Monday, December 11, 2017

The Ministry Vision of John and Jeanne Alcott is to bring God's power into people's lives to help empower them to live in His ways and see their needs met.



As cofounder of Alcott Ministries, Jeanne Alcott has taught and ministered on radio for over fourteen years through her daily broadcast, Word of Power. She helps people live in God's power and walk in His ways by sharing the Word of God as well as through personal prayer and printed materials. She communicates God's heart to others through teaching and writing to inspire them to receive and accomplish all God has for them.

Jeanne is an ordained minister, graduated from Oral Roberts University and holds a Masters degree from the University of Tulsa. After working for a world-renowned ministry as a Vice President, Jeanne and her husband, John, began Alcott Ministries in Oklahoma. They have been married since 1977.


Although John Alcott works full-time for a company as an Information Technology Manager, he also puts in many hours into Alcott Ministries in the evenings and weekends. John edits the radio broadcast, manages the finances, and helps with other administrative responsibilities. He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University and obtained a Masters degree from the University of Tulsa.

John has a passion for helping others realize and utilize the gifts within them and fulfill the vision for their lives and has taught seminars on these subjects in churches and organizations. For many years, he has researched natural methods for obtaining optimum health and loves to share his personal experiences with others.

In addition, he has trained hundreds of people in door-to-door evangelism and in the past has led Angel Tree Ministry at a large interdenominational church. John was born in Oklahoma and is ordained.


God Goes
Before You!
five-part CD
Jeanne Alcott
Dec 11-15

Envision God going before you throughout the entire day.  Even when something big looms in front of you, look past that and see that God Almighty is taking care of things as you have faith that He is there.   He sees every obstacle to come your way, the problems you’ll encounter, the joys, the blessings, the busyness, the disappointments; now find out how He is going before you to prepare a good outcome for you.  God goes before you…
I.   To Open the Way!
II.  To Stop the Enemy’s Efforts!
III. To Meet the Need!
IV. To Change the Outcome!
V.  To Fulfill His Will!

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So Thankful!

“I am 100 percent healed and pain free from my fall.  And my workplace is getting better now.  So thankful!”

Things Come Together!

“Thank you for sending me such a wonderful letter.  I have felt such a big power coming from God these last few days.  I have been worried about some bills and having enough money to pay them by a certain time.  I’m finding out if I just work as much as I can and leave the rest to God that things come together.  I have to tell you that I am crying right now as I’m writing this letter.  I think the main reason I cry sometimes is because I know listening to your teachings is so helpful and full of good common sense.  You always say and write just exactly what I needed to hear.  I’m serious.  That’s what makes me cry.  God is so big and wonderful.  Amen.” 

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