Monday, October 25, 2021

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




                Supernatural Sunday!                    

                     We are going to access the
                     supernatural power of God
   in your behalf on the Sunday immediately following
     receiving your prayer requests.  There is going
            to be a SUPERNATURAL CONTACT
         made with God for your miracle answer
                      as we touch your needs.

Dear Partner,  

       You can see the “supernatural” operate in your life more.  See it produce a greater demonstration of God’s power for what you and your loved ones need.

       The supernatural is the ability to see events happen that go beyond the natural things that you experience and see.  Natural means something is ordinary, expected; it follows natural laws.  That supernatural is the demonstration of spiritual power that goes beyond natural means.  It’s God’s demonstration.

       When you operate in the supernatural, you are actually tapping into who God is and what He can do for you and through you.  You can get well, meet the person intended for your life, grow a better marriage, or better financial standing.  You can see Him move in an unprecedented way in your ministry or business, see Him right things that are wrong, and take care of your work.

       Without using it, you cannot defeat the enemy of your life, the devil.  He will run roughshod over you.  But when God moves in a supernatural way, you have the ability and privilege of getting to see wonderful and powerful and great things happen.  Things that are above the normal expectations.  So take advantage of those.  Use them.  Access them by prayer and standing on God’s Word, in the name of Jesus.

       In order to do that, you have to have the right thoughts coming in you and the right words coming out of you.  What you think and say affects your ability to see the supernatural cause miracles and answers to come to you from God.  It’s easy to have wrong thoughts and words creep into your life without realizing it.

Personal Story...
Once when I was in some difficult conditions, I found myself doing this.  I was stressed and had too much to do it seemed.  Also, I didn’t feel well, but I was having to push on.  You know there are just times that even when you don’t feel as if you want to, you have to.  You have to press on.  So when it was tough during the day, I would find myself saying, “I can’t do this.”  I was saying it to God.  “God, I can’t keep going this way.”  I had to have some answers to prayer. Some conditions had to become different.  So I got into this mode of every day saying, “I can’t do this.”

       I would try to be more positive but when you are dealing in the natural and you’re not tapping into the supernatural, it’s almost impossible.  Operating in the supernatural is what can keep you thinking and believing conditions will get better.

       Then one day when I was watching a spiritual program, a woman was telling a story of how she had been in unbearable conditions, and she had begun to say words just as I was saying.  “I can’t do this.”  But her husband said to her, “You have to stop saying that because you’re not going to make it if you keep saying it.”

       When I heard that, I knew it was a direct word from God to me.  In spite of what I was experiencing I had to change the words that were going into my mind and heart. I must stop seeing the natural and thinking and feeling as if that’s all there was.  I needed to begin to see the supernatural way God was working.  So I changed my tune real quick.  I began speaking what was true in the supernatural which is, “I CAN do this.  I will come out of this.  God is working in my behalf.  He is taking care of me.  Conditions are changing.  I can have what I desire.”  See the difference?  It was amazing what began to happen in the spiritual realm when I was thinking and talking the way God does.

       That’s when the supernatural can take you beyond the natural ways of trying to make it in your life.  It propels you into greater resources and power and blessing.  You can go from feeling as if you can’t make it past a trial to being victorious.  You can go from thinking you’re too weak and undersupplied to getting something done and seeing it completed.

       The supernatural is a determining factor.  If you break through into it and work with God, you can see much greater results.

       Think of the woman in the Bible who proved this to us by what she did.  She’s the one whom the Scriptures describe as suffering from bleeding for twelve years.  The book of Luke describes how she had tried everything.  She had gone to those who were supposed to be able to help get her well and paid them every penny she had.  Yet she was still suffering and now she was broke.

       But when she heard that Jesus was coming to her area, and that He had restored so many sick people, she knew He could stop her bleeding.  He could give her a normal life.  She wouldn’t have to go around weak and feeling bad.  This was her moment.  However, she had to press past the crowds that were surrounding Jesus to get to Him.  So if she was going to get well, she must operate in the supernatural.  To do that, she must say the right words and think the right way.  The Gospel of Matthew says she kept saying to herself, If I just touch His garment, I shall be restored to health (Matthew 9:21).  She was saying, “I CAN do this.”

       Because of that, she made her way to the area where Jesus was, pressed past that crowd, came up behind Him and touched Him.  That was it!  Supernatural contact was made.  She touched the fringe of His garment.  And what happened?  Right away what she had been saying and believing came to pass.  That’s an important truth right there.  What that woman said and believed came to pass at that moment.  She was operating in the supernatural and therefore she experienced it.  The bleeding stopped.  She was whole.  Well.  Felt good.  Hey, you’re going to feel good when the power of God touches you.  And that’s what touched her.

       We know that, because as soon as she touched Him, Jesus stopped and asked who did that.  But His disciple, Peter, was quick to point out, “Everyone is touching You and trying to get near You.”  But you see, even if people were putting their hands on Him, no one had touched Him yet in the supernatural.  They were touching Him in a physical way.  But when this woman put her hand on His garment it was a supernatural touch.  If you want the power of Jesus to respond to your touch, it must be a supernatural one.

      She was making contact with the One who was the Word of God in flesh.  Today we make contact with the Word of God in the Spirit.  We touch the Word of God by our faith.  That’s how you do it in the supernatural.  You believe what God says in the Scriptures and know what He says can come to pass for you.  That’s what this woman did.

      So Jesus answered Peter and insisted, I felt power surge through Me.  Someone touched Me to be healed, then they received their healing (Luke 8:46 TPT).  Oh, that supernatural touch.  He was saying, “Someone touched Me to be healed!  That’s why they received their healing.  They touched Me by their faith.  It was a supernatural contact.”

       When the woman heard Him say that, she came to Him and fell at His feet.  Then Jesus said to her, Beloved daughter, your faith in Me released your healing.  You may go with My peace (Luke 8:48 TPT).  Her faith was able to get health released into her and so she received it.  She had made a supernatural touch and therefore she received a supernatural answer.

       You know that it’s not going to be easy if you’re trying to press past the wrong thoughts and emotions to get to Jesus.  Too much will come your way to try to stop you.  So get up your barriers right now.  They are supernatural barriers that protect your mind and heart.  You must hear and say just what will get you where you want to be.  Don’t hear and say things that actually block you from getting that answer or miracle or turnaround.  Instead of being blocked by those, you block them.  Then take in the truth of God’s Word.  You can do this.  You can see a difference made.  Conditions will get better.  God has provided the miracle answer and it’s yours.

So we want to provide you with tools to activate the supernatural in your behalf.

       First — when you share what you need God to do in your life, we are going to take those requests which represents your life and lay it in my personal Bible.  When we lay it there, we’re going to put our hands on it as a supernatural contact.  Think of your life being IN the Word of God.  In that Word are the promises and power that can come to you.  As we lay our hands on you in a spiritual way, we believe the supernatural will begin to operate in your needs.  We’re going to do this on what we call SUPERNATURAL SUNDAY.  This will be the Sunday right after we receive your prayer sheet.  It will be YOUR Supernatural Sunday.  Click here now to share.

       Second — we have a great package of spiritual tools to send to you.

       A set of three teachings on a flash drive (portable storage device): “Operate in the Supernatural!” and “Stand Strong in the Shaking!” and “There is Greatness in You!”  These teachings can show you the tremendous spiritual power that’s available to you.  When you pump that much of God’s Word in you, great results can be seen.  Your faith gets to the point you can believe and see God respond.

       A special notepad with adhesive tabs.  This is so you can write down the positive thoughts the Holy Spirit gives you and keep yourself filled with those in order to see them come to pass.  Put the notes in your Bible or on a mirror or on our computer...anywhere!

       A Scripture card.  This will help you get God’s supernatural Word coming out of your mouth.  The sword of the Spirit will go forth and work against the enemy.  You’ve got to have words of faith coming out of your mouth and into the supernatural realm to defeat what’s coming against you.

       Click here now to receive this SET OF SUPERNATURAL TOOLS.

       Rush your needs to us so we can lay them in my Bible and pray.  Request these supernatural tools of the three teachings on flash drive, the notepad with tabs, and the Scripture card for a gift of $15 into the ministry.

       Think of how the Word tells us that when we give into God’s vision to reach people, some amazing supernatural things happen.  He takes your gift and multiplies it.  In other words, when you give $25 or $50 or hundreds or thousands, that isn’t where your gift ends.  It’s not a dead gift.  It’s alive!  Filled with the life of God.  That’s because He takes your gift and makes it do supernatural things.  It causes the teachings of God to go out of this ministry.  It enables us to reach thousands of people with His Word and prayer and materials and in so many different ways.  Then you can receive a supernatural manifestation in your life, because God promises to multiply your giving to meet your needs also (Luke 6:38, Malachi 3, II Corinthians 9).  You can click here now to donate.

       So as you join John and me in giving today, see yourself as stepping into the supernatural path of blessing and deliverance.  Expect some great things to happen.  God bless you.

                              Your Partners in Prayer,

                              Jeanne and John Alcott

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“A Partner called and said there had been an oppressive spirit on her and she had tried everything she knew but could not break it.  She has had a series of unhappy things happen in her life.  So she was getting to the point of feeling quite desperate.  She decided to call us to ask for powerful prayer.  Within half a day she said she could feel the prayer.  Then it was gone.  She is so very thankful for the ministry and prayer.”


                              Promotion With Car!  Great Peace!

“I had a great answer to prayer for my brother.  He got a promotion with a lease car at his present business where he's working.  I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given me.  So many answeres to prayer.  I also wanted to say that even in these times, I have never had so much peace in my life.  What a gift from our Lord.”

                                    Eight Pounds, Six Ounces!  

“I wrote last month to ask for prayer for my son's baby.  Well praise the Lord, the baby girl was born in March.  She is a precious gift from God!  Eight pounds, six ounces and delivered at home by a midwife!  We are so very thankful for your prayers.”

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