Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Ministry Vision of John and Jeanne Alcott is to bring God's power into people's lives to help empower them to live in His ways and experience all the blessings, help, and growth God has for them.



Dear Wonderful Coworker in God,

          We have now begun our twenty-second year of ministry at Alcott Ministries!  God is so very faithful.  He has been here during the difficult times when we could have actually closed the ministry doors.  But with God behind His ministry, He makes a way where there seems to be no way.

        One of those difficult times was when we experienced a major flood in which our offices suffered major damage!  After evacuating in a boat, we
miraculously found a place where we stayed for over three weeks until we were able to find temporary offices.  What the enemy has meant for harm we believe has been turned into a major recovery and has prepared us for an expansion that we believe God has spoken to us is happening soon.  Only the Lord can sustain and rebuild in spite of circumstances that would normally destroy.  The devil seeks whom he may devour—to steal, kill, and destroy, however, it is God who gives life and life abundantly (John 10:10).  We believe that for your life also!

        We have seen such tremendous and beautiful events happen in the lives of so many people.  Because of you, God can continue to do great things through the radio broadcast, the personal letters we write, newsletters, prayer calls, the Internet Ministry, and the many prayers for those who contact us.  The total income received by Alcott Ministries to do all this was $152,731 for the reported financial period. 

       We give God the praise for what He has done, and we thank Him for YOU!  You’re the greatest Partner!  We believe you will continue to see the hand of Heaven move in your behalf as you enter into the joys of what is happening in the lives of people across this nation, and we have also heard from people in India, England, Nigeria, Australia, China, Zambia, Ghana, and Africa.

       Now receive God’s blessings on your life in the name of Jesus!

                                               John Alcott







Cooperate With Change! 
five-part message
Jeanne Alcott
Sept 21-25
      You know that change has to happen at different times in your life.  It’s necessary so you can get into the position that God has for you and so you can see something better form in your life.  Without change, conditions or circumstances cannot become better.  So if you’ve been crying out for God to do something different for you, now is the time to see it happen.  As He introduces change to you, cooperate with it.  Then see what it produces.
I.      To See Your Desire Done.
II.     To See Your Deliverance.
III.    To See Greater Results.
IV.    To See a Difference Made.
V.     To See Your Goal Met.
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                     Property Sells Quickly and Gets New Home!
“[When] my husband passed away, I had asked you for agreement that all business property, tools, and vehicles would sell.  They sure did!  God brought the right people at the right time to help me with the sale.  Not just that, but I was able to sell my home quickly and move into a beautiful condo.  God is good!  Thank you for your prayers.  Enclosed is a thank you offering.  I am grateful for you!”

                         Peace in the Midst of Crazy Times!

“I want you to know that I have been reading your book ‘100 Days to Your Breakthrough’ and it has been such a blessing.  During this crazy time it has kept me focused on the Lord and his goodness.  Thank you so much for writing it!  Love you!”

                            Learns How To Love Herself!

“I am declaring freedom over torment over my body!  As a young girl, words were spoken to me by my mother that have played in my head like a broken tape recorder.  I will only be loved if I lose weight.  I am declaring I am FREE from torment over my physical body and body weight.  I am loved!  I am chosen!  I am accepted in the Beloved and because of that I can love me!”


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