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DEEPER IN THE WORD for January 2023                         

DEEPER IN THE WORD for January 2023             


         Enjoy a

    Balanced Life!

    Jeanne Alcott


     Does your life sometimes seem as if it’s out of control?  I mean, you’re to the point that it would be nice if you could just hand over everything to someone to manage it for you.  There’s so much to deal with.  To handle.

     Then beyond the difficulties, there are the new accomplishments that you want to do and the new ground you want to take for this new year.  But how do you manage all of it?  Some days it may seem impossible.

     There’s a cartoon that says it all.  It shows a picture of a frustrated person and below the picture the caption reads: “God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things.  Right now I’m so far behind I will never die.”  That’s where you may be.  All the things that you need to accomplish are going to take so much time that if God wants them done before you die, you never will die.

     But we know our Father doesn’t do that.  When He assigns to our lives responsibilities and places and certain people, He also gives us what we need to manage those in a successful way.  The ability and time and resources.  He realizes that along the way we have to manage issues and obstacles and problems.  And somewhere in all of that we’re supposed to have some fun, right?  So how do you manage life?

     God’s Spirit wants to remind us of some fundamental principles of how we don’t have to just deal with life, but we can manage it so we get the most out of it.  We see God’s will done and we don’t kill ourselves trying to do that.

Be careful what you take on because it can take over.

     One of the most important spiritual principles for our life is to be well-balanced!  It’s when we get out of balance with what we try to take on that it takes over.  Takes over our life.  Our time and thoughts and emotions.  Then that creates stress and pressure which makes it harder to manage what’s going on.

     Of course, there’s no doubt some of the things we handle are forced on us because events happen.  But even those can be managed because God can show us the way and give us the resources we need.  So when things are out of balance, that’s when we have to go to Him and ask Him to reveal to us how to become well-balanced in what we’re facing and trying to accomplish.

     A speaker once gave a demonstration to his audience to show how this works.  He had a container of water and as he raised it up, he asked the people, “How heavy do you think this is?”  Different people gave some answers of how much the water weighed in that container.

     But then the speaker explained that it didn’t matter about how much it weighed but how long he held it.  If he held it for a minute, no problem.  For an hour, his arm would start to ache.  Then if he held the same container for a day he would have to go to the emergency room.  Now it’s the exact same weight, but the longer it was held, the heavier it became.

     That’s how it is with the burdens we have.  There is a time to lay them aside.  Don’t keep trying to hold the container of burdens because you’re going to end up in ER.  It will break you down.  You will get out of balance in your thoughts and emotions and energy.  You will feel you don’t have anything else to give.

Offload that burden.

     So when you feel yourself getting out of balance, offload that burden.  That doesn’t mean you dump responsibilities or run away from home.  I’m sure there are times you feel like doing that.  But this means that you allow God to work on the conditions and events around you.  By that I mean that instead of forcing yourself to carry everything, you step back and watch as God works.  He will start to maneuver the conditions and events in your favor.  He will make them go the direction that can allow you to manage everything.

     Sometimes He will offload them to someone else.  Or He may show you an easier way to accomplish your desire.  Or give you extra resources or time or energy.  There are so many different ways God can help you manage your life.  So if you feel that your arm is getting heavy from holding that container of water, set it down.  Allow God to show you that He does have an answer.

     You’re not the only one who can come up with the answer of how to balance what’s happening to you.  God is the One who has the resources that are not limited.  So allow Him to come in and help you get to the place where you can see His power move in your behalf.  Because the only way you can manage life is to have God’s power move for you.  Sometimes it may mean that you have to change a behavior or the way you’re doing something.

The devil is waiting for your life to get out of balance.

     First Peter chapter 5 tells us that we are to be well-balanced.  And the way we do that?  We cast our care—anxieties and worries and concerns—on God.  We can do that because He cares for us affectionately and watches over us.

     Then it goes on to explain why it’s so important to do that.  Because the enemy of ours, the devil, is roaming around and is hungry to seize upon us and devour our life.

     So picture this.  The devil is waiting for your life to get out of balance.  That’s when he can see that you’re weak in some area.  Either tired in your body or mind or emotions.  Maybe you’re frustrated or anxious or short in your finances or on patience.  He’s just waiting for you to get down.  Once you do, that’s when he takes a leap and tries to seize upon your well-being.  He wants to destroy your efforts and your abilities and your happiness and your peace.

     The only way to stop him from doing that is to keep yourself well-balanced.  You take care of and nurture yourself so you can accomplish what you need to do.  Your priorities are straight.  You keep your mind focused on God so you’re not focused on the problem or the unexpected challenge.  Instead of being stressed, you’re offloading.  You’re not trying to hold something that’s heavy for too much time.

     That keeps the enemy at bay.  He can’t seize upon you and devour your health or peace of mind or your resources.  Listen, the devil can never defeat someone who is managing their life.  The times that he’s successful in causing problems are when something is out of balance.

     It may be our time commitment is out of balance, or our diet or maybe some negative thinking.  It could be we’ve allowed a wrong relationship into our life or we are taking on too much responsibility or having too much activity.  You know we are an active society.  We want to be going and doing things.  But sometimes we “go” too much.  Everything has to be managed so we can remain well-balanced and therefore withstand the efforts the enemy sends against us.

     We also need to make sure that we’re not causing our own stress and setting ourselves up.  Are we well-balanced in our diet and exercise?  Balanced in the people we allow to influence us and speak into our lives?  Are we balanced in our spiritual meditation and worship?  Every area has to be viewed and it must be done on a continual basis.  We know how quickly things can start to get out of balance.

Sometimes we have to purge some things out of our life.

     Every once in a while we have to do some purging.  Remove a stress point or move away from something or someone or eliminate something.

     For example, sometimes John and I will get into our fridge and food cabinets and purge out anything that has started to creep back into our diet that shouldn’t.  Too much chocolate or processed foods.  Anything we know that should not be a mainstay in our diet has to go.

     This is also true for how you keep your mind balanced.  Check and see if too much entertainment has crept in.  Are you spending too much time on those games or movies or on social media?  There’s a time and place for the good things God has given us but they cannot get out of balance or WE get out of balance.

     Some people do that with their work.  They get out of balance because they enjoy their work so much or they want to make more money, so they come to the place where life becomes hard to manage.

Even Moses had to learn how to balance.

     This is what the man, Moses, did.  It took his father-in-law to bring him back to a balanced place  (Ref. Exodus 18.)  Jethro, had come to visit Moses and see the great miracles God had done for the people of Israel.  One day when he was there, he noticed how Moses took his seat to judge the people.  But this didn’t go on for just a few hours, the people stood around Moses from morning till evening.

     At the end of the day when Jethro asked why this was happening, Moses said that the people must come to him to inquire of God when they had a dispute or there needed to be a judgment pass between the person and their neighbor.  Moses would then give them the statutes of God to know what to do.

     Right away, Jethro saw this was not balanced.  It was not a good way to manage things.  So he was real blunt with Moses.  He said, The thing that you are doing is not good.  (Ref. Exodus 18:17.)  Then he went on to describe how Moses was going to get worn out.  He was trying to hold that container of water in his hand for too much time.  It was going to get too heavy.  Then what would happen?

     Because he wasn’t balanced in his work-time and responsibilities, he would come to the place he couldn’t perform his duties at all.  Then no one wins.  Except maybe the devil.  He’s happy that he’s got you to the place you are weakened so he can pounce on you and cause you all kinds of problems.

     So Jethro gave Moses the counsel that he should teach the people the ways of God so they could know what to do at times without coming to Moses.  In addition to that, he should choose qualified people to administrate the judgments over the congregation of Israel.  They would handle the smaller issues.  Then Jethro ended his counsel with this, If you will do this, and God so commands you, you will be able to endure [the strain], and all these people also will go to their [tents] in peace.  (Ref. Exodus 18:23.)

     Bottom line of what he was saying was, “Be well-balanced.”  So Moses took those steps, and because he did, conditions improved and he didn’t die at an early age.  He managed life the way God intended.

     That’s what the Spirit is saying to you now.  Manage your life the way He intends.  Be well-balanced.  And He will help you do it.  You don’t have to figure it out on your own.  He will send the answers and the resources.

     Just be willing to decide you’re going to have better management of your life.  That’s so you can accomplish everything He is putting in your heart and at the same time deal with unexpected issues and events.  And remember, He wants you to have some fun along the way.  You CAN manage your life!

We want to help you get better balanced in your life so you can enjoy it more!

     When you get better balanced, you can feel better and actually end up accomplishing more this way.  You also can experience greater happiness.

     So, here’s what we’re going to do in order to help you get better balanced in some area of your life.  Be sure to get in touch with us and tell us what’s piling up on you.  Or what is going wrong.  God has called us to come into a faith agreement with you so you can see things managed in a greater way.  You can see your needs met.  That’s what God desires for you.

     So be sure to share with us.  Then we want to send you some words that are written under the anointing of God’s Spirit to minister to you.  So contact us soon by clicking here.


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