Tuesday, October 27, 2020

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




You are not forgotten!  God wants to show you that you are not forgotten as He ministers to you in a special time of prayer.  We are going to bring your needs before Him in a petition, so He can show you the power of what He wants to do for you.

Dear Partner,  

        You know how it is to feel forgotten.  It can happen when you have a problem, and you don’t have the support you need to resolve it.  You can’t find the answer, and you can’t see God providing one.  Everywhere you turn, it’s just not working.

        People can say good words to you, but they don’t satisfy the need.  You may even find yourself saying, I feel so alone.  But God wants you to hear these words from His heart to you.  He is there for you when you feel forgotten!  He’s watching over you in a very careful way, taking account of everything that’s happening, and He is providing the answers you need.

        He will never forget you.  Even in those moments when you feel forgotten or abandoned or left behind.  No, God won’t do that.  So have faith that when you’re running out of time for something to happen in a tough condition, He is there.

        There’s a powerful testimony of how a father was there for his baby son when time was running out.  In those moments and hours and days, as he was there for his son, he knew his Father God was there for him.  It happened when his son became sick and had to be taken to the Children’s Hospital.  Day after day they watched as the staff worked to keep his boy alive.  Yet nothing was working.  Time was running out for him to live.  That’s when the father knew he had come to a fork in the road.  He could either give up in despair and feel forgotten, or he could take the other direction and fight the devil with his faith and believe for a miracle.

        He decided to believe God was there for him and could give a miracle.  But he had to do this by himself because relatives were standing around saying things such as, “Let’s hold hands and give God thanks for giving us this baby as we now give him back to God.  God needs another angel!”

        But his father didn’t hold hands.  He didn’t stand in the family circle of prayer.  He said he was too busy fighting the devil.  He was going to God for the answer, because he knew God was not the one doing this to his baby.  So he was fighting the enemy who was.  In those hours, even when he felt confused and discouraged, he knew the Lord had not forgotten him.  He also knew even if his son passed away, he would still worship and praise God.

        It was tough to take a stand in faith, because he had doubters standing around him.  He felt alone as his baby was dying, and time was running out.  But he had his faith and the Creator of this baby was with him.  The others in the room were looking at him in such a pathetic way.  Especially when he demanded that he be given a bottle of baby formula to feed his baby.  I’m sure they thought he was crazy or out of his mind in sorrow.  But a nurse got a bottle for him.

        So this father began to try to feed his son.  As soon as that bottle touched the lips of this baby, his eyes popped open.  He started sucking that milk so hard and with such force that his dad said he almost sucked the bottle inside out.  From that moment, his baby became well and whole.  When it was evident a miracle had happened, he didn’t say to the others, “I told you so.”  He just said, “HE told me so.”  He believed what God was speaking to his heart about his boy even when time when running out and he felt forgotten.

        God remembers you.  How could He forget someone He formed and fussed over to make sure you were born and saved and entering into the purpose and blessing He has for you.  In Isaiah 44 He says, I made you, shaped you: You’re my servant.  O Israel, I’ll never forget you (Isaiah 44:21 MSG).

        He’s not going to forget you when trouble shows up.  You’re not left behind.  Unremembered.  When you believe that, you can see the miracles.  Don’t allow Satan to talk you out of it.  You know how he tries to talk to us in our pain or confusion or disappointment.  He wants to get to us when we feel forgotten.  He whispers words such as, “God doesn’t care.  He doesn’t see your suffering.  Even if He did, He couldn’t do anything about it.  It’s just too late.”  But we counteract those with the words of God that are truth.  We’re not abandoned.  Time may be running out, but God can show up on time.  We choose to believe for the answer to come.

        There’s a wonderful letter we just received from a friend of this ministry that went through a stressful time in her life.  In the midst of it, God showed her how she was not forgotten.  In her letter, she said, “I just had to write to you.  I had requested prayer with you a couple of months ago regarding my financial situation.  After a rough divorce, I got myself in a bad situation financially.  Your broadcast at that time had spoken to me, and I reached out to you for prayer.  I was so grateful to receive your letter in support.

        “I’ve been listening this week to your broadcast, and Tuesday’s message spoke strongly to me.  I have felt like God is there, but just couldn’t see how He could possibly help me in my situation.  After Tuesday’s message, I felt uplifted and assured of an answer.  Then, Wednesday I received a letter from the tax commission that my 2019 return had been adjusted and instead of receiving $900 in return, I would owe $800.  Oh, I was devastated.

        “How would I ever pay that large sum of money.  I am essentially broke but managing.  I had turned off the credit card use and was working hard to save money and keep my bills paid on time.  I was cutting costs whenever possible, and the COVID was keeping me home so spending was down.  It was like a force to change my spending habit, and it was working!  I felt God was guiding me along the road to lift the financial burden.  But when I got that letter from the tax commission, I cried.  How would I do it?  I only had $985 in savings and that would just about wipe it out.  But I held onto the thoughts from your [words], ‘I AM NOT FORGOTTEN.’

        “I didn’t know how I would make it through but knew there must be a way.  I put off calling the tax commission today.  I just dreaded the call.  I think God may have been laughing as I finally made the call.  I found out there had been an error, and my refund would come through!  Thank you for your uplifting and powerful messages this week.  Just what I needed!”

        God was there for this woman when she didn’t know where to go to solve her problem.  When there seems to be no answer, where can you go?  You have to keep going to God.  He will not say to you, “There is nothing I can do.  You are forgotten.”  Trust Him even as the clock is ticking and keep asking Him for your miracle answer.  Petition Him for your desire to come to pass.

        No matter how abandoned or forgotten you may feel, don’t give up.  Continue to expect.  You may feel that you’re in a forgotten place in your life, but God is there with you.  And He can change the conditions as you reach out to Him.  He will make it possible for you to conceive that desire, that dream, that answer.  God will take away the reproach of feeling forgotten and show you care and compassion…and also the plans He has for you.  Don’t think that you’re beyond the Lord being able to reach into your circumstances and make your life better.

        You may feel that you’ve been set aside and abandoned.  But He will not forget you.  You are His and He will answer your petition.  So when it seems time is running out to get the help you need, remember that God remembers you.

        You and we are going to petition Him for what you need.  So be sure to get in touch with us.  Tell us what kind of conditions you’re in that have made it seem as if you’re forgotten.  God wants to minister to you in a deeper way.  We believe His power and compassion will rush into conditions and change them as we pray with you in the authority of Jesus Christ.  Then we want to write to you the words that God’s Spirit shows us for your life.  We will send you a letter just as we did that friend of the ministry to give you encouragement and faith to believe for your miracle.  Click here now.

        Also, we want to give you the opportunity to see miracles through your giving into God’s work.  When you serve Him by giving into and praying for this ministry, you’re doing great things.  You’re following the Word of God and obeying Him.  I was reading that what causes people to become greedy and hold on to their resources is because they don’t understand what we do as believers.  We know that when we leave this earth and go to heaven, our giving will be rewarded again.  And God will say to us, “Well done, you good and faithful servant.”

        I don’t know about you, but I long to hear those words from Him.  So there is no way I’m going to hang on to my financial resources, time or energy or abilities.  Anything I can give to God I will do it.  I believe you’re the same.  You know God can bless you for what you give, but most importantly, you want to hear those words, “Well done, you good and faithful servant” from Him.  So join John and me today as we give into Alcott Ministries and see the wonders of God done in people’s lives.  You can click here now to give.

       We also have a special gift for you.  It’s called “Reflections.”  It’s a beautiful 2021 calendar filled with pictures of God’s creation.  They reflect His power and goodness that can come into your life.  Also every day has a scripture on it that you can express over yourself so you start the day with God’s Word.  Just imagine passing by the calendar in your kitchen or having it on your work desk—someplace that you frequent.  As you see it each day, you can say God’s Word out loud.  It reminds you of how you are not forgotten.  GOD IS THINKING OF YOU THAT DAY.

       This wall calendar is available for a gift of $10 into the ministry.  You can also have a beautiful blue tote bag with the words, “The Lord Will Provide” on it.  Both of these are available, the calendar and the tote bag, for a gift of $12 into the ministry.  Just click here now to receive these (link coming soon).

       Now, John and I look forward to hearing from you because we believe miracles will happen.  So be sure to return your prayer sheet as soon as possible.  You’re in our hearts and our love.  We are always here as your Partners in Prayer,

                            Your Partners in Prayer,


                            Jeanne and John Alcott

  • Be sure to return your prayer sheet so we can pray for you and God can show you how you are not forgotten.  He has a miracle ready when you don't know what to do.  Click here.
  • We encourage you to request the Reflections 2021 Calendar with God's Word on it and beautiful pictures of His creation.  Click here (link coming soon).
  • Give into God's work and believe for Him to say to you, "Well done, you good and faithful servant."  Click here.


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