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DEEPER IN THE WORD                          

DEEPER IN THE WORD              




The Force of Love!

by Jeanne Alcott


       You may have been hearing a lot about love recently, but one of the most important things you can realize about love is that it is a powerful force in our lives.  That's because everything good comes from it.  It's the foundation from which the good things of life come.

       Out of love, comes healing.  Helping others begins with love.  Accomplishment and being successful is nothing without love.  There is no true fulfillment except through love.

       It's the force that compelled God to save people from eternal separation from Him through Jesus Christ.  It provoked the Father to send healing, deliverance, blessing, strength, provision—all that His people need.

       To the world, love may be something that is frivolous, and to a 5-year-old boy, love is mushy.  But it's much more than romantic mush or something to be tossed around.  It's a power that we can do something with.  We can get so much done.

       That’s because love produces force.  Love is a force for faith!  You know, we talk so much about how powerful faith is.  It can produce results in our lives and in our friends and loved ones.  We can see mighty things happen because we have faith.

       But of what did the Apostle Paul remind us?  In I Corinthians 13 he wrote, If I have [sufficient] faith so that I can remove mountains, but have not love (God's love in me) I am nothing (a useless nobody).  Here he is describing having the might to move mountains with faith.  Oh what a tremendous picture of force that is.  Yet, he proclaims that if he doesn't have love, all of that is useless.  He has no strength in life.


Love Gives Faith Its Power.

       You see, love gives faith it's power.  So without love, your faith has no power.  That is amazing!  I mean we can't even put into words how powerful our faith is, yet it's useless if it doesn't come from love.

       I was praying with a mother who was so concerned about her two adult children.  They were facing hard difficulties and disappointments.  As a result, they weren't living like they had been raised to live in the Lord.  I thought about how there are so many people today who, although they don't turn their backs on God, they've just stepped away a little.

       They still acknowledge Him and believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and they're trying to live a "good" life.  But too much has come against them.  Life isn't turning out like they had hoped.  They have been drained and so they feel it just takes too much to walk in God's ways.  So they think they can lessen the stress in their life by not working so hard to serve God.

       So this mother was calling me to do battle for her children.  Now, she has strong faith to see their lives be better and closer to God.  And she uses that faith to do spiritual battle day in and day out.  But it's her love for those children that is putting force to her faith.  Just as God's love caused Him to reach out to us when we weren’t doing so well.  And it's love that will keep that mother praying until she sees the turnaround.  That’s because it makes us tenacious in our faith.

       When you have circumstances facing you or someone you love, and you feel as if your faith is beginning to wane because you haven't seen progress, let your love make you tenacious in your faith.


Love Changes Lives.

      I have prayed with other parents and seen what it can do to influence children.  It helps put them in the right position to hear the truth of God for their life.  They can feel His love because prayer has surrounded them to enable them to feel it.  Listen, FAITH MAY MOVE A MOUNTAIN, BUT IT'S THE LOVE THAT WILL TOUCH A PERSON.  Galatians 5:6 tells us that faith is activated, energized, expressed, and works through love.  That's the kind of power it has.  It activates and energizes your faith.  It allows your faith to be expressed and causes it to work.

      There was a famous writer who told about his conversion to Christianity, and he said it wasn't the arguments that people gave him, because he could find a counterpoint for every argument they could present.  "But," he said, "They demonstrated something I didn't have.  The thing that converted me to Christianity was the way they loved each other."  Love was the force that brought him to Christ.  Yes, he had to have faith that Jesus was the Son of God and that he needed forgiveness for his sin, but you see, faith can be created in people when they see it's founded on love.  It can produce change in the hearts of your coworkers, bring your children back, or grow your relationship to something better.  It's the powerful force of love!  And God can show us how to live in that love in a practical way.  Live-in-your-love in a way that will help you grow and produce in your life.

       You can be effective.  You don't have faith without love and therefore are a useless nobody.  You're somebody!  You have the force of faith within you because that's founded on the love the Lord has put in your heart.


Faith Must Be Founded in Love.

       Ephesians chapter 3 describes how once we are rooted in love, then faith dwells in us.  We have mighty power through the Holy Spirit indwelling our innermost being.  Verse 19 talks about how we can come to experience love in a practical sense.  Not just knowledge, but we’re given the power to experience it in a daily lifestyle.  We can work through rough difficulties.

       That’s why Paul prayed for us that Christ through your faith [would] actually dwell in your hearts!  May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love.  Notice where the root has to go.  Where do we get a secure foundation?  That scripture said we are rooted deep in love and founded securely on it.  Paul prayed that because he knew it would be love that turned us toward God.

       Think about the times that you have felt moved to surrender something about your life to the Lord?  It's when you feel His love.  It picks us up during the times when we feel as though perhaps we are useless.  Not only can we not move the mountain, but an anthill is stopping us.  That's when we need to know that the Lord believes in us and has designed loving things for us.  He can speak to our hearts of His love and acceptance so that we can see better circumstances.


Two Dimes.

       I think about the story of the famous football player, Bart Starr.  He led the Green Bay Packers to multiple NFL championships.  He was actually named MVP of the very first two Super Bowls.  And during the season when the first Super Bowl was going to take place, he had decided to give some incentive to his oldest son Bart Jr. to do well in school.  He told him that for every perfect paper he brought home from school, Starr would give him one dime. 

       A short time later, he had an unusually rough game against St. Louis and felt that he had performed very poorly.  Not a perfect paper for him!  So when he returned home he was weary and felt battered.  It was after a late long plane ride.  But what he saw on his pillow when he went into the bedroom made him feel better.  Attached to it was a note from his son which said, "Dear Dad, I thought you played a great game.  Love, Bart."  Taped to the note were two dimes.  You see, the son not only had faith in his dad, but more importantly he had the love.  And it was his love that gave strength to a weary and worn father.


Wear Your Love.

       There is a saying that "Love is a fabric that never fades, no matter how often it is washed in the waters of adversity and grief."  Love is more than something we feel; it's something that we wear.  We put it on.  Then when the shaking of trials and disappointments come, they're not able to shake our faith.  We believe we will have victory over them, because our faith was founded in love.  We wear it always.  Adversity and grief cannot fade the fabric of the love we are wearing.

       I encourage you each morning when you dress, say to yourself, "I'm putting on love today.  So my faith is strong.  No difficulty or concern can stop my victory."  You see, the fabric of love is made of the strongest kind of cloth.  When we put it on, we’re covering ourselves with a mighty force!  It's the powerful force of love!

       It will cause us to act with trust in God in spite of whatever confronts us that day—those things that disappoint us, the burden that tries to settle on us.  Those are mountains that can be moved by faith.  In the midst of them, we can trust because we have on love.  We are rooted deeply in it.  No wind of adversity can blow us over.

       We have strength to go on and see our faith produce changes in people's lives as well as our own.  Yes, we have faith-force because of our love.


We Want To Believe With You and Pray for You!

      Let’s do as God says in His Word and come into a prayer of agreement for your needs, then believe what the Lord said.  Whatever [anything and everything] they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in heaven (Matt. 18:19).

      There is so much power available to you as we do this.  So let us pray with you by sharing your requests for God.  Click here now and we will receive them as soon as you send them.  After we pray, we’ll send you a letter filled with words from God’s Spirit for your life. 


        When you give into Alcott Ministries through your prayers and finances, you're enabling us to send out Word of Power teachings and see hope come to thousands of people.

        So, we pray that you will consider this ministry good ground in which to plant your seeds.  We see God give tremendous harvests to those who sow their seed here.  We believe the same for you as you obey God and hold the Word of Life out to others.








Molded by God!
Jeanne Alcott
Feb 24-28

If God allowed you to stay the way you were, and did no reshaping and molding, then you would be very unhappy and miserable and not see the beauty and blessing that can come to your life.  So molding is good.  There are rewards to submitting to the process.  When you allow God to shape you into something better, you have a better life.  So see what happens to you in the molding process.
I.   You Are Made Ready!
II.  Your Thinking Changes!
III. You Are Transformed!
IV. Your Power Increases!
V.  You See the True Picture
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