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Book by Jeanne Alcott


Reflections 2022 Calendar


This beautiful calendar has inspirational photos on each month and each day has a Bible verse on it.  You can express a scripture over your life that day and feel yourself gaining more power and freedom in your life.  It’s great for praying protection and blessing over yourself and others.  At the bottom of it is the message for you to see all year long: Be still, know that I am God!  Full size is 11 x 18 for the wall in your office, kitchen, garage, or wherever it fits for you!

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You'll Make It!
five-part message
Jeanne Alcott Airing
Jan 17-21

  Whatever is in your past that is a challenge, or if you face a due date, a disease, debt, crazy circumstances or hard conditions, God is saying to you that you’ll make it.  You’ll come out with accomplishment, deliverance, salvation and healing, provision, a resolution.  Even though the obstacles are stacked up so high you can’t even see over them, don’t believe that you can’t come out of it.  God knows just what you’re facing, and He's still telling you that you’ll make it.
I.    Come Back Up.
II.   Get There Day by Day.
III.  Stick Around. 
IV.  Reach Out for Joy. 
V.   Watch for the Turning Point.
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                                     You Can See It in Her Face!
“Dear Jeanne and John, you have been praying for my daughter for some time.  I want to give you a praise report.  She has totally given her life to Jesus.  You can see it in her face.  She can’t even listen to the music she has listened to for years, only praise music.  Thank you.”

                           Company Is Successful Even in Pandemic!

“I have been praying for the small company I work for.  [It] has really struggled during this pandemic, and it was uncertain that they could survive the downturn in the oil industry.  But, here I am still working and drawing a paycheck, and enough work comes to keep the company going.  Somehow I feel that something big is going to come to this company; I don’t know what, but I know it!” Lord.

                          Baby With Fluid on Lungs Now a Big Boy!  

“I thank the Lord for your Ministry and the prayers that you offered for our son Jeremiah seven years ago.  Jeremiah was born with fluid in his lungs and as a result was in NICU for seven days due to difficulty breathing.  Now seven years later he is a big boy in first grade and very cheerful.  For some reason this year I didn't have a calendar so the Lord led me to your site and I was very encouraged with the teachings and glad to find that you have calendars.  Today I received the beautiful calendar, bag, and book.  See attached in picture with Jeremiah.  Thank you very much.  I look forward to supporting your Ministry and we prepare ourselves for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Be blessed.  Yours in Christ.”


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