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DEEPER IN THE WORD                          

DEEPER IN THE WORD              




What Happens at

Your Point of Faith!


by Jeanne Alcott


       Take a good view of what is trying to frustrate you today—what seems as though it’s almost driving you crazy because you can’t see progress and movement.  Then believe that as you go to God in prayer, things are going to break.  You’ll begin to see an opening, a change.  The tide will turn and your answer will come!

       This is what the man Elijah believed, and he was rewarded with the answer he had to have—because he did believe.  Let’s look at I Kings 18:41-45 and see how God did this for him and how He can do the same for you

       This happened during a time when there was a drought in the region where Elijah was.  But God had spoken to his heart and told him that it was going to rain, and not just a sprinkle.  God told Elijah there was going to be a big breakthrough with a gusher of rain!

        So Elijah has this promise in his heart, and he believes it.  But there’s still no action.  He has even told the king of Israel that he can hear the sound of the abundance of rain “so get ready” (Ref. I Kings 18:41.)  But there’s not even a drop of rain yet.

       Elijah needed a breakthrough!  So he went up to the top of Mount Carmel.  The reason he went there was that it was his point of faith.  And that’s to where we all have to come in order to receive our breakthrough—to our point of faith. 

       Elijah’s point of faith was that place inside him where he pulled out of his spirit a determination to keep believing until he saw the answer.  So he went to Mount Carmel in order to pray and also so he and his servant could have a view over the sea.  Elijah knew that when the rain started to form, it would be coming from the sea.  Then Elijah bowed his head and began to pray.  After a while, he sent his servant to go see if the rain was coming, but the servant came back and reported that there was nothing.

       This continued to happen over and over.  Still nothing.  So Elijah was in limbo.  He needed some action.  But he didn’t stop praying and get frustrated and walk away from what he believed.  And that’s the key to getting out of limbo and seeing things turn in your favor.  You don’t stop praying.  You don’t get frustrated and walk away from what you believe.

      What Elijah did next is what we have to do when we don’t see action.   There’s something very important here that we need to understand.  Even though we may feel that we’re in limbo, we’re actually in a very important time:  We’re at the point of faith just as Elijah was.  It’s the point when our faith in God will cause Him to turn the tide in our favor.  We are to hang on to the promise He has given us just as this prophet did.

       Because Elijah continued to pray, and he stayed in faith, after the seventh time he sent his servant to check for rain, the servant saw the rain starting to form way out in the sea!  Elijah recognized it as his breakthrough.  It was small—just one cloud.  But it was a rain cloud!  And that cloud was going to cause the tide to turn and send the rain to end the drought.

       Your own beginning may seem small, but it can end the drought in your life—that drought in which everything has seemed to dry up on you.  From that small beginning, the tide can turn.

       You see, right after Elijah saw the cloud, in a short time, the heavens were black because of so much rain.  The Bible says it was a GREAT rain (I Kings 18:45). 

       Wow!  When God turns the tide, He really does it!  When He sends a breakthrough, it breaks things apart that have been stubborn or resistant.  So when you see that small beginning, when the situation is turning just a wee bit, you can get excited because that’s God giving you a preview of what is to come!  And it won’t be much longer when you can expect to see a great rain, a tremendous breakthrough.

       Yes, you’ll see some action.  So stay in faith as Elijah did.  Get to your point of faith—to that state where you’re not going to move from your faith until you see action.

      That’s what Elijah did.  He was determined to stay praying in that place until he saw the rain.  So be determined in your faith that you won’t move until you see your rain come—until the answer starts to make its way to you.

       I want to encourage you that there is nothing coming against you that cannot be turned in your favor.  If you feel you’re in limbo today, you’re not seeing any progress and you need some action, get to your point of faith and stay there until you see God begin to turn the tide in your favor.  He will reward your faith as He promises in His Word.  He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

       As you stay at your point of faith, I believe you will see breakthrough.  So share with us what kind of action you need to see.  We're going to pray a prayer of agreement with you for things to get “out of limbo” in your life.  We will add our faith to yours and, together, we can produce results.  So make sure you share with us right away because after we pray, I’m going to send you some important words for your life from God’s Word.

                                                     Jeanne and John Alcott


It’s Time for a Prayer of Agreement To See Your Needs Met!

      God wants to show you His love and what He wants to do in your life.  So let’s do as He says in His Word and come into a prayer of agreement for your needs, then believe what the Lord said.  Whatever [anything and everything] they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in heaven (Matt. 18:19).

      John and I love praying for you, and you are in our hearts.  So let us pray with you by sharing your requests for God.  Click here now and we will receive them as soon as you send them.  After we pray, we’ll send you some good words from God’s Lord for your life. 
                                                     Jeanne and John Alcott



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Get Your Field Ready!
Jeanne Alcott
Aug 3-7

Proverbs 24 says, "Get your fields ready for next season."  If you want to see what God has prepared for you, you have to prepare your life for it.  So the Spirit of God is exhorting you to get your field ready for what is coming.  The farmer can’t see anything grow if they don’t prepare the field and do everything necessary for those crops to grow.  See how to prepare to receive the blessings of God and see your crops grow.
I.    Put Something in the Ground!
II.   Keep the Weeds Out!
III.  Prepare It With Prayer!
IV.  Break a Sweat!
V.   Wait for the Growing!
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