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DEEPER IN THE WORD                          

DEEPER IN THE WORD              


Move Forward!

by Jeanne Alcott


       What do you do when something in your life doesn’t make sense?  You try to understand why that event happened or why someone is behaving a certain way to you, but you just end up scratching your head.  You can’t seem to figure out why you’re in these conditions.  It doesn’t make sense.

       At that point, you have a choice to make.  You can either step back and allow the challenge to dictate your life or you can beat the challenge!  You can rise to it and overcome it.

       A challenge is when you meet something difficult that requires great effort and determination.  When you rise to it, you respond to it and overcome it.  You’re successful.  In other words, you don’t allow the fact that you don’t understand what’s happening freeze your ability to think and act and make good choices in order to beat the challenge.


You can see it for what it is and you move forward.

       That’s when your LIFE can go forward instead of being held back or defeated.  I think one of the best stories I’ve read that is symbolic of how this happens came from when I heard a speech by a commander in the US Navy.  He was over special operations at the time.  William McRaven.

       When he was younger, he was in training to be a SEAL, which I’m sure you’ve heard that a SEAL is one of the most difficult positions in the armed forces.  The training for it is brutal.  It’s beyond what you can imagine.  McRaven tells about a part of the training that is used to weed out those who can’t rise to the challenge.

       For instance, he described how several times a week, the instructors did a uniform inspection.  It was thorough, to say the least.  The trainee’s hat must be starched, the uniform pressed, the belt buckle shiny with no smudges.  But he said it didn’t matter how much effort they put into making it perfect, it was not going to be good enough.  The instructors would find something wrong.

       The penalty for failing the inspection was the student had to run into the surf zone of the ocean with their uniform on.  Not a swimsuit, but fully dressed in their uniform.  Once they were wet from head to toe, they were commanded to roll around on the beach.  Of course, that caused every part of them to be covered with sand.  So they became known as a sugar cookie.  Then they had to stay in the uniform the rest of the day.  Cold.  Wet.  Sandy.

       So there were some students who just could not accept the fact that they had done everything they could to make the uniform perfect but it was in vain because they still ended up a…sugar cookie.  Those students didn’t make it through training because they couldn’t understand the purpose of the drill.  It was to make them stronger.  It was the challenge that mattered.  That was the purpose.

       So McRaven ends the story with this advice, “Sometimes no matter how well you prepare or how well you perform, you still end up as a sugar cookie.  It’s just the way life is sometimes.  If you want to change the world get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward.”

Get over being a sugar cookie.

       There are going to be challenges in your life.  Some of them won’t make sense.  That’s especially true since we know our enemy, the devil, is involved in sending some of those challenges.  “Why can’t things be easier?”  That’s our question.  But sometimes…they’re not.  Period.  But you can beat that challenge.

       Just because it doesn’t make sense that your child or your spouse did something, or that your job was eliminated, or that disease attacked your body or you can’t understand why you can’t get this project off the ground and fulfill your desire—in spite of that, rise to the challenge.  You can beat it.  Keep moving forward.  Get over being a sugar cookie. Move past the fact that something didn’t go the way you desired.  Move past that it hasn’t been successful.

       I’m not saying to deny your emotions.  You can express those to God and allow Him to heal you of the pain.  But then go on with the next thing He has for you.  Allow this process to make you stronger.  More determined to see success in the future.  You’re not a person who has been defeated.  You are a person of victory.  That’s how God has made you.

       You can beat the challenge and win.  Move forward in spite of what’s happened or what others are saying.  Keep your mind and your eyes on the purpose of where you’re going.  Keep your spirit determined to complete what God has put on your heart.

Think of what’s at stake.

       This is what a woman in the Bible did who didn’t understand why she was being put down for what she was trying to do.  It wasn’t fair.  But she knew she was doing the right thing, so she rose to beat the challenge.  And would you believe it—her challenge came from the disciples of Jesus.

       Jesus had just told His disciples that the Son of Man would be delivered up to be crucified.  But they were having a hard time believing and accepting that.  That didn’t matter.  The process was still happening.  The chief priests were meeting together that very hour to consult on how they could arrest Jesus and put Him to death.

       So now the final week of when Jesus would be alive arrived.  During that week, He was in Bethany making a visit at the house of Simon the leper.  As He was there, this woman came up to Him with an alabaster box of very precious perfume.

       God had put it in her heart to use that perfume to pour on the head and feet of Jesus.  This was in preparation for His burial that would come after the crucifixion.  It was anointing Him for what He was about to do and endure.  But when the disciples saw what she did, they were indignant this was happening.

       But in spite of the objections and the rebuff this woman received, she rose to the challenge and defied all of them.  She knew what God had put in her heart to do and she moved forward with it.

       Then Jesus supported her in that.  He said, Why do you bother the woman?  She has done a noble thing to Me.  In pouring this perfume on My body she has done something to prepare Me for My burial (Matthew 26:10, 12).  Then He went on to say that wherever the gospel was preached in the whole world, what this woman had done would be told in memory of her.

       When you rise to the challenge and you move forward, God will support you in it.  You are not out on a limb.  He will hold you up, sustain you.  He wants you to beat that challenge as much as you do.  He knows what is at stake.  Your success and well-being.  Your fulfillment and His purpose.

God will overrule the objections.

       He will make sure the objections are overruled.  That’s a good thought to have.  When you’re obeying God and working towards doing something that is a challenge—and the objections come from people or from the devil himself—God will make sure those objections are overruled.

       You just keep going on the mission that’s in your heart.
       You can see those circumstances turn around.
       Conditions change.
       Answers come.

       There will be good things that happen because you have given of yourself to meet the challenge.

       That’s what this woman did.  When she was pouring out that expensive perfume she was pouring out herself.  Her heart was in it.  And so is yours.  As you pour out your gifts and faith and guts, as you stay determined and stay after it, you’re pouring out of yourself.  Your heart is in it.  And God is there to make sure you’re protected.  What you are giving to Him is meaningful and important to Him.

       So believe today that by God’s power you can rise up, beat the challenge, and move forward with what you want to see happen in your life.

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You'll Make It!
Jeanne Alcott
Jan 17-21

Whatever is in your past that is a challenge, or if you face a due date, a disease, debt, crazy circumstances or hard conditions, God is saying to you that you’ll make it.  You’ll come out with accomplishment, deliverance, salvation and healing, provision, a resolution.  Even though the obstacles are stacked up so high you can’t even see over them, don’t believe that you can’t come out of it.  God knows just what you’re facing, and He's still telling you that you’ll make it.
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