t give up believing even when it’s the day before.  The day before the deadline or you feel as if you’ve had it and can’t take it anymore.  Even then, don’t stop asking God.  Do this even when it appears you’re at the final moments of needing to see something happen.

     The Lord really drove this home to me once when I was facing an issue that was hard.  It seemed I was beating my head against the wall trying to get it changed.  I did everything in the natural that I was supposed to do…and also in the supernatural.  I was praying, believing, and standing on God’s Word of promise.

     Yet, as the time came near to this event, it sure did not appear good.  I had received notice from an agency that I was required to show up and perform a duty at a certain date and time.  Normally it would not be a problem, but for multiple reasons it was going to be extremely difficult for me to fulfill that.  It would disrupt so many things.  Plus I had just been through some family members passing away and was dealing with the grief of that.  Then I found out there was the possibility that this responsibility could be extended and I would have to do it for some time.

     Even so, I was willing to do it if that’s what God wanted.  However, I just had this gut feel that it wasn’t right.  You know how you get that.  The agency that required me to do this responsibility was not flowing in the right timing.  It was going to be such a hardship and pull me out of other things I knew God had for me to do.  So I went to Him as soon as I received this word and of course made sure He knew I would do His will no matter what it was.  But I didn’t feel right about what I was being told to do by this group.

     So I began to send them appeals.  But no matter what I did to appeal, I was turned down.  I mean the writing was on the wall.  This thing was going to happen, and it was going to disrupt my life and affect John and many other things.  So!  It got down to the day before the event and I thought, Well, I guess God is going to allow this to happen.  That’s when the Spirit rose up within me and said, “Don’t give up the day before.”  I realized that’s pretty much what I was doing.  Giving up because it was the day before and nothing had changed.  But God was saying, “Don’t give up the day before.  Sure, the very next day it appears this thing is going to happen.  The writing is on the wall, but you can change it by My hand!”

     So I renewed my faith and prayer and continued to believe.  Wouldn’t you know that at 5:30 that evening I received a phone message that everything had been canceled, and I did not need to report for that duty at their building?  I called John and was laughing so hard I couldn’t contain it.  Wow, the evening before, God changed it.  I thought it was a goner, but He wrote a different message on the wall.

     As I was talking to John, I said, “I don’t know why they canceled.  I don’t know if the electricity went out on the building or what.  But something happened.”  Now get this—the split second I said those words, the electricity went off in our house for a moment.  No joke.  When I talked about their electricity going down, the electricity in my home blipped.  It’s almost as if He did it just to show that He was in control

     Others had written on the wall what was going to happen in my life, and God had come in and changed it!  Why?  Because I didn’t give up the day before.  I continued to believe the change could be made.  So He did it.  Oh what a mighty God we serve.  His power!  It’s so great!  We don’t have to abide by the writing on the wall.  We don’t have to accept what seems to be predetermined.  God is the One who determines our ways.  Don’t ever think others are in control.

Don’t accept the handwriting on the wall!

     You just hang in there and keep praying until the day of.  The day of the event or the day of the due date or when time is running out.  A miracle of God still can happen!  Don’t accept the handwriting on the wall.

     This is what the man Hezekiah decided to do.  He received a message much worse than the one I had.  His was concerning if he would be alive the next day or not.  His story is in II Kings chapter 20.  Hezekiah was King of Judah at the time, and he had been fighting a great power that had come against his country.  But God was intervening and stopping the advance of the armies of the enemy.  The people were seeing a mighty miracle.  Also the King had started reform in the country and so events were going in his favor.

     But then he had a turn of events when he became sick.  The illness isn’t defined in detail in the Bible but it appears to have been boils or something such as cancer.  It was progressing and the handwriting was on the wall.  It was over for Hezekiah.  Then one day the prophet, Isaiah, made a visit to the King to tell him that he was to put his affairs in order because he was about to die.  That was it.  The day had arrived.

     But Hezekiah wasn’t one to give up even on the day it was supposed to happen.  He had seen God do great victories for his people and his country.  Why couldn’t God do one for him?

Why can’t God do this for me?

     You know sometimes it’s as simple as that.  Just asking the question of why can’t God do this for me?  Then believe that He CAN.  So after Hezekiah received the message, he turned his face away from the people.  He was seeking to be alone with God so he turned his face to the wall.

     Sometimes you just have to turn your eyes away from everyone else so you can get into a one-on-one deep serious talk with God.  So you can hear His Spirit and touch His heart.  Turn your face to the wall and expect God to change the writing on the wall.  When He sees your faith and feels your heart, He will respond.

     When Hezekiah did this, he reminded God of who he was and what he had done for Him.  He had worked hard and done good things for the country.  His heart had been true before God, and he had walked in obedience.  Then after he finished saying all this, he began to weep.  So Isaiah turned away to go.  But he wasn’t halfway across the courtyard when the word of God stopped him.  He instructed him to go back to the King and give him this message.  He was to say from God, I have heard your prayer and seen your tears.  I will heal you (II Kings 20:5 NLT).  Then He went on to say, In three days you will walk on your own legs into The Temple of God.  I just added fifteen years to your life; I’m saving you from the King of Assyria, and I’m covering this city with My shield—for My sake and My servant David’s sake (II Kings 20:5, 6 MSG).

     Because Hezekiah believed he still could be well, and he asked God to change the writing on the wall, it happened.  He received his miracle and was made whole.  It had seemed fatal.  “You will not recover.”  When you hear that type of report, turn your face to the wall and pray.  Believe that God can change the writing on the wall.  You still can see your desire come to pass.

     You may be down to the day before something is happening.  It appears the writing is on the wall.  It’s determined.  All the indications are against you.  But God is for you.  And He can outdo everything else.

     John and I encourage you to get in touch with us right away so we can pray with you that God’s hand will write the final message on your wall.  It will be a good message.  We’re going to turn our face to Him and expect a miracle no matter how late it appears.  God isn’t bound by time.

     So click here now to share with us.  Tell us how you want the handwriting on the wall to change.  As soon as we hear from you, John and I are going to pray over what you share.  We’re going to speak out the words of God and write on the wall of your life miracles and answers and accomplishment and healing and blessing.

     Don’t give up even the day before!  Keep praying and watch God do something so AMAZING it will make you laugh just as it did me when God did it for me.

     That’s the kind of life God wants you to have.  An amazing life.  We want to help you get this word deep in your spirit so it can produce a change and the turn that you need.  We have put some powerful teachings together in an album to send to you.  We’re calling it, “Live the Amazing Life!”  It’s three CDs of:

     You’ll Make it!     It Still Can Happen!     Live the Amazing Life!   

     These are easy to listen to because each part is just 15 minutes plus we have powerful prayer times at the end of each one.  I believe as you listen to these, you’ll enter into the momentum of God doing miracles in your life.  You’ll be able to view your life by supernatural standards, not natural ones.  Hey it’s time to stop allowing problems to kick you around.  Get a kick out of life instead of life kicking you around.  We believe these teachings will help you do that.

     Also, we have some great Spiritual Powerline Cards for you.  Each powerline is filled with faith words.  As you see them each day and speak out these words from God’s Spirit, you can start changing the writing on your “wall.”  The power of them can activate the power of God.  Each card is 5 x 7 and fits in a photo frame.  You can change them out each week and have a new uplifting thought from God to you.  Keep them before you and believe for your desire to be fulfilled.  So be sure to click here now to request the Spiritual Powerline Card Set and the CD album for a gift of $15 into the ministry.

     Now, I want to give you some good news concerning your giving to God.  When you take the funds that He has given you and you give a portion back to Him, it sets off a powerful response.  He uses your gift to raise up people.  To turn discouragement to encouragement.  He heals and saves and restores.  Tremendous good goes out to fight against the bad trying to overtake them.

     You help to send out Word of Power teachings to grow and inspire and develop people.  Then a powerful response comes into your life from God.  He throws open the windows of heaven and pours out on you blessings.  They are so great you can’t contain them.  Then He promises to protect you from the efforts of the devil against your life.  (Ref. Malachi 3.)  So as you join John and me today in giving, watch for that powerful response from God to do great things!

     Now we encourage you to send your prayer sheet back right away so we can begin to pray.  Listen, WE ARE NOT GOING TO STOP PRAYING AND GIVE UP because we believe as you come into a prayer of agreement with us, it can change the handwriting on the wall in your life.  So we can’t wait to hear from you.  Please receive all our love and care and prayers for you.  We are here as…

                              Your Partners in Prayer,


                              Jeanne and John Alcott


Three critical things to do!

Send your prayer sheet to us as soon as possible for personal prayer to change the handwriting on the wall.

Request your CD album and the Spiritual Powerline Cards that will help you believe right up until the day before to see conditions turn in your favor.

And give to God from your heart so you can activate His powerful response for your life and this ministry.

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                                  No Cancer Cells Found.
“I had a biopsy and other procedures and needed another surgery.  I went through the biopsy and first procedure.  [But] when I went for my follow-up appointment, the doctor was taken aback that I didn’t look my age.  [I am] 70.  I asked when would the next surgery be and he said, ‘What surgery?  I am satisfied with the results and will not put you through another surgery.’  No cancer cells found, praise God.  Thank you for your prayers.  The Lord told me He was restoring even my youth.  Hallelujah!  He is worthy to be praised!”

                             Two Raises and Visa Gift Card.

“Praise be to God for His goodness.  So much has been happening.  Since the last time I wrote to you, God has blessed me to get two raises on my job.”  Then this Partner wrote again and told about the cherry on top that God had given her.  She said, “On my job they pulled names for gifts at our workers appreciation day, and I won a VISA gift card which I had never won before.  I truly thank God for winning that.  I do appreciate you all being there for me, standing in agreement with me and in prayer for my family and me.  Here’s my offering.  I name this seed God’s provision and financial breakthrough.”

                                Restored to Her Calling.  

“The Lord restored my soul and sent me back to my calling.  He has blessed me abundantly with favor and finances.  I am so thankful for His guidance and direction into His will for me.  Thank you again and again for your faithful prayers for me.  Love you so much.  I’m forever grateful for becoming your Partner and friend.”

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