Friday, May 29, 2020

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




God wants to free you from

tormenting thoughts and emotions. 

Here is a plan to help you

get rid of that torment

so you can be free to be happier

and more productive in your life! 

This can be your Freedom Day!

Dear Partner,  

       You know how it is to deal with tormenting thoughts and feelings?  Those thoughts and emotions are actually plaguing you, inflicting pain.  It feels terrible to be tortured that way.  So if you’re experiencing this, believe you’re going to get rid of torment!

       You may be suffering from self-criticism.  Or you feel terrible about a decision you made.  Or something bad has happened to you.  You keep revisiting those thoughts and having the feeling all over again.  Perhaps you don’t like something about the way you are.  Or have you had a disappointment?  Made a mistake?  Have sadness?

       Events have not turned out the way you wanted.  So what do you do?  You replay the incident or the words or the circumstances.  You go over them again and again.  We’re doing nothing but hurting ourselves when we do that.  Yet our subconscious convinces us that if we can think about it over and over, somehow we will find our way out of it.  That’s what we’re trying to do.  Find a way out of it.  What’s the answer to get out of this torment?  But the very thing we’re doing is causing that torment.

       This is why it’s so critical that you stop this cycle.  Torment is a strong driving force.  It can make you take the wrong direction, or give up, or just be tortured as you try to persevere through each day.  You can feel sad or upset every time you look in the mirror.

       The time has come for you to recover and be free from that.  There has to be a starting point.  And this is your moment for that starting point.  The place where you say, “From this moment, I get rid of torment.”  I encourage you to say that.  “From this moment, I get rid of torment.”  Now believe the process is beginning and will accelerate.  You will see better days ahead.

       There’s a dear Partner of this ministry who walked into her day of freedom.  She made a decision to get rid of torment and see recovery.  And that’s really what we all have to do.  Make a decision that we’re going to enter into the process of seeing improvement or mending or an increase—for whatever type of need it is that we have.

       Because this woman made a decision to do this, she is now experiencing an improved outlook and better emotions and peace and joy.  Her life is making a turnaround.  It started one day when she was sitting in her chair at home and feeling very down and sorry for herself.  She was missing her husband who had passed away.  It wasn’t easy dealing with the issues that had come up after his passing and the responsibilities she was facing now.  Also she had a concern for her child who was facing a need, and she was concerned about the grandchild she is raising.  So!  You know those days when it seems that you think about everything that’s not the way you want it to be.  I’ve done that.  Gone down the list.  That isn’t what I desire.  This isn’t going right.  Things are all wrong.  By the time you finish a list such as that, it’s no wonder that you’re tormented.

       That’s the way she was feeling.  But God is so good to come to us in those moments and give us a new moment.  Oh, I like the sound of that.  God comes to us in our bad moment and gives us a new moment.  That’s when this woman felt something come over her and tell her that she must get past the depression and move on.  She couldn’t allow this to torment her anymore.

       So she decided to do something in a physical sense to demonstrate that she was going to do as God said.  She got on the floor face down and spread her arms out, then began to pray.  She talked to God one-on-one.  After she finished and got up, she said there was a feeling of being refreshed and having a new attitude.  She knew there was a plan for her and…hear this…the plan was a good one.  See how her thinking has changed?  In that moment, God turned her around from seeing a depressing sad unfulfilled day to now walking into the good plan He had for her.  He was helping her recover.

       But then she felt there was something else she must do to make this a solid commitment to get rid of the tormenting thoughts and emotions.  God moved on her to get pieces of paper and write down four words.  These words represented what was bothering her life.  After she wrote down those four words, she tore each note into small pieces, and then she did this: she destroyed them.  Now when those thoughts and emotions try to return and haunt her, she reminds herself that they can’t.  She got rid of them and so they’re gone.

       She now has this sense of God’s grace and mercy bringing her out of this time in a wonderful way.  Her moment came and it gave her an upturn so she could start making good progress.  She ended her letter to us with this, “I have faith, trust, and belief, and you and John are very instrumental in instilling those in me.  I listen to your program…and right now I’m enjoying your book, “100 Days to Your Breakthrough.”  I have highlighted passages on every page!  Thank you for your prayers and concern.”

       See how the torment of fear, stress, and worry was replaced with faith, trust, and belief for her good future.  That’s how the Spirit of God moves.  He starts moving us away from not being able to see a good day ahead of us.  He tells us to trust the Lord and believe we’re going to come out of this and see a good plan.  He refreshes us, and we get a new attitude.  You know that’s half the fight.  Getting a better attitude and mindset.  And that’s what God is asking you to give to Him today—how you’re thinking and feeling about your life.  Allow Him to take you higher.  If you’re down, He’s going to take you up.  You’ll come out refreshed and recover.  This is your moment.  Don’t miss the opportunity to begin your recovery from torment and into something better.  It’s a process so begin it now.  Get back what you’re missing.  That woman was missing her joy and peace and her desire to go on and experience happiness and fulfillment.  Now all of that is returning to her.

       It’s time for you to be freed from what’s tormenting you and holding you back.  Be emancipated.  Restored.  Yes, this is your moment to recover.  You’re not going to be separated from the good plan God has for you.  But everything that is meant for your life can come to you.  You’ll be enriched instead of impoverished.  Blessed instead of in need.  Raised up instead of brought down.  You’ll have good thoughts about your life filled with truth and hope.

       You are going forward not backward.  You’re promoted not demoted.  You will be made whole not diseased or hurting.  You’re mended instead of pulled apart.  This is your time of recovery.

          We encourage you to take these important spiritual steps.

       Write down what is bothering you on our prayer request page (click here now)What is tormenting your thoughts and emotions?  From what do you need to recover?  Tell us what your needs are and how you want us to pray for you.  John and I are going to have your prayer requests with us in our home as we pray and intercede.  THEN before God and heaven we’re going to SHRED what you say is tormenting you.  Now this is important because as we shred this, it is symbolic.  When something is shred, it can’t be put back together.  And that’s what we believe is going to happen to those things that have been tormenting you.  When we shred what you write, we’re shredding those things from ever being able to be put back together and be a part of your life again!

       And also to help you, be sure to get a copy of my teaching, “Get Rid of Torment!”  Click here now and we will send a CD to you WITH A POWERFUL SCRIPTURE CARD.  As you speak out these words from God that are on this scripture card, those tormenting thoughts and hurts must flee!  You can have peace of mind and soul.  Such happiness and joy.

       You don’t have to live with torment.  You can enjoy life.  So we’re going to have a SHREDDING TIME and get rid of those thoughts and emotions out of your life. Think how powerful this spiritual time can be!  Then you can get the Word of God in your spirit as you hear that teaching, “Get Rid of Torment!” and speak out loud the scriptures on the card that comes with it!  I believe God is saying as you do this, some things are going to move in the spiritual realm that will take care of what the enemy has been bringing against you.  So be sure to return your prayer sheet and notecards today and prepare for your freedom and blessing to begin.

       Now, as you put God first in the giving of your finances and prayers, He promises to put your blessing first in His actions toward you.  That’s because as you give into His work, you’re showing Him how important He is to you.  He comes first in your life.  You see, when you give into this ministry, you become not just a Partner with us, but YOU BECOME A PARTNER WITH GOD!  And in that partnership you can experience miracles and blessing and accomplishment.  Those are the rewards He promises in His Word.

       Think of II Corinthians 9:8 as you give today, because it says, God can give you everything that you need, so that you may always have sufficient, both for yourselves and for giving away to other people (Phillips).  So come together with John and me today as we also personally give into this work of God to see it move forward into more lives.  Be a Partner with us and with God.  Then watch as this partnership increases your life and brings healing and deliverance according to God’s promise.  You can click here to donate.

       John and I look forward to hearing from you because we’re expecting some wonderful things to come out of this time when God is calling us together.  You have our love and prayers.
                            Your Partners in Prayer,


                            Jeanne and John Alcott

We encourage you to…

Send your prayer requests to us by clicking here and believe for Freedom Day!  We're going to take what you write that has been tormenting you and pray over those along with the needs you share.  Then we're going to have a time of shredding!  Tell those tormenting thoughts and feelings they cannot torture you anymore.

Request the teaching, “Get Rid of Torment" and the Scripture Card that comes with it.  Click here.

Get your copy of the recording of "Encouraging Scriptures" and my book, "100 Days to Your Breakthrough."  Receive your breakthrough!  Click here.

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                                    New Job and Bonus!
“Thank you so very much for your ministry and being led by the Holy Spirit in all your teachings.  You always have such an on-time anointed word from God for me and what I’m facing.  You were doing a teaching on move forward.  Well, I had just put in my two-week notice the day you started your series, and I knew your message was confirmation from God!  I called a company [here in town], and they were hiring.  So I worked for two weeks at the old job and then went right over to the new job.  Got paid $1000 for a sign-on bonus.  God is so good!”

                                    God Has a Good Plan!

“This morning I was sitting in the chair and was feeling very down and sorry for myself.  Missing [my husband] is hard and having to deal with all the other issues is enough, and now with the holidays it’s a bit overwhelming.  Anyway, something came over me and told me I needed to get past this depression and move on.  So, I laid face down in the middle of the floor and spread my arms and proceeded to pray.  I chose to talk to God on a one-on-one basis.  I got up [from there] feeling refreshed and with a new attitude.  I know God has a plan, and I know it is a good one.  Thanks for your prayers and concern.”


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