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Don't you love to get into God's Word and experience the revelation of what He is saying for your life and what He is doing among us in the world today! Through this blog, we will explore the heart of God and the flow of His Spirit. At times we will discuss those spiritual issues that many of us want to know more about. Get ready to go deeper into the Word of God.

DEEPER IN THE WORD -- September                     

DEEPER IN THE WORD -- September      



    Good Is Coming.


     Jeanne Alcott

     Sometimes because of what we are experiencing, it can be hard to believe good things are waiting for us.  Perhaps a disappointing thing has happened and you’ve accepted you're not going to be a content person again.  You can’t enjoy life.  Or your heart continues to nag at you about the desire that still hasn't come to pass.

     We can get into a mode of expectation that makes us wonder what next bad thing is going to happen.  It can get to the point that when someone says to us, "I've got something to tell you," our first thought is, "I wonder what bad thing they’re going to tell me has happened."  That's what our expectation is.  We don't immediately think that it's going to be good news.

     John used to say to me every once in a while when we were about to go somewhere, "Remind me later, I have something to tell you."  Well that just drives me crazy.  I'm not the type you can say that to and then not tell me.  I begin to think about what in the world it is you have to tell me.  So I always stop and say, "No, you have to tell me what it is right now."  I know there are some of you out there who do the same thing.  It's hard not to either wonder what they're going to say or worry about it.


Is there any happiness for me tomorrow?

     Sometimes we can come to that place in our everyday life.  Each day seems to hold bad news.  Is there any happiness tomorrow for me or the next day or the next?  The answer is yes.  God is saying that there is happiness ahead for you.
     You won't always feel the way you do now.
     You can experience gladness again.
     Joy can be in your soul.
     You can look forward to what's up ahead.

     God really wants to minister that to you.  In spite of what happened…or maybe what you've done…or maybe what's been done wrong to you, you still have goodness waiting for you.  So we're going to get you to that place.  The place of knowing happiness is ahead.  But it's going to take some work on our belief system.  We have to check how are we believing?

     You see, this is not a simple teaching about how we can go around and just be happy people.  We’re talking about more than smiley faces.  It's a deeper understanding of how your believing can help you reach a place of contentment, enjoyment, and delight.  In other words, you have hope for happinessGod wants to restore that hope in you.  You don't have to live feeling as though there's not much to cheer you.

     You may be thinking and feeling the same way I was at one time.  I came to the place I would wake up and think, "I wonder what bad is planned for me today?"  I mean, so many hard things were happening that I wondered what new bad thing would happen that day.  It's a temptation to get to that point.  How can you imagine good when every day brings a little more trouble.  But in my spirit I knew better.  That was a lie the devil was feeding me.  God didn't have bad planned for me.  So when I realized I was having those thoughts, I would stop it and say, "Get a grip on yourself.  Look for something good today."  Then I would go around saying, "I look for good things today."

     You know, we have to have some of that self-talk.  Have a conversation with our heart and mind.  Don’t allow those to dictate our expectation in life, but it should be our spirit.  We want our spirit to lead the way because we are filled with the Holy Spirit.  So He's going to give us the truth.  And the truth is this.  GOOD THINGS ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

     The Holy Spirit is the One who helps us think correctly and have the right emotions and feelings.  He's bringing truth to us continually from the Lord.


Push the bad away and pull the good toward you.

     Don’t let the experiences of life drown out what God's Spirit is trying to show you is waiting for you.

     The Lord has many good things waiting for you, but are they being covered?  Are they being drowned out?  Are you struggling so much that it's hard to see happiness waiting for you?  Where's all this goodness that is ahead of me when I am lonely or in pain?  Do I just have more years of disappointment or problems to look forward to? Sometimes it can get downright discouraging to think about how other people are experiencing wonderful and fun and fulfilling things, but why not me?  If we're not careful, we can start embracing the belief that is a part of our life and we will be living with it.  We have to fight against it.  Get into a belief that good things are waiting for us.  When we do that, we push the bad from us and pull good towards us.  We don't meditate on or believe, Okay, things just keep coming my way, I wonder what's going to be the next bad thing?  When we're doing that, we're actually pulling bad towards us.  We keep looking for it with our mind and our heart.  It’s as though we’re looking for those bad things so they keep coming our way.

     We've got to push that away from us.  And start pulling something else toward us.  If it looks as if we don't have anything waiting for us but bad or sadness or struggle, push it out of the way.  Refuse to let that shape our future.  Instead, decide we will be happy again.  We are going to be happy again, because we are changing our believing.  We believe good is out there waiting so we're pulling it toward us.

     Here's how you do this.  It's always good to try to act out what you believe.  The way you do this is you push your hand out as if you're pushing something away from you.  Spiritually you're pushing all those undesirable things away from you.  After you've pushed it away, you then grab hold of the good out there waiting for you and pull it towards you.  Pull the good things God has for you right into your life.  It's a real simple thing but it's a powerful faith exercise.  With your arm and hand extended you push away those things that you don't want to be a part of your life and you pull into your existence what will bring you happiness.

     If you hear yourself talk about the bad planned for you, say the same thing to yourself that I did to myself, "Stop it.  Get a grip on yourself."  That's what I would say.  "Stop thinking and talking like that."  Remember we have to have that self-talk.  When we're talking to ourselves like that we're communicating to our spirit.  And our spirit is picking up on what we desire.  We desire for those good things waiting for us to come into our life.  So we're not going to allow the bad to keep happening.  Get it out of the way and make room for the wonderful experiences the Lord has lined up for us.


Make this important change in your believing.

     This is what the man Jairus did when he was a ruler in the synagogue.  Mark 5 tells the story about how he had rushed to find Jesus because his daughter was at home very ill.  When he had heard that Jesus could heal, he had decided he would go after him and bring him home to heal his daughter.  When Jairus approached Jesus, the Lord agreed to come home with him.  But as they were on their way to the house, some people who had been with his daughter all this time, rushed up and told Jairus that she had passed away.  It was too late.  He didn't need to bother Jesus anymore.

     Now, what was the Lord's reaction to this?  Overhearing but ignoring what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing.  (Ref. Mark 5:36.)  He was saying, "Keep on believing that good is waiting for you.  Don't give up having faith for your daughter's healing.  Have hope for happiness."  At that moment, Jairus had to push away the bad and pull good to him, right?  Instead, He could have pushed the Lord away and run to his house expecting to see a dead child.  That's what we do when we push the good away and believe bad.  We're actually pushing the Lord away.  We believe more bad is coming our way.  So we end up pushing away the very One who can help us see happier times.

     Jairus decided to pull goodness, healing, happiness toward himself.  He had hope for healing.  So he and Jesus entered into the daughter's room, and the Lord told all the people who were in sorrow around her that He had good news.  She was not dead but would live.  However, the people couldn't change their believing.  They laughed at Him—not out of joy but out of disbelief and criticism.  They rejected His message of hope and happiness.

     I'm sure that time was hard for Jairus.  It was another moment in which his believing was tested.  The first time was when the people came and announced his daughter had died.  And now all the people are laughing at the Lord.  It can be hard for us when people around us are sad, weeping.  Or they have a critical attitude.  They run the happiness right out of us.  That's why it has to be a firm belief that good things are waiting for us.

     So Jairus' believing was rewarded.  The Lord gripped the girl by the hand and said, "Arise!"  Instantly she got up and began walking around.  Totally healed.  Happiness was restored to their household.

     Just as the Lord got a grip on that girl, we can let Him get a grip on our life.  Let the Lord restore happiness to your household, your finances, and your work.  You can have contentment and peace in your mind and spirit.  You can delight in what you're doing and experience fulfillment and healing.  You can make it through the struggles and the disappointment with hope for happiness.  Simply believe good things are waiting for you!


Push away the bad and pull in the good.

     Let's keep pushing away the bad and pulling the good into your circumstances.  God has called us to join our believing with yours.  So share with us personally from your life.  We want to pray with you and then write you a letter from God's Word about the happiness that is ahead of you.  Share with us soon now by clicking here.  Jeanne and John



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        So, we pray that you will consider this ministry good ground in which to plant your seeds.  We see God give tremendous harvests to those who sow their seed here.  We believe the same for you as you obey God and hold the Word of Life out to others.








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