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 Book by Jeanne Alcott


Dominate or Be Dominated
Book by Jeanne Alcott


Writing this book has been an amazing journey!  It's as if God had His hand on my shoulder urging me each step of the way.  He said to my spirit, "I want you to finish that book.  My people have got to get aggressive now."  It's time for us to have aggressive faith and spiritually dominate in a greater way over what the enemy is trying to do.  We must do it for your lives and our families and this nation and the world.  As the photo on the front cover of the book suggests:  You can be a lion cub all your life...or you can be king of the forest. ©.   So I urge you to get your copy right away.
                                 Jeanne Alcott

The righteous are bold as a lion.  Proverbs 28:1  Click here now.

Paperback $15

Hardback   $18 with dust jacket

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You'll Do Well!
five-part message
Jeanne Alcott Airing
July 22-26

  Have you ever been apprehensive or just a bit uneasy about something you must do?  You just weren’t sure how you would do it, or if you could do it.  Because of that, you may have decided not to move ahead or gave up an opportunity.  But God speaks to your heart words to counteract those thoughts.  "You'll do well!"  See how He makes this possible in your life!
I.    Believe You’ve Got This.
II.   Go All Out.
III.  Stay on Task. 
IV.  Don’t Be Stumped
         and Stay There. 
V.   Don’t Let the Grass Grow.
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                                     Stomach Issues Gone.
“Thank you for all of your prayers.  My health is much improved.  My stomach issues have resolved!  Praise be to God!


                               Two Raises and a Gift Card.

"Praise be to God for His goodness.  So much has been happening.  Since the last time I wrote to you, God has blessed me to get two raises on my job.  [Also] on my job they pulled names for gifts at our workers appreciation day, and I won a VISA gift card which I had never won before.  I truly thank God for winning that.  I do appreciate you all being there for me, standing in agreement with me and in prayer for my family and me.  Here's my offering.  I name this seed God's provision and financial breakthrough."

                                Son in Prison Accepts Christ.  

“Dear Jeanne and John, a praise came to me when I was talking to my son in prison.  He said, ‘I believe in God and Jesus Christ.'”

                                   Gum Infection Healed.  

“My gum infection is healed.  Thank you so much for your prayers!”

                                      Marriage Helped.  

“I have seven people that I gave your book to.  One of them said, ‘Enjoying reading the book.  There are some days the book just talks to me.’  [Another friend] was ready to run away before she started the book.  Now she is staying [with her husband].”

                           Off Drugs and Going on Missions.  

“I was on drugs for years and have been sober six years.  I am living a wonderful life now in Jesus.  I asked you to pray for me about being a missionary.  Well [this summer] I am going to Guatemala with my church for a week!  Thank you so much.”


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