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The Ministry Vision of John and Jeanne Alcott is to bring God's power into people's lives to help empower them to live in His ways and experience all the blessings, help, and growth God has for them.


To Our Partner,

This ministry started over 23 years ago.  We began by airing our first broadcast on a very small radio station once a week on Saturdays in Sand Springs.  I would drive to the station and hand them a cassette tape of Jeanne’s weekly teaching.  We then began airing on another station in Tulsa and expanded to include full coverage of Oklahoma (3+ million).

Over the years we are airing or have aired in the following areas: Virginia, Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, California, and Texas which resulted in up to 33,000,000 people in coverage for land-based radio alone.  Many listeners who have tuned in from these locations continue to stay connected and tuned-in via our Web site to the broadcasts even after they move across the U.S.

As technology changed, we began to record digitally, transmit broadcasts to radio stations, provide streaming over the internet via our Web site and also broadcast over media such as YouTube.  We are contacted by people from all walks of life, including pastors, homebound seniors, commuters to work, people in prison.  Some of those prisoners continue to listen after they are released and have become Partners.  All these people recognize quality, spirit-filled, anointed, life-changing and God-timed teachings.  We also minister through letters, calls, prayer, and sending materials.

We do this on a budget that ranges year-to-year of approximately $130,000 - $150,000 a year.  How do we accomplish this?  Jeanne is paid $14,400* per year with no benefits and I work as a volunteer.  What I am saying is your investment into this ministry is yielding amazing results in a large number of people’s lives.  Think of the difference you are making or can make.  We can only expand as additional supported is added!  We have expansion opportunities right now!  

If you invest in financial opportunities, you want the highest return for your money.  The same is true in investing in His work.  You want a high-yield return of changed lives—physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relationship healings.  This is one of those ministries that dollar-for-dollar is a heavy weight fighter on the front lines.  Thank you for your incredible support.  We ask God to multiply your giving, pressed down, shaken together, and running over in Jesus’ Name.  (Luke 6:38)

                                                                        John Alcott

* Jeanne's current salary is now $16,000 per year and this is completely covered by our personal donations into the ministry.  No Partner donations go toward her salary.





Fulfillment of Your Vision!
five-part message
Jeanne Alcott
Nov 28-Dec 2
      You have visions deep inside you and now is the time for fulfillment.  Those visions are God inspired.  He puts a picture inside you of what can be.  That’s why His Spirit will show you in this message how to see the fulfillment of all those good and wonderful things you want to see happen for you and for others.  See how to experience dreams and desires coming to pass.
I.    Keep Faith in the Vision.
II.   Keep Developing the Vision.
III.  Keep the Vision Before You. 
IV.  Keep the Vision Alive. 
V.   Keep the Vision in Focus.    
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                                     Growth Falls Off.
“We received a call that a woman discovered a growth on her forehead.  She was told it might be cancer, so she went to her family doctor.  Then he referred her to a dermatologist, but they couldn’t see her for six months.  She said that our teachings gave her illustrations that helped her visualize what she was to do and that’s what she needed.  So she prayed over the growth and cursed it.  Within six weeks it fell off.”

                                  Son Saved in Prison.

“A Partner asked us to pray with her concerning the salvation of her son who was in prison.  After she went to visit him, she wrote to us.  “Dear Jeanne and John, a praise came to me when I was talking to my son in prison.  He said, ‘Hallelujah.’  It meant a lot to me to hear [that], and also when he said, ‘I believe in God and Jesus Christ.’”

                               Promoted to Supervisor.  

“[My wife] had longed to be a supervisor but no door had opened for her, and she asked God to give her a sign that He was still in control.  At that very moment, she looked up at the sky and saw a ray of sunshine and the peace of God overtook her.  She felt as if God said, ‘Watch and see what I’m about to do for you.’  That same day her supervisor called and told her that a new supervisor position was open if she was interested.  She applied and…received the promotion and we were in awe on how God moved on her behalf because the pay increase was over 20 percent.  We’re very grateful for you and John and we want to continue sowing into your ministry.  We are increasing our pledge amount.  May God continue to bless you and John.”


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