Sunday, April 5, 2020

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




You can accomplish

the mission that is in your heart.  

Be encouraged!  


for this year,

so one day soon

you can stand and say,

"Mission accomplished!"

Dear Partner,  

       God has put a mission in your heart.  He has entrusted it to you.  In fact, He has given you more than one.  And this is the year for you to see those accomplished.  You can come to the place you say those wonderful words, “Mission accomplished!”  It gives you a good satisfying sense when you know you completed a mission from God.  You saw His desire fulfilled.

       Until then you have to hold it in your heart.  Be strong about it.  Take ownership of what God is placing inside you to pursue.  Say to Him, “Yes, Father, I take on this assignment.  It’s my mission now.”  Then it’s good to actually state what the mission is.  Don’t just think about it, but say out loud what you believe God wants you to accomplish.

       It may be something such as, “I have a mission to see my family become… (and then you say you what you want them to become).”  “I have a mission in my heart to accomplish this project with success.  It’s my mission to secure this business deal.  Lead these people.  See that person come to Christ.  I’m committed to teach my kids the Word of God.  I have a mission to increase my health…find the answer to this problem at work…make this relationship work out.”

       One day God took a look at you and saw how you were ready to obey Him.  Then He took a precious powerful mission in His hand and went inside your heart and dropped that mission in it.  Now that it’s born inside you, He wants to help you grow it, develop it, and someday be able to say to yourself, Mission accomplished.


                                          Don’t Wave the White Flag!

       I want you to think about what’s in your heart right now that you want to see come to pass.  As you consider how difficult it may be, does it seem as if you could put a label on that goal or desire that says, “Mission impossible”?  You may have even made some attempts to get where you want to be, but it’s just not happening.  You’re on a mission to do this thing, yet it appears to be impossible.  You wonder if it’s time to wave the white flag.  That white flag of surrender.

       It’s interesting how the white flag came to have its meaning of surrender as far back as 200 AD.  The Han Dynasty of China was ruling.  As they were fighting a war, a soldier in the opposition felt defeat was evident.  So he tore off part of his shirt and began waving it in the air.  It was an act of surrender.  Over history, the white flag has been used in Western warfare also.  Ever since then, when someone wants to surrender to defeat, they wave a white flag.

       There may be some days you’re ready to surrender.  But before you do, think about this.  When God gave you that mission in your heart, He did not give you a flag of surrender to go with it.  He didn’t say, “I’m placing this in your heart to accomplish.  But there may be a day when you’re going to be defeated.  So here’s a flag to wave when you’re ready to surrender.”  You don’t have that kind of flag, but He DID give you another kind of flag with the mission.  It’s a flag of victory not of defeat.

       With God’s help, you can finish that training or that education.  You can see that relationship become good.  A promotion or raise is not out of your reach.  You’re not going to capitulate your family to the enemy, or that dream of getting out of debt, or getting that new house, or better car.  You refuse to give up your mission of getting that loved one saved.  Or writing that book, that song, that procedures manual.  You are not ready to wave the flag before you see that special ministry take shape, or your business or practice be successful.  You refuse to wave the flag, because you’re going to get married, or have that child, or get restored from that health issue, or healed from that divorce.

       Don’t even think about picking up that flag of surrender because you’re going to accomplish your mission.  In spite of how you feel.  Believe me…I know how there are days when we feel like we’re searching for that flag.  We want out of this responsibility.  The load seems too heavy.  We’ve tried to work toward it, but our strength has run out.  Our patience is gone.  Our desire to see that mission accomplished is waning.

       This is what was happening to a man when it didn’t seem as if he could find it within himself to accomplish his mission.  He was on a trip with a friend, and they were rock climbing.  His friend, Kevin, was more experienced and so he was the belayer.  That’s the person who controls the tension on the other end of the rope when the climber is not moving or is falling.

       So Kevin was responsible for doing that for Richard.  It was Richard’s mission to master getting up that rock.  But as he was attempting it, he started to fall.  So he shouted to Kevin, “Falling.”  That’s when Kevin knew to put a brake on the rope.  That caused Richard to stop falling.  Then he was just hanging there spinning.  So he felt he had had enough.  He was ready to wave the white flag.  So he said to his friend, “I’m done, man.  Lower!”  Kevin knew that meant he was supposed to allow Richard to come to the ground and stop pursuing the climb.

       That’s what Richard expected him to do.  But that’s not how Kevin responded.  Instead he said, “I’m not lowering ya, man.  You can do this.”  The only thing Richard could say back to him in his fatigue and pain was, “Funny.”  Then he repeated, “Lower, please.”  But Kevin’s response came back, “Not funny.  You.  Can.  Climb.  That.  Try it again.”  Now Richard is spinning and hanging from the rope about 45 feet in the air and he’s hearing this pep talk.  That’s not what he wants to hear.  He wants out of this mission.  It’s too hard.  He’s sweating.  He gave it his best try and it didn’t work.  So he said back, “No, I’m finished.”  Again, Kevin’s response was, “No, you can do this.”  That’s when Richard began to think maybe he needed to get some new friends.  What did he ever see in this guy anyway?  But because Kevin would not allow him to wave the flag of surrender, Richard reconnected with the rock.  So Kevin tightened the rope again.  Then as Richard started to go up, he fell again.

       Once more he asked to quit, but his friend refused.  So he didn’t have any choice but to reconnect with the rock again and try to get up it.  This time, it worked.  He doesn’t know where the energy or courage or endurance came from, but it was all there.  He made it up the rock and felt triumphant.  He had done it!  It was a much better feeling than if he had waved the white flag and come down defeated.

       How many times have you said to God, “I’m done, Man!  Not going to try this anymore.  I’m coming down.”  Yet, God said, “No.  I’m not going to allow you to come down.  You.  Can.  Make.  This.  Try it again.”  But you feel as Richard did.  You’re falling, spinning, hanging from a rope in the air.  You don’t want a pep talk, you just out of the pain and disappointment.  So when you hear God say you can do it, it’s hard to believe it.  Instead, you want Him to cheer you up and tell you that you gave it a good try and it didn’t work, but that’s okay.

       However, He doesn’t do that.  He keeps urging you to continue climbing.  And since He won’t release you from the mission that He’s put in your heart, you decide you’ve got to try again.  So you reconnect with the mission just as Richard reconnected with the rock.  Maybe you fall again.  But with God’s help the day comes when you connect so well with the mission that you make progress.  You find energy and courage and endurance from deep within you.  Before you know it, you’re standing on top of the rock.  And you’re waving a flag of victory.  You have triumph beaming from your face.  Oh, this feels good!  Mission accomplished!

       You can get rid of that white flag forever.  Because God is telling you to brace up.  Be encouraged.  He is providing the power of His Word to help you do that.  Romans 15 says that powerful encouragement is drawn from the Scriptures so we can hold fast to and cherish hope.  God is the One Who gives the power of patient endurance, steadfastness, and supplies encouragement (Romans 15:4, 5).

       That’s what He gives you from His Word.  So he can refresh and reinvigorate you.  Give you strength and courage and endurance.  To help that to happen in your life, under the direction of His anointing, we have put together a recording of vital scriptures to encourage you this year.

       The name of this recording is Encouraging Scriptures: To Help Accomplish Your Mission.

       It’s important to get God’s Word going into you.  That’s why I have recorded these great and powerful Scriptures on CD, or you can download them from our Web site.  It’s Scriptures that can help you feel the mighty presence of God uplifting you, enabling you to move forward and complete what’s in your heart.  You can face tough times with courage and endurance until you’re victorious.

       Now this is not an “in-your-face” type of recording.  It’s softer so you can listen to it anytime day or night and feel the peace and joy of the Lord entering into your spirit.  There is great background music.  You’re going to have pure encouragement being poured into your heart and mind.  I really believe you need to have these Scriptures with you all year long.  So be sure to request your copy today for a gift of $10 into this ministry for God by clicking here.

       It’s also very crucial that you let us pray The Blessing Prayer over you as you start this year.  We will pray for the blessing of God to cover you and protect you and those who are dear to you, and provide favor and health and success.  Be sure to click here now to receive “The Blessing Prayer.”  Also, tell us specifically how we can pray for your personal needs.  John and I are going to lay hands on what you share and believe for God to bring fulfillment to everything that’s in your heart.  You don’t want to go through this year without this blessing.

       Now John and I thank you for being a part of the mission of this ministry.  God’s work is so critical at this time.  We must get His Word going out and transforming the lives of people.  So He has put in your heart a mission to give into His work.  As you do, as you give seed into the mission of God, He promises to cause your mission to be fulfilled.  That’s how His principles work.  You give into the work that’s in His heart to do, then He works to help you accomplish what’s in your heart.  So John and I welcome you to give today as we are also by clicking here.  Then expect a miracle to help you see your desire fulfilled.

       Now, deeply believe that we are here to minister to you and pray for you.  Always know that as you go throughout your life each day, we are…


                            Your Partners in Prayer,


                            Jeanne and John Alcott


Take these powerful steps to activate the Word of God over your life for 2020!

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                                    New Job and Bonus!
“Thank you so very much for your ministry and being led by the Holy Spirit in all your teachings.  You always have such an on-time anointed word from God for me and what I’m facing.  You were doing a teaching on move forward.  Well, I had just put in my two-week notice the day you started your series, and I knew your message was confirmation from God!  I called a company [here in town], and they were hiring.  So I worked for two weeks at the old job and then went right over to the new job.  Got paid $1000 for a sign-on bonus.  God is so good!”

                                    God Has a Good Plan!

“This morning I was sitting in the chair and was feeling very down and sorry for myself.  Missing [my husband] is hard and having to deal with all the other issues is enough, and now with the holidays it’s a bit overwhelming.  Anyway, something came over me and told me I needed to get past this depression and move on.  So, I laid face down in the middle of the floor and spread my arms and proceeded to pray.  I chose to talk to God on a one-on-one basis.  I got up [from there] feeling refreshed and with a new attitude.  I know God has a plan, and I know it is a good one.  Thanks for your prayers and concern.”


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