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Don't you love to get into God's Word and experience the revelation of what He is saying for your life and what He is doing among us in the world today! Through this blog, we will explore the heart of God and the flow of His Spirit. At times we will discuss those spiritual issues that many of us want to know more about. Get ready to go deeper into the Word of God.

DEEPER IN THE WORD                          

DEEPER IN THE WORD              




Don't Believe You're

Beyond Healing!


by Jeanne Alcott

       If you are going through something in your life, God is saying this is your time.  You can be healed.  Let's get the process going.  Don't let it hang on any longer.  You've been going through a time of hurt or pain or disappointment, but now you can go through a time of healing.

       That's just got to excite your spirit, because you have been hanging on for this moment.  I know what that feels like.  And the only reason you're still hanging on concerning that issue is because you knew a time of healing would come to you.  Well, this is it.  Receive that.  Let God minister to your heart what He's about to do.

       When you wonder about the money that isn't there or the money you have that isn't being managed, believe it's going to be made good and more than enough.  When you wonder if that blended family will ever blend, determine this is your moment to see a turnaround started.  As your heart hurts and you're so tired of it, you can receive total restoration of your heart.

       It's possible to rebuild what's been devastated.  God is with you.  You can be delivered from that habit that has dogged you and tried to make you less of a person than God intended.  The strife in that relationship can be gone and mended.  The feeling of rejection or I'm not good enough will no longer be a part of your life.  It's your time for healing.

       That depression is going to flee.  It's not just going to walk slowly away from your life but it's going to flee.  That's what God wants you to determine inside you at the very beginning of our time together.  Determine you’re going to be healed from the terrible scene of when your spouse walked out as the kids were clutching at them begging them not to leave.  Believe you’re going to be delivered from the physical sickness and pain that has been trying to rule your body.  Hey, it's time for that loneliness to be gone.  For a change in that work environment or living environment that you're not happy with.

       Say at this moment, "It's my time for healing.”  This is what God wants you to believe, right now, this very moment.  It's time for you to begin seeing what He can do about what you're facing.  I want that to create so much faith and inspiration in your spirit that you'll get happy.  What has tried to steal your happiness will no longer have the ability to do that.  You're going to be inspired in your spirit to go on from here and walk into your healing.

       Now to get you to that point, there are some words God wants to speak to your heart.  He wants you to realize is that you are not beyond being able to be healed.  BELIEVE YOU ARE NOT BEYOND HEALING!  You know, we go through so much that we can subconsciously start thinking, My time of healing has passed.  We have experienced so much.  There's been disappointment after disappointment.

       I Won’t Give Up But I Feel Like It.

       It's like one woman wrote to me and said, "I have had anxiety and panic attacks for many years.  I read the Bible, pray, and daily quote scriptures.  I have asked to be healed.  Been anointed.  Rebuked [the devil].  Done everything I know how to do and still it’s a battle.  It's hard to keep on believing God's promises.  I won't give up but I feel like it."

       How many people are at that point?  We know the routine, right?  Read your Bible.  Pray.  Quote scriptures.  Rebuke the devil.  Be anointed.  And after we've done all that for a while, and we don't see a turnaround, it seems we're beyond being healed at this point.  Something is wrong with me or my faith, or God doesn't desire to do this for my life.  You see, I’m not afraid to say what so many of us have thought and done.  God wants us to get it all out there.  He knows what's in our heart and what we’re experiencing anyway.

       But the key is what that woman said at the end of her letter.  Even though she feels like giving up, she said, "I won't."  Those are two words that are extremely important for us as believers to know how to say.  "I won't."  "I will not give up on my healing.  Even though I've done everything I'm supposed to do and haven't seen the results, I know this, I am not beyond healing.  It is still mine."  That's a message we need to get through our head and into our heart.  Nothing is so shattered that it cannot be fixed if we simply say, "I won't."  We refuse to let go of our time of healing.  God will show us the way to it.  There is a way!

       Can It Be Salvaged?

       I think of the story of what happened to a great master painting.  This painting was of Jesus as a child and was done by a famous Italian artist in 1505.  For years it hung in the home of a friend of his for whom he had painted it.  It had been given to him as a present for his wedding.  But then something terrible happened.  There was an earthquake in the area and it shattered the painting into so many pieces it didn't seem it could ever be salvaged.

       That's how we can feel sometimes.  This problem, this family, this body, or these finances are in so many different pieces, "…don't think it can be salvaged!"  So we start doing what a person did with this painting that was shattered.  He took long iron nails and tried to patch the pieces together.  Then he painted over it to conceal the breaks.

       Over the years, different artists would add layers of paint to try to make it look better.  And on top of that there was dust and grime.  You couldn't even tell how the original art looked.  Sometimes we've tried everything we can to get back to the original.  We may have gone through all kinds of things to hold our body together.  We want the health we once had.  We want the beauty we had when we were younger, and oh what we will do to preserve ourselves!  We've done so much it's just sort of holding us together.

       We can do that same thing with a relationship or with our finances or work responsibilities or family.  Just as that artist, we try to take nails and patch the pieces back together.  Then we throw some coats of paint on.  And the dust and grime get on top of that.  When things don't become better, that's when we feel that we’re beyond healing.  There's just too much that's gone on.  What can we do now?

       That's when God comes in and says, "We're staaarting the renovation project on you.  You're going to be restored.  We're getting the beauty back into your life.  The health.  Joy and satisfaction are coming.  I'm sending provision and help.  The earthquake circumstances may have shattered you, but you're not beyond healing."  Oh, sense the Lord speaking that to you today.  Just as that painting, He is beginning the renovation project.

       Years later, that's what some artists believed could be done to this master painting.  They began to work on it and remove layers of paint and dirt to restore the beautiful colors.  They fixed the cracks that had split in so many places.  They stripped away the film and grime.  And now it glows with all of the original color and art.  It’s amazing.

       Listen, by the time God gets through with you, you're going to glow.  You’re going to be amazing.  You will have back what He intended for your life.  You'll be restored.  Fixed.  That earthquake that shattered something will not have the final say.  That tornado cannot determine the future of your life.  Hear that.  No disaster or pain or adversity or disappointment can determine the future of your life.  God is starting the renovating process.

       It's your time of healing from that hurt relationship, from those finances that have bottomed out, or that decision you made that brought disappointment.  You are made for healing.  For I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds, says the Lord, because they have called you an outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no one seeks after and for whom no one cares! (Jeremiah 30:17).

       Whatever kind of wounds you're experiencing, God says He will heal them and restore you.  You're not an outcast to Him.  He loves you and desires to see you walking in health in every area.  Jesus took stripes upon His body so that you could be made whole.  Isaiah 53 says that He bore your grief, sicknesses, weaknesses, and distresses.  He carried your sorrows and pains, and with the stripes that wounded Him you are healed and made whole in every way (verses 4, 5).  The Lord bore everything that has happened to you.  He's already carried the burden that's on you.  Let Him send healing to you.


We Want To Believe With You and Pray for You!

      Let’s do as God says in His Word and come into a prayer of agreement for your needs, then believe what the Lord said.  Whatever [anything and everything] they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in heaven (Matt. 18:19).

      There is so much power available to you as we do this.  So let us pray with you by sharing your requests for God.  Click here now and we will receive them as soon as you send them.  After we pray, we’ll send you a letter filled with words from God’s Spirit for your life. 



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        So, we pray that you will consider this ministry good ground in which to plant your seeds.  We see God give tremendous harvests to those who sow their seed here.  We believe the same for you as you obey God and hold the Word of Life out to others.








Cooperate With Change!
Jeanne Alcott
Sept 21-25

You know that change has to happen at different times in your life.  It’s necessary so you can get into the position that God has for you and so you can see something better form in your life.  Without change, conditions or circumstances cannot become better.  So if you’ve been crying out for God to do something different for you, now is the time to see it happen.  As He introduces change to you, cooperate with it.  Then see what it produces.
I.      To See Your Desire Done.
II.     To See Your Deliverance.
III.    To See Greater Results.
IV.    To See a Difference Made.
V.     To See Your Goal Met.
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