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DEEPER IN THE WORD                          

DEEPER IN THE WORD              


Are You Resting 

the Right Way?


by Jeanne Alcott


       If I were to ask you what is one of the hardest things to learn how to do, I daresay you would never say to me, “It’s to learn how to rest.”  We don’t consider that something that has to be learned.  Yet, many researchers and doctors tell us today that not learning to rest the right way is contributing to causing illnesses mentally, emotionally, and physically.

       So let me give you the definition of rest and you determine if you’re getting enough of the right kind.  It means to be free from anxiety or disturbance; to remain confident; to refrain from labor or exertion; to have peace of mind or spirit.  Now, how often do you have those things going on in your life?  Or is it the opposite?  Pressure, strain, stress, tension, toil.  Those words are good a description of what can dominate the hours of our day if we allow them.

       When we talk about resting, we’re not talking about being lazy, but having a time where we feel quiet and calmness and refreshing.  We are restored in our body, our mind, and our emotions.  For some of us, doing that is hard.  We simply have a hard time getting the correct balance between our work, play, and responsibilities, and our time with the Lord.


       We don’t reset ourselves.  Just as a personal computer has to be reset, so do we.  Have you ever left your personal computer on for an extended period of time?  What happened when you did?  From personal experience I can tell you that weird things start happening.  It starts behaving in odd ways that aren't according to the processes it's supposed to be doing.

       Every time I go to John and mention something is going wrong on my computer, you know one of the first things he asks me?  "When was the last time you shut it down?"  See the computer has to be turned off so it can reset.  Well, you can imagine that if a computer needs to shut down to reset, as intricate as we are as humans, we definitely need to reset.  We need to shut things down for a while.  By shut down, I mean that we need to take the strain off our mind, emotions, and body.  We don't allow ourselves to get too strained because it can bring harm to us.  Strain is bad!


Remember to blink!

       I don't know if you've ever experienced this, but if you're looking at the screen of your computer for a long time, you can get eyestrain.  It seems it always happens to my left eye.  I can tell when I have not been taking enough breaks from the computer screen, because my left eye starts to hurt and feel strained.  I read somewhere that the reason that's happening is because people have a tendency not to blink enough when they're looking at a computer or for instance when they’re watching television or playing games or watching movies.  We don't rest our eyes.  We're so focused that our eyes stay open too long without blinking and then they become strained.

       A friend who was having this issue told me that her husband finally gave her this piece of advice:  "Just remember to blink! And I heard that if we would simply close our eyes for ninety seconds without opening them at all, it would help restore our eyes.  But, you would be surprised how hard it is to totally close your eyes and not open them for ninety seconds and do it several times throughout the day.  It's almost as though we feel we're going to miss something if we do that.  So, we just keep staring at the screen.

       That’s exactly how it is for our whole life.  We keep staring at the circumstances of life—that screen of circumstances that is in front of us.  We don't remember to blink.  Blinking represents resting in our livesIf we keep looking at those circumstances we’re going to get spiritual strain.  It will injure our faith.

       I've been going around saying that to myself.  "Jeanne, remember to blink."  I'm reminding myself that I need to stop staring at the situation I'm in and take a rest from it.  Back away from it.  Let the Holy Spirit give me a new perspective.  That's what happens when we remember to blink.  We get a new perspective.  As I said earlier, we reset ourselves.  I'm not just talking about lying down physically and resting.  You know you can be lying down and still be struggling on the inside.  We've got to let go of the struggle and submit our thoughts and feelings to God's Spirit.  Give up trying to control everything and trust God to show us how to handle the situations.  Give it a rest!

       You see, there are so many different ways that we are supposed to relax.  It's not just physically.  It's more than just lying around or getting enough sleep, as important as that is.  But we could do that all day long yet if we don't remember to rest mentally and emotionally as well, then our physical rest won't benefit us.  We'll be just as tired when we wake up as we were when we started.


Rest is active!

       That's why it's important that we learn how to rest.  It's actually an activity we have to learn how to do.  Now I know the word activity sounds as though it's opposite of resting!  But you see rest is active!  It's active in the sense that we're redirecting our energies.  Here’s how:  we are going away from our human efforts and we’re moving towards submitting.  When we rest, we're going away from the action of our efforts to the action of submitting to God’s ways.  We have to submit in order for our bodies, minds, and emotions to be at ease.  That  is what's going to give us greater success in life.

       I really started being able to defeat what the devil was trying to bring against me when I went from the action of struggling to the action of resting.  Remember resting is an action.  It’s redirecting our energies so that we're doing what God has commanded us to do in obeying His ways.  He has commanded us to rest.  There is no doubt, it takes a lot of perseverance to rest inside and out.  It’s a decision we have to make that we're going to do it no matter what.  We’re going to learn how to properly rest in every area of our lives.  If we don't, we know our labor is going to be in vain.

Don’t labor in vain!

       Psalm 127 says, Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman wakes but in vain.  It is vain for you to rise up early, to take rest late, to eat the bread of [anxious] toil—for He gives [blessings] to His beloved in sleep.  In other words, unless the Lord is in control, and being in charge, what we do is in vain.  That means that all the different things that we run around accomplishing become ineffective, unproductive, and unsuccessful, unless He is giving instructions of when, where and how.  He must be the One building our relationships, family, responsibilities, position, and well-being spiritually, physically, and financially.

       So it's totally hopeless for us to rise up early and go to bed late if we are continually eating the bread of anxious toil.  We are in turmoil on the inside because things aren't getting done, or mistakes are being made, or needs aren’t being met in our circumstances.  We aren't seeing accomplished what we want to see done.  Certain areas of our lives are ineffective, unproductive, and unsuccessful.

       When we meditate on those, then you know what that makes us do?  We begin the whole process over again.  We get up earlier, we go to bed later, we have more anxiety on the inside of us, and so what do we see?  More things going wrong!  Sounds like a pathetic life doesn't it!

       Therefore, we have to make sure that we're not getting into living in vain as that scripture described it.  Instead, we are submitting to God and having times of refreshing and renewal.  Oh, those are so important for us.  It helps pull our eyes away from our circumstances and causes us to have a different focus.  That’s what cleans us out.  Some of the wrong thoughts or feelings that have tried to creep in throughout the day have to be cleaned out continually.  That in turn keeps our body clean of the illness those wrong emotions can generate.  That brings restoration.  The first part of that word, restoration, is rest.  We begin to reflect on what has been happening.  You have to have a time of reflection, thinking back over what has transpired over the days and allowing God to reveal things to you during that restful time.

       We can do so much more for God ultimately when we do that.  Someone once said, "The world and the church need genuinely rested Christians."  See, it's not just for ourselves that we need to obey God's command to rest, but also for others around us.  They desperately need us to show them what a life with Christ is like.  Although it is challenging in the good sense of the word, it also brings rest from anxiety and toil and tension.  We learn how to stop staring at our challenges and have faith.  We remember to blink!


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