Tuesday, August 4, 2020

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




It's time to receive a bag filled

with blessings

That's what God proimses

He will do in His Word.

See how you can tap

into the provision

that is available for your life.

Dear Partner,  

        Did you know that you are rich?  You may want to argue with me and tell me that you’re not very rich.  You have financial challenges and material needs that you’re facing, or it seems that you have to watch how much you spend.  No doubt that’s true for many of us.  But we can know this deep in our heart: no matter what kind of need we face, God has promised us provision.  And not just get-by provision but abundance.  He takes our poverty and gives us abundant supply.

        In Christian circles sometimes we hear about the spirit of poverty.  But when someone has that, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are poor.  They can just have fear that their possessions will be taken from them, and that’s a spirit of poverty.  Or they can be concerned much of the time about if they’re going to have their needs met, and that’s the spirit of poverty.

        In fact there are different ways you can tell if a person is getting into that kind of mindset.  For instance, are they envious when others are blessed more than they are?  Do they have a struggle with giving into God’s work because they feel it will diminish them?  Perhaps they don’t see God as the One who can supply their need.  So they are hoarders.  That’s someone who is in a poverty mindset.

        It’s the difference between someone who just has the common sense to manage their money and material possessions versus someone who is afraid all the time that they have to “keep it” or they will end up with not enough.  It’s a terrible tormenting way to exist.  Always afraid.  Whereas God is inviting them to exchange poverty for provision—the provision that He promises to give.

       Just think about the Scriptures that tell us how “rich” we are in Him.  He never says He’s going to keep things from us or that He watches every dime that He gives us.  That’s not how God talks to us in His Word about provision.  In II Corinthians chapter 8, it describes how Jesus in His generosity put away all of His wealth in heaven and became poor.  Why?  So that He would be an example for us on earth of how we should be poor?  That’s not what it says.

       It says He became very poor so that by His poverty you may become abundantly supplied (II Corinthians 8:9).  He became very poor so your needs could be met.  You can have an abundant supply.  You don’t have to just try to get by and hope your needs will be met.  No, He has something better for you.  You can have provision instead of poverty.  Abundance instead of need.  Faith instead of fear.  Trust instead of trembling.

       The Lord your God is going to take care of you.  That’s the kind of mindset He wants you to have.  It’s as one minister said when he was talking about our riches in Christ.  He said that some Christians are wringing their hands over $10 when they’re a spiritual billionaire.

       We have to see ourselves in the right light.  The truth is we have the riches of Christ to take care of us.  HIS riches will take care of us!  Not ours!  Not our efforts.  Nor our paycheck, or our abilities to find and keep money.  The riches of Christ are there to surround us and provide for us and take care of us.  So we don’t need to wring our hands over $10 or even $100.

        Sure, there are times that we face need.  I’ve been there at the end of the month when instead of being in the money, I was in the hole.  You know?  I used to hate those words, “We’re in the hole this month.”  But I can tell you that in those years when that would happen, God would always show John and me a way out so we could pay the bills and have food on the table and every need met.

       The Lord is not there to punish you because you don’t have a bunch of extra money.  He wants to show you how to get it!  Now, there may be times that He allows us to go through a discipline process where He teaches us how to manage our money better.  That’s just the reality of life.  We have to gain knowledge of how to manage money.  But He’s not there to punish us and withdraw from our account.  Oh my goodness, He’s there to ADD to our accountEven when we give to Him from our resources so His work can be done here on earth, He’s not drawing from us.  He’s giving to us.

       That’s what the Apostle Paul was talking about when he wrote Philippians chapter 4.  He was writing to those who were giving into his ministry so he made sure they understood it was not that he was seeking after their money, but he wanted them to give because he understood what happened when they did.  He said, Not that I seek or am eager for your gift, but I do seek and am eager for the fruit which increases to your credit [the harvest of blessing that is accumulating to your account] (Philippians 4:17).

       Paul was eager for them to give so that it would increase their account with God.  It would be a harvest of blessing that would accumulate.  Then he went on to say, “God will supply in abundance and fill to the full your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).  So the purpose of giving is twofold: God’s work can be done in the lives of people and His kingdom come, and the same thing can happen in your life.  You can accumulate to your account the abundant blessings, the riches that are waiting for you.  So God can fill to the full your every need.

       You’re giving to the Lord what you have and you’re receiving something better.  You see, no matter how deep your need is, you cannot exhaust the supply God has for you.  If you are obeying Him and trusting His Word, the provision can come to you.

       Think of it this way.  There is a lake called Tahoe between California and Nevada.  I’ve heard it’s very beautiful.  But it’s also one of the deepest lakes in the world.  1645 feet.  It’s so big that if it were tipped over, the contents would cover the entire state of California in 14.5 inches of water.  It’s so big it can provide every person in the U.S. with 50 gallons of water per day for 5 years.  Now, our minds can’t even wrap around that.  I mean, that’s BIG.  There’s so much supply in Tahoe we can’t comprehend it.

       BUT BIG DEAL!  It doesn’t even compare with the supply that is waiting for you in God’s storage in heaven.  There is so much more!  That’s why He can supply in abundance and fill to the full your every need according to His riches.  There’s so much of them!  And a certain amount of them in heaven has your name on them.  So what are you worried about?

       You don’t have to have a mindset of need; you can have a mindset of provision.  You know the difference between the two?  The mindset of need focuses on what isn’t there.  The mindset of provision focuses on what is to come.  The believer who knows that God has provision for them allows that to control their thinking and their heart so they don’t get worried.

       God wants us to see ourselves in the way He has provided for us.  Refuse the spirit of poverty and take on the spirit of provision.  Recognize the generosity of our God and His plan to prosper us in every way.  Then trust Him and receive from His abundant supply.

       So how can you do this?  Here are some good steps to take into greater provision and abundance so you can see God’s desire for you come to pass.

       Fill yourself.  Get full of God’s Word and what He promises about providing for you.  We have a teaching called “God Will Send Provision!”  We encourage you to get it today.  Hear the word of the Lord about how He provides for every area of your life where you have need.

       Get a bag for your blessings.  When you request the teaching also request an inspirational tote bag we have made for you.  It’s a beautiful blue color with a powerful promise on it: The Lord Will Provide! 

       Get your tote and teaching.  (Click here now.)  So as you fill yourself full of God’s Word, you can expect Him to fill your bag with His blessings.  That’s because His Word can give you the faith you need to believe for what God says that He will do to meet your every need.  Faith comes by hearing the Word (Romans 10:17).  See your tote bag full of supplies and materials or full of groceries or gifts or resources—full of health and abundance—whatever you need!

       Receive powerful prayer. When Christians come together like you and us, the Bible promises that it makes tremendous power available.  What is that power used for?  To see the enemy defeated in your conditions and circumstances and challenges.  Then you can see God’s abundant resources released into your life in every area.  Physical, spiritual, in your mind and emotions, and in your finances and family and work.  Every single part of you can receive tremendous power for your miracle answers.  So be sure to click here to share how we can pray for you in a personal way.  John and I will lay our hands on your prayer requests and intercede for God’s PROVISION to come to you.

       Now, as you feel led to give into God’s work, think of one of the greatest scripture promises we’re given of what will happen.  When you give, God promises to fill your bag!  Remember Luke 6:38.  Give, and [gifts] will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will they pour into [the pouch formed by] the bosom [of your robe and used as a BAG].  For with the measure you use when you confer benefits on others, it will be measured back to you (AMPC).  The short version of that is: Give and your bag will be filled up good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over!  Hallelujah.

       So John and I join you in giving into Alcott Ministries and we expect tremendous provision to come to you and to this ministry as we reach out with God’s power to help people.  Miracles are happening!  But they can only continue if we obey the Lord in our giving.  Click here now to give.  We’re so grateful for the beautiful friends and Partners God is calling to continue this ministry.

       We’re excited about hearing from you and seeing what the Spirit of God will do as we pray and then write you a letter filled with His word for your life.  Know that we are always here as your Partners in Prayer,

                            Your Partners in Prayer,


                            Jeanne and John Alcott


Most important…

       Fill yourself full of God's promise of abundance by hearing Jeanne's teaching, "God Will Send Provision!"    

       Get the beautiful blue tote bag representing how God is about to fill your life.  The words, "The Lord Will Provide!" are on the bag to remind you everywhere you take it that He will provide all you need in abundance.  Click here.

       Receive prayer from John and me and believe the strong intercession we do with you will produce the answers you need.  Click here.


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