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DEEPER IN THE WORD                          

DEEPER IN THE WORD              




A Bursting Forth of

New Beginnings Coming!


by Jeanne Alcott


       God is giving you a picture that can change your whole perspective about what’s going on with your life.  He’s showing you how once He begins to move in your behalf, nothing can stop Him.  And that’s what’s happening.  He’s moving.

       God is bursting forth with new beginnings for you!  What hasn’t worked will work.  What was going wrong will go right.  Things are going to change.  He has started a movement of force against what the enemy has done.  And now look out!  When God is on the move, He knocks down barriers.  He causes to come to pass what seems impossible.  What’s been dormant in your life will WAKE UP!  And this is going to be a wake-up for the devil!  He’s going to think he’s got control of the way things are, then when the force of God knocks his plans to pieces, he’ll realize that the divine hand is upon you.  And that divine hand is directing you with favor and protection and provision.  It’s God bursting forth with new beginnings, so receive them by faith.

       They are being born.  God says in Isaiah 66, Shall I bring to the [moment of] birth and not cause to bring forth? says the Lord.  Shall I Who causes to bring forth shut the womb? says your God (Isaiah 66:9).  You are coming to the moment of birth for your miracle.  It’s the birthing of a desire you have deep in your heart to be fulfilled.  God is saying that He will not take you to this point and then leave it unborn.  It’s going to come forth.

       No matter what the enemy sends to try to stop what God has for you, it will not be successful.  Remember, when the Lord is on the move, nothing can stop Him.  He has the answers.  The way.  The power is in His hands and the force is in His Spirit, and He’s moving forward with those in your behalf.  Don’t allow the picture of what’s going on to cause you to miss the new beginnings of what God has for you.  When things are bad, and the way is not easy, start looking around.  What are you looking for?  For the movement of God.  You’re waiting to see Him burst forth with the new beginning of all He is doing for you.

The Answer Came From Peanuts.

       Let me show you how some people did this who resided in a county in Alabama.  It’s called Coffee County and this happened back in 1915 when this area grew cotton.  It was the staple of the area. So most of the people made their living growing cotton.  Then one season, a pest called the Boll weevil invaded the crop and almost sixty percent of the cotton production was destroyed.  So you can imagine why the economy of the entire county was about to go under.

       It appeared the farmers would be bankrupt if the Boll weevil continued to take over the crops.  By 1918, after three years had passed, the farmers thought they were going to lose the fight.  Then a businessman named H.M. Sessions believed this was an opportunity to convert the farms to growing peanuts instead of cotton.  So he went to a farmer who was in debt as so many of them were, but this farmer believed Mr. Sessions when he said growing a different crop could save them.  So he helped support this change.

       They planted seeds for peanuts, and with just one crop—just their first crop—they were able to pay off all their debts and sell some of their crop to the other farmers so they could switch from cotton to peanuts.  It was a new beginning!  Eventually, Coffee County was producing and harvesting more peanuts than any other county in the nation!

       Mr. Sessions started a processing business for peanuts and is in business still today.  When it seemed as though their crops would be eaten up and it was the end, God burst forth with a new beginning for these people.  When poverty was threatening, God sent prosperity.

       You may feel as though poverty is threatening the love in your marriage.  God can send forth a prosperity of affection and kindness to overflow in the relationship with your spouse, or in the relationship with your child or friend.  You may feel as if something has been sent to eat up your resources or support.  It’s a spiritual Boll weevil.  But just as that pest could not stop the blessing from coming to those people in Alabama, that spiritual pest, the devil, cannot stop God’s blessing from bursting forth for you.  Expect new beginnings in the provision God has for you.  Expect new beginnings in the work you’ve been called to do, or in the way He wants you to minister to others.  Yes, He is giving you more power in the gifts of the Spirit that you demonstrate.

       I tell you, He is moving, now allow Him to move for you.  He can push out the old problems with first-time answers.  Push aside the stubborn health issues and give you new health.  See how the Lord wants us to feel from His Spirit how He is on the move?  And nothing can stop Him.  But we must believe that He will move in our life—that we will receive the benefit of what God is doing.  His force is going forward.  Now let’s expect it to work for us.  We don’t want to get in the way.  But allow God to have full reign in what He wants to do.  Say to the Lord right now, “I’m ready to receive.”  Then just step aside and allow Him to move as He desires.

       That’s what some people decided they were going to do.  They decided to step aside even though they didn’t understand the move of God at that time.  This happened back in the time when Jesus had just been crucified and resurrected.  Now the apostles had the task of spreading the Gospel.  Just as God is doing today, back then He was confirming His Word with signs and wonders.

       As the apostles gave forth the Word of God, people would be healed and delivered.  They saw wonderful miracles happen in many ways.  More and more people were becoming believers in Jesus Christ.  Because of this, the high priest and the religious party that supported him became jealous and were filled with rage against the apostles.  So they sent out guards to arrest them to put them in jail.

Did the Move of God Stop?

       Now do you think that this injustice of putting them in jail is going to stop the movement of God?  Did God throw up His hands and say in heaven, “Oh no!  The Gospel message is going to die out on earth.  This is the end.  The new beginning of spiritual life for people will never move forward.”  Instead when things such as this happen, it just causes God to move in all of His force.  This act by these religious people could not stop the new beginning He had ordained and destined.  Get the picture here of how this is true for your life.  Whatever is sent that is unjust and meant to stop what God wants to do for you and through you, it cannot stop His forward movement.  In spite of what happens, continue to believe you’ll see the bursting forth.  The new beginnings will come.

       So while the apostles were in jail, during the night, God sent an angel to open the prison doors.  Then he led them out into the streets and told them to go take their stand in the temple courts.  Without reservation they were to tell the people about this new way of life through Christ.  Well, they didn’t waste any time.  When it was daybreak, they were standing in the temple teaching.  At the same time they were doing this, the high priest and his supporters were gathering in their Counsel.  They had a big Senate set up with the plan that they were going to stop these people who were preaching a new way.

       So they sent word to the prison to have the apostles brought before them.  But when the attendants from the prison showed up at the Council, they had to tell them there were no apostles to bring before them.  The prison doors were all shut and secured, but no one was inside.

       The Bible describes how the military head of the temple became perplexed and didn’t know what to do.  He wondered into what this spiritual movement might grow.  He didn’t realize this was mighty move of God.  It was a bursting forth of the new spiritual beginning.  And nothing was going to stop God.  And nothing is going to stop Him from starting new things in your life.  I want you to hear His Spirit saying that to you now.  The devil is going to get the same report that the religious Council received.  They just scratched their heads trying to figure out how this could happen.  How could these men get away with this?

       Then the amusing thing is, when they started trying to find the apostles, they found them all right; they were standing in the temple teaching the people!  It’s so funny to think about the devil feeling as though he’s got you.  He’s put your miracle in jail.  Then when he goes to his jail to pull it out to destroy it and stop it from coming into your life, he finds that it’s gone.

       God took your miracle out of jail and put it right into your life under the devil’s nose.  All he can do is scratch his head and wonder how this happened.

       I’ll tell him how.  It was a movement of God, and nothing could stop Him.  He heard the cry of His child and He went forth with His power and might.  He sent new beginnings, and all the forces which came against them could not stop them.  And if the devil is smart, he will figure that out and not waste his time trying to steal from you and defeat you and stop the new and wonderful things God is doing.

       There was one of those religious Council members who figured this out.  They had better not try to stop this.  This member was a teacher of the law and was honored by all the people.  So when he stood to speak in the Council, they stopped to hear him.  His advice to them that day was that if this movement is not of God, it will die out.  It will go no further.  These apostles will give up and scatter after a while.

       But, he said, if it is of God, you will not be able to stop or overthrow or destroy them; you might even be found fighting against God (Acts 5:39)!  So, the apostles went on unhindered by them as they continued to teach the good news of Jesus Christ the Messiah.

       Did the movement die out?  Have you heard the Gospel message and received Jesus Christ as Savior?  Then the movement didn’t die.  We are believers because God could not be stopped.  That Council member was smart enough to recognize they would not be able to destroy or overthrow what was happening.  God was bursting forth with a new beginning and there was nothing they could do.

       There is nothing the enemy or other people can do to overthrow or destroy how God is moving in your life.  So continue to believe for the new beginnings for you personally.  They are coming.  Nothing can stop them as you have faith.

We Want To Believe With You and Pray for You!

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