Saturday, September 23, 2023

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




   God won’t let you out of His sight.  He knows the battle is hard, but as we come together in prayer, He will “cover your head” in the DAY OF BATTLE.  You can have success!  John and I stand here ready to pray over you and see God do a miracle work.  We will wrap the Word of God around you and send you some tools to help you prosper in every area of your life.  Read what God is going to do!

Dear Partner,  

     Are you dissatisfied with the way something is going in your life?  It’s causing you unhappiness or discomfort or maybe even anger or disappointment?  Conditions can become so bad that you feel you want to escape from them.  It’s the feeling of wanting to get away from a problem or responsibility.

     As you’re trying to sort past all of this and figure it out, you may even feel hurt because you don’t understand why God isn’t doing something.  There’s some confusion or frustration.  At times you wish you could hide from it all.  I have said that to God.  I expressed how I wanted to get away from what I didn’t understand that was hurting me.  Just get away!

      You know what He said to me at that time?  He said, “I won’t let you out of My sight.”  Those are the same words He wants you to hear now.  No matter where you go or what you do or how you feel, you’re never out of God’s sight.  He yearns for you to be with Him even when you’re hurting or you don’t understand or your faith has been shaken to the core.  He cares for you too much and is responsible for you so His eyes are upon you 24/7.

      When we ask Him to show that He is there for us in the midst of what we’re feeling, and we call out to Him, He doesn’t have to turn His head toward us and go, “Huh?  Oh you need something?  I didn’t notice.  What’s going on?”  That’s what humans say to us.  But when we go to the Lord He says to us, “Yes, I know.  I’ve been watching this entire time.  And I have been covering you every day.  You’re never out of My sight.”

      A friend of this ministry was sharing how she realized this when she reached out to God at a time when she was hurting.  Here’s a portion of her letter.  This will mean so much to you, I believe.  She said, “Thank you so much for your message today.  I have felt a heartache lately.”  Then she describes some disappointments that have happened.  Events aren’t turning out the way she had hoped.  Also someone has failed her.  Because of that, she says those conditions have been a cloud over her, causing her heart to ache.

      But here’s what’s happened.  She wrote, “When I heard your message today I knew God was speaking to me.  I felt discouraged, but no need for this….  God has me wrapped up safe!  I felt as if His arm was around me.  So I decided I should write to you and let you know how much I appreciate your ministry.  I listen every day and always take away something to uplift my thoughts.”  She knows God is covering her in all of this and He is taking care of each thing that concerns her.  Then she tells us how in the midst of all this God has already done something wonderful in her family.  A real victory report.

      She wrote, “My son that was in the terrible accident is recovering well.  It has been ten months and his doctors are still amazed at his progress.  He walks without a walker or cane and is even working part-time!  What a blessing!  Miracles, really!  I can’t thank you enough for your ministry.”  She also wrote at the top of her letter, “I sense the presence of God!”  Even while she was writing that, she was sensing His presence.

      Yes, we can sense the presence of God because He is always there.  We’re never out of His sight.  He’s covering us.  You see, in the times when her heart was aching because she didn’t understand why the disappointments had come and she felt hurt that things weren’t working out, even during those times, God spoke to her.  He sent His presence and encouragement.  As she said, she felt as if His arm was around her.  He wasn’t going to let her out of His sight.  He was watching over her, following her, tending to her heartache to uplift her.  He also sent miracles in her family.

      When we feel as if our life is exposed to whatever bad things come, remember; we’re never out of God’s sight.  He is there when we need a covering.

      David in the Bible knew this so well.  He had to have a covering from God because so many times his enemies tried to take his blessings and position and calling away from him.  He knew if he wasn’t covered, he would be exposed to whatever his enemies wanted to do.  Listen, because you are covered, you are never exposed to just anything the devil wants to do.  It may feel that way sometimes.  As if you’re in the fight without the proper covering to protect you.  But here’s what David wrote in Psalm 140 and it is true for our lives.  He said, O God the Lord, the Strength of my salvation, You have covered my head in the day of battle.  (Ref. Psalm 140:7.)

      David affirmed that God had given him the help he needed when the wicked were planning to destroy him.  He described their speech as sharp and destructive.  They set traps for him.  So he cried for help.  He knew God was the One who covers his head when the fight is on.


      “To cover your head” is a military term that’s talking about the same kind of effect as having a helmet on when you’re going to war.  The helmet protects you from the weapons coming at you.  When the fight is on, you know that you have a covering.  You’re never out of God’s sight.  He won’t let you.

      He can make sure that the plans that are set against you will fail.  The words said about you will come to nothing.  The needs that try to overtake you or the disappointment that seeks to bring you down, nothing can get past the covering over you.  It cannot be victorious because in the day of war, your head will be covered by God.  You’re never out of His sight in spite of what the enemy does to you.  God knows what’s going on, and He can help you defeat it.  Oh, He is so aware of you.



      I’ll tell you about a dream that a friend shared with us on the phone the other day.  Because it shows how intent God is to be there when you need Him.  He refuses to let you out of His sight.

      We had been praying with this friend and his wife about some desires and problems in their lives.  Then all of a sudden the husband began to have a reoccurring dream.  In fact he said that he dreamed it several times in one week.  I was in this dream and he would see me at a distance.  When he looked at me, I would start waving at him.  He would wave back.  Then this would repeat every time he had this dream.  He would see me and I would wave and he would wave back.

      Each time he dreamed this, he would ask me in the dream why I was there and what was happening.  But I wouldn’t answer.  So it disturbed him what this meant.  He would wake up early in the morning and ask God, “What is it?”  He wondered if the Lord was trying to communicate something to him.  Then the answer came.

      One night when he dreamed this again, and he asked me in the dream why I was waving at him, I responded and said, “Every time you see me, I’m covering you with prayers.”  God was showing him by that dream that He had someone covering his family and him.  And of course that’s true.  I cover our friends and Partners who contact us in prayer continually.  It’s part of the covering that God puts over you.

      So the Lord was showing him that he’s covered in the day of battle.  Never out of the sight of God.  He always has a covering over him so he can know that divine work is being done in his behalf.

      Oh what God will do to show us that we’re never out of His sight.  When we need a covering, He is there making sure that His will can be done in our life.  There isn’t any place we can go, no place to which we can run physically or in our emotions that God won’t follow us.  He’s there always to keep us in His sight.

      When the battle against us gets rough, we don’t have to fear.  Our covering is there.  The eyes of God are upon us and He sees everything.  If He has to give you a dream to reassure you, He will.  Hey, the devil’s forces may have you in their sites, but because you are never out of the sight of God, you can be covered.  So we are going to ask Him to cover you as David did.


      John and I want to cover your head in prayer for the day of battle.  We will wrap the Word of God around you.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of doing that—wrapping the Word of God around someone.  You can do that for yourself and also for those you want to influence for God.  You put the power of the Word around them by sending out God’s Word to fight the forces coming against your friend or family member or coworker.  You can also put the Word around a problem you have or a desire you want to see fulfilled.

      Remember God told us in Hebrews 4 that His Word is alive and full of power.  When we speak it, it becomes active, goes into operation, it energizes and is effective.  Hallelujah!  (Ref. Hebrews 4:12.)  All of that happens when you speak out the Word of God over people and your conditions and challenges.  You’re speaking something that is alive and full of power.

      As soon as those words come up in your spirit and out of your mouth, boom!  They begin to be active, they operate, they energize the spiritual atmosphere, and the effect of them can take place.  They’re effective against the power and forces that are coming against you or others.


      Hey, you have to go after what is important to you. Is it your job or a loved one or your finances or a dream or idea or your health?  That’s when you have to call out the Word of God and believe His hand will cover the situation until you see a miracle.

      So go after what you desire to see happen in your life with the Word of God.  Speak out about that marriage, that spouse you want to have, that promotion or favor or blessing.  Send out the Word of God to cover that project you’ve been working on that is failing.  It isn’t going to fail!  Nothing in your life is going to fail!  Believe that.  Because you are speaking the Word which is alive and full of power.  It’s God’s Word.  So as you speak it, you’re activating it.  Ooo, just sense the wheels going into motion and starting to operate.  It can work!

      John was just reminding me last night how this happened for him when he was struggling with his health.  When he was younger, he had a health issue that required him to take antibiotics.  The doctors had given him every kind of antibiotic and as often as they could.  But infections just continued to return.

      That meant that he went around feeling tired most of the time and couldn’t think well.  So he was having a hard time doing his work and helping to maintain our household.  He just felt terrible!  Have you come to that place?  You just feel terrible about something.  He felt he couldn’t take it anymore.  So he thought, Well, maybe this is my time to go.  He wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

      We had to have God do something, so we went after John’s health.  As I said, you have to go after what’s important to you and we went after it in a serious way.  We spoke the Word of God and made it active, put it in operation, sent out spiritual energy, and made God’s Word effective.  We began to call forth solutions to come and for God to make His way known to health and wholeness.  We covered him in the day of battle!

      Now, I believe when we did that, if we could have seen into the spiritual realm, we would’ve seen the mighty hand of God over him.  Psalm 118 says God becomes our strength.  When John had no strength, God became his strength.  He held him in His hands until he became well.  Praise God.  He will hold you in His hands until you become well in every area of your life.  John began to receive answers of different supplements to take and the right foods to eat.  As he initiated the information God gave him, it was effective and John was well.  We praise Him for what He did.

      You see when John was experiencing that terrible time, he was never out of God’s sight.  So I want to encourage you now.  If you are in suspense about how this is going to end, you’re not by yourself.  God is there with His hand to cover you in the day of battle as we pray.  He’ll take you into a better place.


We will cover your head in the day of battle!

      John and I want to bring you before God in a very personal and anointed time of prayer.  We want to cover your head just as David prayed for God to do that for him in the day of battle.  To get what you desire in your life, it’s going to take a battle, a spiritual battle.

      So we encourage you to click here to share your prayer requests as soon as possible by clicking here.  As we pray for our Partners, the anointing of God comes and His presence fills the room.  That’s what we want to do for you.  As soon as we receive and read what you want us to pray about, we will cover it.  We’ll cover it with the anointing of God and His protection and restoration.  Everything you write, I guarantee you, it will be prayed over as we do spiritual warfare to cover you.

      We want you to feel how much God is working in your life.  That’s why we’re going to offer you some powerful spiritual tools to help you in the day of battle.  You can prosper God’s way in every area of your life!  We want to see III John 2 fulfilled in your life—for you to prosper in every area and that your body may keep well, even as I know your soul keeps well and prospers.

      So we’re offering to send you the You Can Prosper Package.  In this comprehensive package you’ll receive:
♦ Instructions of how to have a Health-Day.
♦ John’s article on how to conduct a Health Challenge contest in your family or church or friends’ group.
♦ Jeanne’s teaching on Financial Freedom.
♦ A journal.
♦ Scriptures to express over yourself.
♦ A Life Planning Workbook to record your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
♦ A bookmark with words from Jeanne’s book, “Dominate or Be Dominated.
      There are so many helps in it to show you how to prosper in every area of your life!  You can have this entire package for a gift of $15 to Alcott Ministries to help us carry on the work of God and continue to minister to you through all the avenues that we use to reach thousands of people.  Click here now to receive this.

     Now I want to tell you about a promise from God that cannot be stopped. 

      If you receive it and believe it, you can prove it.  Those are God’s words.  He says in Malachi that when you give into His work, He will prove His promise to you.  One version gives God’s words this way, Try it!  Let Me prove it to you!  (Ref. Malachi 3:11 TLB.)

      As you give out of yourself—meaning your love, your finances and resources, your time and energy—as you give those to Him so that His Word can create miracles and change the lives of people, then you’re proving His promise.  Prove the promise.  What is it?  That scripture goes on to say that His blessing and His protection will flood into your life.  There will be so much that you won’t be able to contain it.  He will bless you and rebuke the enemy for you.  Nothing Satan can do can stop what God can do.  Oh, those are good words.  When you give to your God, nothing the devil can do can stop what God can do for you.  So John and I encourage you to join us today as we give into Alcott Ministries by clicking here.  Then prove God!

We are filled with great anticipation as we wait for your prayer requests so we can personally pray over you and cover your head in the day of battle for great success.  Let us know you want the You Can Prosper Package soon. 

          We are here as your Partners in Prayer,

         Jeanne and John Alcott

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