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DEEPER IN THE WORD                          

DEEPER IN THE WORD              





by Jeanne Alcott

       Is suffering from God?  That’s a question many people ask.  They feel that since He’s all-powerful and could have stopped something bad that happened but didn’t, then He must be in favor of it or least have allowed it in order to discipline or teach us.

       If we study God’s Word closely, we will see that suffering is not on God’s list of things to send into our lives.  When He wants to discipline us because we’re entering into something that isn’t the best for us, He does not discipline through suffering.  In fact, God wants to help us so that we do not suffer because of our actions.

       The way He gets His message across to us so that we do not suffer because of our actions is through His Word.  In Hebrews 12:10 (AV) it describes to us how discipline comes from the Father for our good.  In the Greek world, the word discipline in that Scripture was the basic term used for education.  Again, the way God disciplines us is with His Word—education of His ways through His Word.  He gets our attention by drawing us toward Him in a good way.  He does not discipline through suffering created by bad incidents.

      The Bible does tell us that as Christians we will suffer, but that’s referring to the kind of suffering that comes from being a believer.  An example is how the apostles were attacked by others because they stood for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When bad things happen to us, it’s not because God is sending them to try to get our attention.

Break a Leg?

       I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the story that a shepherd will break the leg of a wayward sheep in order to keep it dependent on the shepherd and to keep it from straying again.  The analogy being that Jesus, our Shepherd, will “break our leg” by doing something to us in order to stop us from disobedience and make us dependent on Him.

       There is absolutely no evidence that a shepherd has ever broken a sheep’s leg, and if they did, it certainly would not make the sheep want to be part of the shepherd’s fold.  God’s Word says that when His sheep strays, the Shepherd goes after it and rejoices when it’s found (Luke 15).  He doesn’t break our leg, so to speak, and cause us suffering.

       Throughout His Word God talks about how much He has healing and deliverance for us.  So does it make sense that God would send something upon us and yet be the One who is supposed to remove it?  Send sickness when He is the One who promises to heal us from it?  Send need and lack when He is our Provider?  He would be contradicting Himself.

       I remember when I worked with Oral Roberts, he was concerned because some Christians believed they were suffering ill health because God had a purpose in it.  The affliction was from Him so they could learn something or be made to repent of something.  So when these people came to Oral for prayer for healing, he would ask why they wanted to be healed from their affliction if it was from God.  After all, if it’s from God than they should accept it and not want to be healed.  Oral was trying to get them to see that the affliction could not possibly be from the Lord.

       A good picture of God comes from a letter a friend and Partner wrote to us saying that they had discovered the following:  “God is never angry at me or mad at me and will not punish me through His wrath when I sin.  He always has in His heart toward me great, great love and understanding and kindness.”  Now that person has a good understanding of the character of God toward us.

Christ Suffered

       First Peter 4 tells us that we will suffer as Christ suffered.  So how did Christ suffer?  In His lifetime, He did not suffer from ill health or financial lack or unfulfilled purpose.  Jesus suffered because of rejection of who He was as the Son of God and therefore He was crucified because of it.  We suffer for His namesake, for our righteousness in this world (Acts 9:16) when the world’s system rejects the godly principles by which we live and therefore rejects us.

       The Lord does not cause adversity, then use it as to keep us in line, but He does help us mature through adversity if we allow Him.  In other words, difficulty is not God’s tool for growing our faith.  It comes because we live in this natural world, or because we make a mistake.  We can take ourselves out of the protective hand of God by our actions.  But if we hand that difficulty over to God, He will help us grow through it and be victorious.

       So today, if you’re in the midst of some type of suffering in an area of your life, hand it over to God.  Expect Him not only to deliver you, but TO BRING YOU OUT OF THIS BETTER.  You’ll grow.  Have a deeper understanding.  Be stronger.  And be blessed twice as much as before the suffering came.  That’s what you can expect from God—not suffering, but blessing and victory.

       If you’re facing suffering at this time in any way, please let John and me know so we can pray with you.  We’ll stand in a strong prayer of agreement for God to bring you out better, delivered, and blessed twice as much.  Just click here to share your prayer requests and they will come directly to us.  We will pray and intercede, and then write a letter to you filled with the good things God wants you to hear for your life.  God bless you!    Jeanne Alcott


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      There is so much power available to you as we do this.  So let us pray with you by sharing your requests for God.  Click here now and we will receive them as soon as you send them.  After we pray, we’ll send you a letter filled with words from God’s Spirit for your life. 


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