Tuesday, November 29, 2022

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




     You can make a “MIRACLE-MOVE” to see your needs met and see God move the mountain out of your way.  In spite of the circumstances, don’t think it’s over.  You still have a move you can make.  Let us help you do it and see your problem solved and your miracle begin!    

Dear Partner,  

     What are some of the thoughts you have when you’re facing a challenge and it keeps hanging around?  Maybe ideas come to you such as, This seems as if it will last forever.  It won’t ever be over.

     During that time you can feel as if there isn’t anything else you can do.  Sort of a helpless feeling.  Almost as if everything is out of your hands and you’re just at the mercy of whatever happens.  But when that feeling tries to overwhelm you, know that you still have a move you can make There IS something you can do.  You can make a MIRACLE-MOVE.

     Get this picture in your mind of what is happening when you are in those times.  This is a picture of how it may appear when challenges have you blocked.  There’s a story about a famous painting that shows the devil sitting at a chessboard across from a young man.  They are engaged in a game of chess and it appears the devil is winning.  You can tell in the painting that he has just made his chess move and the young man’s King piece is in trouble.  The devil is about to say, “Checkmate.”  That means the man’s King will be captured and there isn’t any possible escape.  The devil will win the chess game.

     There’s an image of a skull representing death just below the devil’s right elbow.  So the young man’s face has defeat and despair on it.  He thinks the devil has him.  But one day a great champion of chess was viewing that famous painting.  As he did, he studied the positions on the board.  After a while, he got very excited, and he began to talk to the painting as if it was alive.  He said to the image of the young man, “Don’t give up; you still have a move.”  He saw a way that young man could keep going and win the chess game.

     Don’t give up.  You still have a move.  There is something else God can show you to do in order to get you past this difficult or disappointing time.  Don’t feel that you’re stuck where you are and nothing else can be done.  It may seem that the devil has you blocked on the chessboard.  He’s about to take the King piece and you will have lost.  But you still have a move.  You can say, “Checkmate” to the devil.  God can get you past any circumstance no matter how bleak it appears.

     There’s still something that can be done to see that job project be successful.  There’s one more move you can take to overcome that adversity or that sickness or emotional pain.  There is something else out there waiting for you to take hold of and use for that decision, in that property that needs to sell, in that relationship.  There is still a move that you have so a habit can be broken, a problem solved, to get the issues to go in your favor or for your income to increase.

     What Satan has planned isn’t going to win because the Lord is there with you.  You remember in the painting that the chess piece that appeared it was about to be taken from the young man by the devil was the King piece.  Who is your King?  King Jesus.  Well!  The devil cannot take Him from you.  The King of kings will win out every time.  He won over the devil in the cross and resurrection and that victory just keeps playing out over and over in your life.  The victory of Christ is seen again and again for you.  So you cannot be defeated.  Every time you get backed into the corner, you still have a move.

     There was a woman who didn’t appear to have another move.  It seemed it was all over for her health.  She had been diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease.  Let me tell you something, you don’t have to accept the word terminal.  Don’t accept that it means nothing can be done, you’re at the end, it’s over.  That isn’t what Jesus said.  Something still can be done.

     So when the doctors gave this woman the news that they could not reverse the effects of that disease and her kidneys could not be cured, she had a choice to make.  She could accept that or believe she still had a move she could make.  She could move the mountain by her faith.  That’s what she chose.  She chose to believe she was going to work past this disease.  It wasn’t permanent.  So she began to infiltrate her mind with every positive thought she could about God giving her health.  She knew she was in a war for her life.

When you’re in a war, believe you will win.

     When you’re in a war, that isn’t the time to think that you won’t win.  You have to keep believing that you can make a move.  This woman could believe that because she was feeding herself God’s words.  Ones that spoke deep to her spirit that she still had a move to make.

     That’s what words from God do.  They speak to the depths of your spirit.  They keep your faith alive.  They make it powerful.  So as you make your move based on your faith, then it can push the problem out of the way.  Because this woman decided to make that move, she became well.  Restored!

     She just moved that disease out of her body.  She took her seed of faith and kept throwing it at that mountain and it had to move.  When she was told there wasn’t anything else that could be done, she still had a move.  And the move was for her to use her faith to get the mountain of disease out of her way.

When you say “Move!” it will go.

     That’s why Jesus said, If you had faith even as small as a tiny mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move!’ and it would go far away.  Nothing would be impossible.  (Ref. Matthew 17:20 TLB.)  We can cause conditions to MOVE by our faith.  When it appears the problem is a mountain.  The challenge is big.  The conditions are overwhelming.  Even so!  We still have a move.  We still have something we can do.  We can turn and speak to that mountain by the power of faith and it has to move.  As Jesus said, when we say “Move!” it will go far away.  Nothing will be impossible.

     Don’t be concerned when it seems impossible; you still have a move to make.

     Don’t allow fear to take over when you’ve been told the conditions are terminal; you still have a move.

     Take out your seed of faith and move the mountain out of the way.  You can get what you’re coming after.  Jesus will see to it!

     John and I want to help you MAKE THE MIRACLE-MOVE.  You can do something with your seed of faith to activate the power of God on your behalf.  The mountain can move!

     FIRST, we encourage you to let us pray for you in a faith agreement.  Can you imagine what God can do when we combine our seeds of faith against that mountain standing in your way?  It’s mighty.  It’s powerful.  Let’s do it!  Tell us how we can pray for each area of your life where you have a challenge (click here to share).  John and I are going to intercede and then believe the devil will be blown away as God’s mighty breath comes against him.  We can say, “Checkmate” to him!

Life Planning Workbook.

     SECOND.  The second way we want to help you is to send to you a Life Planning Workbook.  God is concerned about every area of your life, every challenge you have.  So this is a workbook that you can use to contain all of the vital statistics and the desires of your heart.

     We’ve put sections in this workbook for you to keep information on things such as your finances and budget as well as your health and physical well-being, with places to record test results and the supplements and prescriptions you’re taking.  You can write down notes about your doctors’ visits and what exercises you’re doing.  There’s a place to have contact names and phone numbers as well as medical emergency numbers.  Also another section addresses your emotional and mental well-being: your aims and goals and desires, your motivations and attitudes.

     We also have a section on your social needs: such as friends and coworkers, interaction with public and family, Bible study groups, fun groups, and relationships.  Of course, there’s a very important section on your spiritual well-being.  As well as a place to put your prayer needs.

     We believe it’s so important that you get this now and start filling it out so you can get a plan in place and have your life better organized.  It will help you feel on top of things.  You can feel like you truly are more than a conqueror of what comes against you.  (Ref. Romans 8.)  It can also help prepare you to be ready to achieve and receive all God has for you.  You can request this 8 ½ x 7 pamphlet, Life Planning Workbook, and it will come in a plastic sleeve so you can add other documents to it.  Click here to request it.  Believe for miracles to start to evolve in your life.

2023 Calendar With Scriptures.

     Also to help you with your planning, we have created a beautiful 2023 calendar for you.  Each month is on one card with inspirational designs and a scripture for you to express over your life each month.  LIVE BY THE SCRIPTURES!  See the fulfillment of God’s Word in your life.  This set of 12 calendar cards comes with a clear stand holder so you can set it on your desk or kitchen or bedroom or office.  Anywhere that’s handy for you.  We have two designs from which you can choose:  the FRUITS AND FLOWERS design or the CLASSIC CARS design.  We believe these tools can help you overcome challenges and make the miracle move God has for you.  You can request the calendar and workbook for a gift of $12 into this ministry by clicking here.

     Remember that Jesus said your seed of finances can move something as big and stubborn as a mountain.  Faith as tiny as a seed can move the mountain of circumstances.  Now, you would think that a tiny seed next to the mountain couldn’t do anything.  Yet Jesus says that when that seed is full of faith, it still has a move.  It won’t be overshadowed by the mountain, but it grows up and begins to develop.  That seed becomes bigger.  It starts moving out and picking up more space.  It becomes mightier.

     So John and I encourage you to give into Alcott Ministries today as we are (by clicking here).  It’s a mountain-moving seed.  There’s power in it.  So you can expect mountain-moving miracles!

     We’re excited about hearing from you and seeing your Miracle-Move.  Remember we’re always here as…


                                                                  Your Partners in Prayer,

                                                                    Jeanne and John Alcott


These are the moves that you can make toward your miracle!

→ Tell us how we can pray in agreement with you and see God move mountains in your life.  Click here now.

→ Be sure to ask for your Life Planning WorkbookClick here.

→ Request the Scriptures 2023 Calendar.  Click here.

→ Plant your mountain-moving seed and believe you will see mountain-moving miracles.  Click here.

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                                     Growth Falls Off.
“We received a call that a woman discovered a growth on her forehead.  She was told it might be cancer, so she went to her family doctor.  Then he referred her to a dermatologist, but they couldn’t see her for six months.  She said that our teachings gave her illustrations that helped her visualize what she was to do and that’s what she needed.  So she prayed over the growth and cursed it.  Within six weeks it fell off.”

                                   Son Save in Prison.

“A Partner asked us to pray with her concerning the salvation of her son who was in prison.  After she went to visit him, she wrote to us.  “Dear Jeanne and John, a praise came to me when I was talking to my son in prison.  He said, ‘Hallelujah.’  It meant a lot to me to hear [that], and also when he said, ‘I believe in God and Jesus Christ.’”

                               Promoted to Supervisor.  

“[My wife] had longed to be a supervisor but no door had opened for her, and she asked God to give her a sign that He was still in control.  At that very moment, she looked up at the sky and saw a ray of sunshine and the peace of God overtook her.  She felt as if God said, ‘Watch and see what I’m about to do for you.’  That same day her supervisor called and told her that a new supervisor position was open if she was interested.  She applied and…received the promotion and we were in awe on how God moved on her behalf because the pay increase was over 20 percent.  We’re very grateful for you and John and we want to continue sowing into your ministry.  We are increasing our pledge amount.  May God continue to bless you and John.”

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