Tuesday, March 2, 2021

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




It's important to have divine affirmations spoken over your life as you begin 2021! 
Be a part of the Prayer Meeting we will have to pray for these affirmations to come to pass for you.

(Read this letter to see what those affirmations are.)

Dear Partner,  

        Do you feel as if you are in control of your year?  Or does it seem 2021 is controlled by someone or something else?

        In spite of how it may feel, God wants you to see what He has planned for your year.  AND He wants you to get in agreement with it.  Your agreement must be there in order to see it all unfold over the months.  He’s already planned your deliverance from the needs and difficulties that come your way.  He has favor in your future.  Your wholeness is planned.  Your desires are ready to be fulfilled.

        He is saying, “It shall be.”  When He says something is going to be done, it shall be done.  Nothing will stop it.  There are no obstacles that can prevent Him from getting this to you.  There are no powers that can stop His power from overcoming them.  There’s no need that’s greater than what God is going to do.  He has spoken the words from heaven, “It shall be.”  But He must hear your spirit say back to Him a loud, “So be it!  Amen.”  You’re ready for it and you are “Amening” all over the place.  “I believe You, Lord!”  As you say that, you can see activated each part of the affirmations He is speaking over you.  The fulfillment of these will rely on your agreement of faith.

        This is the year for you to launch into all God has for you.  Now He’s asking for your faith to believe these words and trust Him no matter how conditions appear.

        When God says, “It shall be,” envision what is happening.  This is not a person saying these words.  It’s not the devil determining the outcome.  It’s the God of the universe who determines what happens.  HE is the One saying, “It shall be.”  Therefore your response needs to be, “So be it!  Amen.”  That’s a statement of faith.  So be it!  You’re agreeing with and trusting in what has been said.  You’re receiving the affirmations God is placing on your life.  So for this year we’re going to cover you with His affirmations.  When we do, we’re covering you with the words of God that He’s speaking.

        There are five affirmations that we have put in this letter.  After you read these and you’re in agreement with them, then click here to give us the details of how we can pray over you in each of these areas.  We’re going to have a Prayer Meeting and launch you into God’s plans for 2021.

        Here’s what we would do: John and I will speak these affirmations over your life as you do the same.  We will pray over you and all that you share with us.  Also you can speak them over yourself all this year.  This is so powerful to help your year go as God intends.  Remember that your enemy, the devil, has planned your year too, but we can stop his plans as we get in agreement with God’s!

The first affirmation over you will be…


        You know how frustrating it can be when you go to the store to pick up something and they are out of it.  They didn’t keep an ample supply so some of the customers have to go away without having their needs met.  But we know when we go to God, that will never happen.  He will never say, “There is a short supply.  I don’t have enough.  You have to go away empty-handed.”  We never are empty-handed when we trust God.  We can go to Him and know that He will provide whatever type of need it is.  Material need or a need for time or health or strength; He’ll fill our need for grace or wisdom or direction.  He has everything and He has an ample supply of it.

        The great news is that all of it is promised to us as His child.  He doesn’t withhold good gifts to us.  When we come to Him and ask for a need to be filled He says, “It shall be.”  He affirms His promise over us that there shall be ample supply.  Our answer to that is, “So be it.  Amen!”  We get in agreement with His affirmation that ample supply is coming to us.

        I want to share with you how some friends of this ministry did this.  Right in the midst of their lives being affected because of a crisis, they felt God calling them to become Partners with our ministry.  They knew if they went to Him, He would protect and provide for them.  Then the next communication we received from them said something amazing.

        They wrote, “[We] have fared well through the pandemic and have used the extra time to become closer to God and to each other.  We have been able to grow in God’s Word through teachings such as yours.  So this is a praise report.  First, because I was unable to work at my job because of COVID, God blessed us with more than enough.  Then I was laid off my job of sixteen years!  God provided for us.  When the unemployment benefit was cut, guess what?  God provided!  We have received refunds that we didn’t know were coming.  Discounts we didn’t apply for.  I could go on and on, but I just have to say God is great.”  Then they say they never backed off their giving to God and because of that, all the needs have been met.

       What were they doing?  In the time when they had to trust, they were hanging on to God.  They didn’t panic when the virus invaded the country and they were unable to work for a while.  They still didn’t get worried when they were laid off from their job after sixteen years.  Then the unemployment was cut.  But as they gave to God and put Him first, He put them first.  That couple went on to say, “God has protected and provided for us, our family, and others in our life throughout this current time of crisis.  What doesn’t seem possible in the natural world is absolutely possible with God.”

        Thank goodness that although we reside in the natural world, we operate in the supernatural.  That’s because we have God going before us and so we rely on His power.  Not the flesh but the Spirit.  That’s where our trust is.


The second affirmation over you will be…


        These signs and wonders are going to come to you and through you.  God is taking what He has created in the supernatural world and causing it to be seen in the natural world.  They will be made manifest to your natural eyes because you first believed with your spiritual eyes.  So when God gives you a sign that He has wonders planned for you, respond to Him right away.  Respond with agreement.  Say, “So be it.”

        Here’s how this happened for a woman concerning a miracle she had to have.  She was on her way to be with her husband as he was having heart surgery.  They had found out that he had four blockages in his heart.  So this was major.  Open heart surgery had been planned.  But God was not going to make this couple be out there on their own.  He was watching over this and had a plan of a miracle for her husband.

        As this woman was driving to the facility that morning where he was going to have surgery you can imagine how disturbed she was.  She was to the point she needed some kind of indication from God that He was working with them at this time.  She wanted to have faith, but she needed that extra touch from Him.  We know how it is, don’t we.  We want to have faith, but the conditions seem so beyond us that we need a touch from God.  So as she was driving, she prayed and reached out to God for help.  Here’s what happened.  When she got two blocks away from the hospital, she noticed a church there.  In front of the church there was a sign.  Now bear in mind she’s thinking about her husband’s blocked heart vessels.  The sign in front of the church was announcing the upcoming sermon and the name of it was: WANTED: OPEN VESSELS.

        What a word!  It’s almost humorous how God did this.

        A pastor is teaching on God wanting open vessels to work through and the sign turns out to be a sign to this woman that the blocked vessels in her husband’s heart are going to be made open.  She knew what the outcome was going to be now.  God was going to perform signs and wonders.  That’s what He did, because this woman got into agreement with it.  When God said through that sign, “It shall be,” her response was, “So be it.”  So she saw the signs and wonders fulfilled in the healing of her husband.

        Oh, the signs and wonders we can see fulfilled when we get into agreement with God.  When we believe there shall be signs and wonders, there shall be!  That’s the way God operates.  When He says there is going to be something and we get into agreement with it, it happens!  That supernatural miracle power breaks into the natural part of our life.  That’s what transpires as we believe.  Jesus promised us in Mark 16:20 that signs and wonders will accompany those who believe!


The third affirmation over you will be…


        We must get into agreement that you will be brought out of this problem or challenge.  God is ready to deliver you.  So we say to Him, “So be it!  Amen.”  As God hears that, it activates His promise.  He’s reaching out to you at this moment to show you deliverance is on the way.

        Oh, God is showing you that you’re going to be all right.  He’s saying, “It shall be!”  Now say back to Him, “So be it, Lord.”  You are in agreement in faith that He will deliver you. 


The fourth affirmation over you will be…


        We exist in a society today where control is very important.  People want to control their lives the way they want.  Yet, the smartest thing a person can do is to give God control.  Recognize He is the One who has the wisdom and power to manage it, and He cares about us and will do the best for us.  If we will submit to what He wants to do, that’s when He will speak an affirmation over us to take care of our circumstances.  That affirmation says there shall be control of what’s happening in our lives.

        When He tells us He’s coming in to take control of things, we hand it over to Him because we recognize in reality things are beyond our control.  When we get in agreement with what God can do, that’s when we can see people and conditions start moving in our favor.


The fifth affirmation over you will be…


Accept that now.  God is saying that there shall be blessing over you, so don’t doubt it will be so.  I know at times the conditions can make it seem impossible.  But when the circumstances seem to be pointing the opposite direction, remember what God’s promise to bless you is.  Feel that affirmation of blessing that is coming over you.  Say, “So be it!  Amen.”  God wants to show you how to enter into this and receive all the resources you need to see wonderful and significant events happen.

        It’s your year to launch into all that’s waiting for you.  To launch means to set in motion.  To propel with force.  That’s what God is ready to do in your life.  This is not the year for you to allow your desires to sit still.  It’s time for you to see them take off by supernatural power and be fulfilled.  So God wants to set you in motion. He’s ready to propel the plans He has for you with the force of His Spirit.

        What’s been stubborn, can be broken.  What has been confusing or difficult can be resolved.  What’s been disappointing can turn into a happy heart’s desire being fulfilled.


It’s Your Time To Launch” CD Album

        So we have put together an album of two teachings that will help you enter into your launching time.  The teachings are: “Here Comes a 180!” and “Your Time To Launch!”  Your heart’s desires can take off and not just be a dream but become a reality.  So be sure to request this CD album today for a gift of $10 into this ministry by clicking here.

        Also did you request your calendar yet?  You can request a beautiful wall calendar called Reflections.  It has breathtaking pictures of God’s nature that reflect His power and goodness for you.  It’s also very practically designed for you to be able to write appointments and reminders on it.  Every day has a scripture on it that you can speak over your life so you are kept full of God’s Word.  He reminds you that He is thinking of you that day and has favor on you.  The full-size on the wall is 11 x 18.  We will send it to you for a gift of $10 into Alcott Ministries when you click here to request it.


Your Account Is Accumulating.

         John and I want to thank you for being faithful in your giving.  When we see your gift come in, our hearts are so grateful and thrilled.  It’s not just so God’s work can go forward, but also so your life can go forward.

         We say the same thing to you that the Apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:17:  It’s not that I seek or am eager for your gift, but I do seek and am eager for the fruit which increases to your credit [the harvest of blessing that is accumulating to your account].  He was saying that even though it’s a great thing that you have given into God’s work, we are also excited about the fruit this is going to produce in your life.  It’s increasing to your credit.

        That means God is keeping an account.  He accumulates your account.  Then that results in a harvest of blessing.  So get ready for your harvest as you give today.  Because of your gift there can be a harvest of souls saved and people healed and restored and growing in God.  Then a harvest of blessing and favor and goodness comes to your life.  So John and I encourage you to add to your account today as we are also by giving into Alcott Ministries.  You can donate now by clicking here.

        We look forward to hearing from you and praying over you in the Prayer Meeting.  Think how tremendous it will be to have affirmations given by God spoken over your life.  Let us hear from you soon!

                            Your Partners in Prayer,


                            Jeanne and John Alcott


       Get these FIVE AFFIRMATIONS spoken over your life as soon as possible.  Click here now to share your prayer requests and enter into this Prayer Meeting with John and me for your life.  Believe there shall be ample supply, signs and wonders, deliverance, control, and blessings.

       Then prepare for the launch that God has for you.  This is the year for you to launch into the dreams you have and to see stubborn difficulties broken through and those long-awaited desires come to pass.  To help you do this, get the Word of God going in you.  Click here now to request the CD album of my two teachings, "It's Your Time To Launch!"

       We also encourage you to click here now to request the Reflections 2021 Calendar with inspirational nature pictures on it and Scriptures to say over your life every day, as well as spaces for writing appointments and reminders.

       Above all, don't forget to give into God's work and start this year by activating God's principle of giving and receiving.  You give so that others can receive the Word of God and at the same time He promises to bless your life because of your obedience.  Let your gift launch into the multiplied miracles of God.



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