Tuesday, July 27, 2021

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




      Something Is Changing Hands!

                      Get in on it!

                Join us for a Day of Anointing.

         As we pray on that day, you can receive
                  a more powerful impartation
 of the anointing to see God’s work done in your life. 
We will pray for you and anoint your prayer requests
                         with anointing oil. 
           Receive the exchange of anointing!

Dear Partner,  

       Recently God gave me a word that “something is going to change hands.”  Then He began to show me various events that were going to precipitate certain exchanges.  There is going to be an exchange in very important areas for our lives.


       When these exchanges take place, He wants these to come into your hands as you seek Him.  The types of exchanges are:

       An Exchange of Power.  Power is going to change hands.  The power that a hardship, restriction, affliction, or evil has had will now be gone and instead you will have power over those.

       An Exchange of Ownership.  Ownership is going to change hands from what or who has possession of those things that should be yours.

       An Exchange of Reward.  The enemy has held back your reward, or the credit for your work, or the honor due to you far too much time.  Those will be set free in the spiritual realm and can come into your hands.

       An Exchange of Authority.  A more powerful authority can come into your hands that will cause you to act in a bold way to see the fulfillment of God’s will.  You can have authority to stop the intimidation of the enemy that causes you to live without what God has for you.  Your victory in spiritual warfare can increase.


       Now, the final exchange is what we’re going to initiate in your life at this time.  That’s because it’s the one that gives you what you need in order to make the other exchanges happen.  It’s…


       Without anointing we are never going to rise into the place God wants us.  We can’t see the fulfillment of all He has for us, because it’s the anointing that gets us there.  Why is that?  For this reason: because our anointing is the tremendous thrust of God’s presence and power operating in us.  In the day in which we’re living, our anointing must be more powerful.  It generates spiritual energy and health and blessing.  Miracles come from anointing.  That means your life can operate in a greater manifestation of supernatural happenings.

       God is saying there is going to be an exchange of anointingA TRANSFERENCE.  More powerful anointing is ready to be transferred into your hands.  But it has to be cultivated.  You must desire and welcome it to you.  As you do, that’s when your gifts and talents can reach their greatest level of fulfillment.  You’ll be anointed to see your circumstances and conditions change.  It enables you to operate in the gifts of the Spirit to a greater extent.  Also anointing is there just so you can make it through the day.  It gives you strength and grace.  It helps you to be able to lead and have wisdom and discernment.  See, anointing is…LIFE.  The greater the anointing in you, the greater your life will be.

       So open your heart today to receive that transference.  God is making a way for this exchange to get started in your life.  So we are ready to pray with you about this.  It will be a prayer for the Exchange of Anointing for you.  This is a critical time to respond to God’s Spirit and receive the more powerful impartation of His anointing.

       As you feel Him pulling on your spirit, click here to share your prayer requests.  BE SURE TO MENTION THAT YOU WANT PRAYER FOR THE ANOINTING.  John and I will anoint your prayer requests with oil as if God was anointing you.  We also have a vial of anointing oil we can send to you so you can anoint yourself and those God puts on your heart.  Click here to receive It along with a teaching on CD.  We encourage you also to anoint your billfold and checkbook, your pillow and your house—all those things that represent parts of your life that you want the Spirit of God to enter into for miracles and greater things to happen.  In Zechariah 4:6 the Lord tells us, Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit [of Whom the oil is a symbol], says the Lord of hosts.

       We urge you not to let this opportunity from God pass by.  Don’t miss the exchange!  It can mean so much to you and your family and friends and those to whom you minister and help.  Believe it’s going to come into your hands so you can experience everything God wants you to do and receive.  When the anointing of the Spirit touches you, it puts a burst of LIFE into your conditions.

       I’ll give you a picture of one of the times this happened in the Scriptures.  When the anointing touched this man it transformed his life.  The story takes place in II Kings chapter 13.  It’s really amazing what happens but the entire story is told in just two verses.  The previous year, the prophet Elisha had died.  In his ministry, the anointing was exemplified in a great way.  Tremendous miracles happened.  God spoke through him, and he saw power move and do wonders.  His life was blessed because he walked in that anointing.

       Now that he was dead, it was a hard time for the Israelites.  Their enemy, the Moabites, had started sending groups to steal their way into the country and start raiding in different places.  It was a terrible kind of war.  Insidious.  One group of Moabite raiders would hit one place and then another day, a different group would hit another place.  They would surprise the people and murder and plunder.  It was a time when the people had to watch where they went and what they did.

       One day, some neighbors were taking a dead man to a place to bury him.  As they were in the location where the tombs were, they spotted one of these Moabite groups coming into the territory to raid.  Out of fear of what they would do to them, they didn’t take time to take the body to the place designated.  Instead, when they saw Elisha’s tomb, they took the dead man and threw him into the prophet’s tomb and started running.  They weren’t going to take time to bury him with a raiding party coming toward them.

       When that body touched the bones of the anointed prophet, life came into the man.  Instant life.  We’re talking about his blood began to flow again.  His heart started beating.  All the functions of his brain were doing their job.  His muscles and bones were strong.  Just think about how many functions your body has and how many different organs have to do their job.  All of a sudden this man’s entire body was functioning like a perfect organ.  He stood up in that tomb and walked out on his own two feet.

       How did that happen?  There was a transference of anointing.  You see just because Elisha was dead, his anointing was not dead.  First John 2:27 tells us that the anointing that we receive from God abides permanently in us.  So when that anointing came in contact with death, just one thing could happen.  There had to be life.  Remember, anointing is…life.  So that’s what this dead man experienced.  God allowed the anointing to be transferred to him, and when his dead circumstances received it, he came alive.

       Your desires may seem dead today.  Your conditions are dead.  But God is about to toss them onto the bones of anointing.  That’s when you can see life burst into those conditions and into your desires.  The life of God will raise them up.  There is going to be an exchange IF you are ready.  If you’re ready to receive that anointing, then it can increase in you.  You’ll see your desire raised up.  Just as sure as that dead man revived, you can see dead things come to life.  There can be a surge of the blessing and awareness of God’s presence.  When     that anointing comes, you can see greater things done.

       Stop seeing your life as being on hold or those circumstances always being disappointing.  Expect transference to take place.  God is going to take it from one place and put it into your hands.  Get your hands open and ready to receive greater anointing.

       God wants to make the transfer.  Now don’t allow it to die.  Ask God for the right and privilege to develop that anointing and see it operate in your life.  That’s when you can see so many great things come to you and happen through you.

       So ask God to receive yours now.  Tell Him of the things you want to accomplish and how you have desires and needs and want those to come to life.  You desire to see beauty and power and goodness.  Then watch as He begins to transfer that anointing as you feel a new rush of His energy and presence and power.

       Praise God, I can feel Him moving now.  He’s moving toward your life to cause greater anointing to operate in you.  Keep yourself open to receiving that.  Stay in tune with what He’s speaking to you and be in His presence.  That’s what we’re going to do together.  We’re coming together in His presence in a prayer of agreement.  By our faith, we expect to see more powerful anointing coming to your hands.  So be sure to get in touch with us soon.  Tell us what you need to see the anointing do in your life.  Remember, we’re going to lay our hands on what you share as soon as we receive it, and John and I will anoint your prayer requests with oil as if God was anointing you.  We’ll pray and intercede.  Then we want to write to you, because there will be an anointing on the words that we send to you.  We believe God will speak to you through this.

      We also want to send you the vial of anointing oil, along with the teaching, “Something Is Going To Change Hands!”  Learn more from God’s Spirit about these exchanges that He is doing and how you can have them operate in your life.  Power.  Ownership.  Reward.  Authority.  Anointing.  Those are all covered in this teaching.  Such mighty things are happening!  We can send you the anointing oil and a CD of the teaching for a gift of $10 into this ministry.  Just click here now to request them.

      Now, remember that one of the greatest exchanges we can make with God is giving and receiving.  Isn’t that a great principle He’s given us in His Word! He wants us to give so that His words can transform the lives of people and transform this world.  But instead of stopping there, He proves what a giving God He is.  He says that when we give into His work, such as Alcott Ministries, HE WILL GIVE TO US.  He gives us what is important to our lives.  Not some little token, but satisfying wonderful answers to prayer that meet our needs.

      So John and I encourage you to give to God through this ministry as we are doing.  Activate His promise to do great things with your gifts.  It’s a wonderful and beautiful thing to be a part of a group of people who are serving and glorifying God.  I know that’s what you want for your life and so we invite you to join us in giving today.  You can donate now by clicking here.

      Now, we’re looking forward to receiving your prayer requests for the time of prayer.  It will be a tremendous day!  The exchange of anointing can begin.  Be sure to contact us right away.

                            Your Partners in Prayer,


                            Jeanne and John Alcott


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                                  Oppression Gone With Prayer!
“A Partner called and said there had been an oppressive spirit on her and she had tried everything she knew but could not break it.  She has had a series of unhappy things happen in her life.  So she was getting to the point of feeling quite desperate.  She decided to call us to ask for powerful prayer.  Within half a day she said she could feel the prayer.  Then it was gone.  She is so very thankful for the ministry and prayer.”


                              Promotion With Car!  Great Peace!

“I had a great answer to prayer for my brother.  He got a promotion with a lease car at his present business where he's working.  I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given me.  So many answeres to prayer.  I also wanted to say that even in these times, I have never had so much peace in my life.  What a gift from our Lord.”

                                    Eight Pounds, Six Ounces!  

“I wrote last month to ask for prayer for my son's baby.  Well praise the Lord, the baby girl was born in March.  She is a precious gift from God!  Eight pounds, six ounces and delivered at home by a midwife!  We are so very thankful for your prayers.”

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