Sunday, August 14, 2022

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




Here's a great plan for you to receive
fresh oil in your life and walk
into beauty, the plans, and
the miracles God has for you!

We're going to pray for you and
anoint you with fresh oil on the day
It's your appointment for anointing!

Dear Partner,  

      Are you one of those people who are diligent in caring for your car?  You have the oil changed on time.  You follow the recommended procedures for how you should have it done.  Or do you get so busy that time goes by and your car doesn’t get the fresh oil it needs?  Then one day you have an issue, and you rush to a place to get it changed.

      That’s how we can be about our spiritual and emotional life.  We don’t get the oil changed soon enough.  The Bible tells us that we have to have fresh oil.  That’s the power of the Holy Spirit.  Yes, we have the Holy Spirit in us as we become a believer, but He doesn’t come within us and just sit dormant.

     We are to receive from Him on a continual basis.  Receive fresh oil from the Holy Spirit.  Psalm 92:10 says, I am anointed with fresh oil.  We need to have an anointing of fresh oil coming into our life.  You may be there right now.  Where you need it.  You feel you could use fresh oil.  With that anointing can come…

     New power.
     Deeper wisdom.
     Increased guidance in decision-making.
     Greater awareness of God’s Spirit.
     Activation of untapped gifts and skills.
     More success in goals.
     Intensified confidence.
     Better ability to fight troubles and temptations.
     Manifestation of unseen miracles.

     That’s why you need it to be able to accomplish those desires in your heart.  You can’t do it without fresh oil.  You can’t do it without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  Without the anointing of fresh oil coming into you, something will pull you down eventually, just as a car will break down if it doesn’t have fresh oil.  So when you’re in the stage that you need to receive it, don’t ignore it.

     This is what a well-known minister discovered.  It didn’t matter that he was teaching the gospel and was a minister by profession, he still had to have his personal fresh oil.  Because he ignored that, he started breaking down.  The opposition was tough against him.  The demands were hard.

     So one day he came to the stage where he said to himself, You’re cracking up.  It was very difficult in his ministry so he had a hard time resting.  There were times when he felt panic.  He came to the point he even questioned what he was preaching and doing in ministry.  That’s when he began to pray to the Lord and said, “Jesus Christ, do You care?”  He had gone without fresh oil for so much time that he now even questioned what he believed.

     That’s how opposition can drain us.  It drains us of the oil that we need so that we can keep going.  We can’t operate in peace and confidence.  Think how it is when a car tries to go down the road but it doesn’t have the oil it needs.  It doesn’t go fast and with ease.  It’s just about to break down.  It’s in the stage that it has to receive fresh oil.

     You may feel you’re in that stage.  You’re going down the road okay, but not very fast and sure not with ease.  You don’t have the peace and confidence you need.  That’s where this minister was.  So he cried out to Jesus to show Himself real to him.  He wasn’t forsaking his faith; he was just crying out of a human heart that was hurting.

     I want you to know that God hears you when you come to that place.  He doesn’t get offended or turn away from you.  But He recognizes you’re just crying out of a human heart that’s hurting.  So He responds by sending you fresh oil.  He pours it into your life so you can be renewed.  You can conquer what’s in front of you.  You can have hope again that you’ll see your desire completed.

     So here’s what this minister describes happened when he cried out to the Lord.  He said he felt a divine finger go into his skull.  This finger went deep into his brain.  Then when it pulled out, it took with it all of his anxiety and depression and his fear of failure.  That’s when the anointing flowed from the top of his head down over his body.  He experienced such peace and rest.  He knew Jesus had touched him.

     The next morning he walked out of his house to go to his office with a new awareness of God’s Spirit.  He had confidence that he would make it and go on to do everything God had for him.  That’s what happened.  He was very successful in his ministry for God.

     God wants to anoint you with fresh oil.  It will give you everything you need each day to keep going.  You’ll have fresh energy, fresh awareness; you’ll be able to progress and have a better outlook and perception.  It will give you provision and discernment.  The Spirit of God can pour that into your spirit so that just as a car, you can go many more miles and not feel that you’re going to break down.  That oil is provided just when you need it.

          When you think you can’t go into that job one more time.

          You can’t hear those words from that person one more time.

          Or stand to see those finances go down.

          Or see that child in the wrong path or that family member or friend hurting.

          You just can’t deal with the conflict or opposition or need one more time.

     Then you are in the stage when you have to receive fresh oil.  That’s what God will give you as you reach out to Him for that need to be filled.  He’ll pour it into your life so that you are filled and ready to go again.

     You may feel that you don’t have many resources or much endurance or many reasons to be happy.  That’s okay, because the One who can provide more to you is coming to help you.  God wants you to feel His care and compassion for you right now.  When you’re in the stage where you have need, He has the fresh oil ready to pour into your conditions.  It’s time for you to receive it.

     So here’s a great plan of how you can receive fresh oil.
     Go to the prayer request section by clicking here and tell us the exact date you want John and I to come into a prayer of agreement with you.  This is an important agreement between you and us and God, because as we pray over the areas where you need to receive the fresh oil of anointing, we’re going to anoint your prayer requests representing you with anointing oil.  We believe at that time the Holy Spirit will release His power on your life, especially in the areas that you designate where you need Him to do that.  As soon as we hear from you, I will set a reminder in my phone for your date so we pray for you on that day.



     We want to send to you a small vial of anointing oil over which we have prayed.  It comes in a handy silver container that serves also as a keychain.  It has a silver heart on it so every time you see it you can think about the heart of God pouring out His compassion and power and love on your life.  We send it in a black pouch for safekeeping.  Once you receive the oil, use it to anoint every area where you need the Holy Spirit to move and do a good work for you.  This is not just an empty action, but it is one that God’s Word tells us causes His anointing to enter into those areas of our lives and do something supernatural.  It’s a supernatural action that produces supernatural results.

     Also, to give you more in-depth words from God about how He is moving in your life, we want to send to you my teaching on, “Signs of God Moving!”  This CD has a five-part teaching on it, and each part is 15 minutes and is followed by mighty prayer times over you.  So just tell us you want the anointing oil and the CD for a gift of $12 into the ministry by clicking here.


The principles of God produce His promises.

     Now please know that YOUR GIVING into this ministry IS HELPING us teach the principles of God.  Think how powerful that is!  We’re seeing many people have their lives transformed.  So continue to be a part of the fulfillment of God’s Word in this end time.  You do that by being a part of His work.  Know that as you give into Alcott Ministries, His work is being done and the fulfillment of His Word can take place.  That also means that YOUR life can be helped and blessed.  When you give, you fulfill God’s principle of giving and receiving.  So expect to receive His promise fulfilled in your life.  You can give today as John and I are by clicking here, then expect your miracles.  (Ref. Luke 6:38.)

     We want you to know that we’re very excited about pouring oil over the needs you share and interceding and praying.  We’re going to do this on the date you designate and believe for great anointing to fall on your life so the works of God can be done in a mighty way.  We look so forward to hearing from you!  You are our Partner and we are YOURS!  Please feel our love and friendship coming into your life.

                              Your Partners in Prayer,

                              Jeanne and John Alcott


A great plan to receive fresh oil in your life!

      Indicate the exact date on the prayer request page
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         and anoint your prayer requests. 
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         to see how He is moving in your life and the world.  Click here.

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                                  No Cancer Cells Found.
“I had a biopsy and other procedures and needed another surgery.  I went through the biopsy and first procedure.  [But] when I went for my follow-up appointment, the doctor was taken aback that I didn’t look my age.  [I am] 70.  I asked when would the next surgery be and he said, ‘What surgery?  I am satisfied with the results and will not put you through another surgery.’  No cancer cells found, praise God.  Thank you for your prayers.  The Lord told me He was restoring even my youth.  Hallelujah!  He is worthy to be praised!”

                             Two Raises and Visa Gift Card.

“Praise be to God for His goodness.  So much has been happening.  Since the last time I wrote to you, God has blessed me to get two raises on my job.”  Then this Partner wrote again and told about the cherry on top that God had given her.  She said, “On my job they pulled names for gifts at our workers appreciation day, and I won a VISA gift card which I had never won before.  I truly thank God for winning that.  I do appreciate you all being there for me, standing in agreement with me and in prayer for my family and me.  Here’s my offering.  I name this seed God’s provision and financial breakthrough.”

                                Restored to Her Calling.  

“The Lord restored my soul and sent me back to my calling.  He has blessed me abundantly with favor and finances.  I am so thankful for His guidance and direction into His will for me.  Thank you again and again for your faithful prayers for me.  Love you so much.  I’m forever grateful for becoming your Partner and friend.”

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