Monday, April 19, 2021

The Ministry Vision of John and Jeanne Alcott is to bring God's power into people's lives to help empower them to live in His ways and experience all the blessings, help, and growth God has for them.


To Our Partner,

      Jeanne and I have completed over twenty years of radio ministry.  What a privilege to be able to share God’s wonderful good news with you and provide teaching and the powerful miracle-working anointing to deliver miracles into your lives.  This past year we have added YouTube to the media outreach as well as radio.

     This is both a teaching and healing ministry.  We bring the power of God to heal and deliver from sickness, disease, and infirmity those who listen and request prayer.  We stand in faith for those who need healing in relationships, finances, emotions and brokenness.  Whatever type of need you have, we are ready to stand in faith with you for it to be met.  We also provide support and wisdom for leaders and families.

      We stand alongside you in spiritual battle.  Because you are a Christian, you are in a spiritual battle.  We know that Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy—to kill the body, to steal the spirit, to destory the soul, but Jesus came to give life and give it abundantly (John 10:10).  Jeanne is chosen and set apart with an anointing to bring forth both healing and teaching so that you can live in God’s Power for a Better Life. 

      She has always interceded for others as she hears God’s heart and communes with Him with incisive, insightful, Holy Spirit inspired words in prayer.  She knows the heart of God and operates in the gifts of the Spirit.   Many who have requested prayer have seen amazing turnarounds. 

      When Jeanne was a Vice President at Oral Roberts Ministries, she left to answer a continuing call of God on her life. She is doing what she had been doing in many respects at Oral Roberts Ministries and Oral Roberts University.  Oral and Jeanne would often pray for hours over those who had written in or called in their needs.  So she brings an amazing level of gifts and anointing to minister to you.  What is it that you need victory over?  You can trust for us to be there for your needs.

     This ministry is good ground that produces large amounts of fruit for really an amazing small budget.  The contributions received for the reported year are $144,298.  The broadcasts cover millions of people that include ministry to Christians, pastors, people who can’t get out of their homes, men and women in prison, business men and women, trades people and the list goes on and on.  It is also changing lives and Christian leadership that influence their congregations!  We get requests from pastors for teachings. 

      So consider expanding God’s reach through Alcott Ministries.  We need to expand to more people to fulfill God’s desire to reach them.  Continue to be a part of the vision this year and believe for God’s blessings to be multiplied to you!


                                                                        John Alcott






God's Hand Is on You!
five-part message
Jeanne Alcott
Apr 19-23
      How is providence guiding your life?  How can divine intervention and destiny shape what happens to you?  It can happen because God's hand is on you.  He can determine the outcome and blessings and progress that come into your life.  See what happens when you allow the providence of God to intervene in your life.
I.    He Handpicks You.
II.   He Makes the
         Rough Spots Smooth.
III.  He Guides You.
IV.  He Tucks You Under
         His Wing.
V.   He Makes You Top-Notch.
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“Here is my praise [report]. The sale of my home and my engagement and marriage to a good Christian man.  God has certainly heard my heart's cry.”

                   Delivered From Marijuana and Accepted Christ!

“We received a request to pray for this woman's daughter who was not serving the Lord and smoking marijuana.  We sent her a prayer handkerchief.  Now she writes, "I recently wrote in to ask for prayer for the salvation of my daughter.  Tonight in my living room, she prayed the sinner's prayer.  God is a miracle working God, and I praise Him and thank Alcott Ministries for praying for her!”

                    Vision Healed and Recovered from COVID-19!

“Praise God, I've been healed of double vision and my 90-year-old aunt has recovered from COVID-19 and is now out of the hospital.  Thank you.”

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