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       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




Get rid of the bad cycle that is

plaguing your life and start


coming to you! 

Dear Partner,  

       You know how it is to be in a cycle?  It can be an action or thought that repeats itself.  Or certain events or conditions begin to recur. 

       Doesn’t it seem that when something starts happening over and over, it can be hard to stop it?  It just keeps going as if it has a life of its own.  The cycle gains momentum and a certain power over us.  So if it’s a bad cycle, that’s…bad!  At some point, we have to stand up and say, “I’m going to stop this bad cycle.”  We decide to stop it and START A GOOD CYCLE! 

       You may have a bad cycle going on in your health or your house, and it seems as if there is no stopping it.  Maybe bad news is coming to you about being turned down for a position or for jobs or relationships.  You feel you’re in the cycle of sadness or offense.  We can go into phases where it seems no matter what we do we can’t get our head above the financial problems or people problems.  Then there are continual time challenges, or disappointment.  So you’re at a time when you have to push back against that and start a good cycle!

        There’s a woman named Margaret who had to come to the place where she refused to be controlled by a bad cycle.  Wrong words had cycled in her brain and emotions for years.  She was forty years old and still suffering from times of depression and discouragement from something that had happened in her childhood.  She had a bad image of herself and so didn’t feel she could achieve much or was worth much.

       Margaret came to the point she decided to go to a counselor for help.  In her first session, she described to the therapist how when she was a child in school, she was happy and receiving decent grades and had friends.  But there was a teacher who was bitter towards Margaret and very harsh on her.  It was especially hard because it was a one-room schoolhouse so she had the same teacher year after year.  Then one day when she was nine, she was not on time for school again, and that was the final straw for the teacher.  She became very upset and made Margaret come to the front of the room. 

       Then this teacher began to talk to the other children about how Margaret was bad and irresponsible, so she had to be taught not to be that way.  In an effort to do that, the teacher had each student come up to the board and write something bad about Margaret.  She said, “Maybe this will motivate her to be a better person!” 

       Margaret didn’t know what to do.  So she cringed and froze right there in front of the class.  Then one by one, each student went up to the board and began to write words such as, “Margaret is stupid.  Margaret is selfish.  Margaret is fat.  Margaret is a dummy.”  Twenty-five of them.  All of those words going deep into her spirit doing horrible damage.

       When she got home, instead of realizing she could tell her parents so they could do something about it, she embraced all those bad things about herself and went to bed claiming that she was sick.  Then she began to cry alone and try to deal with the pain. 

       After that day, she continued to hear those words every year of her life.  Now here she was, forty years old, sitting in the office of a psychologist, depressed and unable to be fulfilled in her work and relationships.  After a period of counseling sessions, she was able to get past those words and feel she was ready to move on in her life.  

       So in the last session in order to be sure she was free, the counselor encouraged Margaret to go back to that terrible day in her mind and describe what each child had written on the board.  Now, that was very difficult and painful for her to do.  She saw again in her mind each child writing those words about her, and she began to cry.  But as she was crying, her counselor spoke to her and said, “Margaret, Margaret, you left out one person.”  But Margaret reassured her that she had not. 

       Then the counselor said, “Oh yes, you forgot Someone who was sitting in the back of the room.  Now I want you to see Him stand up, and He’s walking up to your teacher.  He is taking the piece of chalk out of her hand and walking up to the board.  As He stands in front of the board, He is erasing every one of those words the students have written.  They’re gone now.  Completely gone.  Now He is writing on the board.  He’s writing, ‘Margaret is beautiful.  Margaret is gentle and kind.  She is strong.  She is caring.  Margaret has great courage.  I love her.’  Now as He turns, you see His face.  He is Jesus.

       Margaret began to cry again but this time it was with happiness and a smile on her face.  The bad cycle had been broken because she had stopped what Satan had sent into her life.  Now she had started a good cycle.  One of good words that were true and from God.  Everything was turning around now.  She was made whole.  

       What kind of bad cycle is trying to influence your life?  It may be some wrong words that have been spoken to you or about you.  Or it could be a belief that has ruled your thoughts.  Do you remember some pain you have experienced or disappointment?  Have you been told that a condition or a project or report does not have any hope?  Whatever has been written on the board of your life that’s bad is not something you should accept.  See Jesus walking up to the board with the chalk in His hand, and He is writing some words that are true.  He writes, “You are made whole.  You are blessed.  You’re wonderful.  You have great abilities and purpose.  I created you and good things for your life.  You are growing in Me.  I love and care for you.  Your life is in My hands.” 

       As you accept and receive those words from Him, you will stop the bad cycle of what’s coming against your life and you will start a good one.  That’s when so many blessings and answers and achievement can unfold for you.  Don’t read the harsh words which have been written about you, but read those that the Lord is writing. 

       His Word tells you in II Timothy 1 that He did not give you a spirit that could be pushed down and made to cringe.  You are not made to be timid or a coward filled with fear, allowing bad things to cause you to back away from what God has for you.  But He gave you a spirit that goes forward (II Timothy 1:7).  You refuse to allow limits to be imposed on you saying that you have to stay in these bad circumstances.  You are made with power, love, and a sound mind.

       You can break that wrong cycle that has been putting a limit on what your family and you can experience.  Decide you’re going to do it starting today and see the bad cycle stopped.  Let’s do it now.  Let’s start your good cycle.

Here’s what you can do to start A CYCLE OF MIRACLES coming into your life!

       Click here to go to a place where you can share with us what you believe God has for you.  We will lay hands on your personal prayer requests and pray over what God is going to do.  This will be a powerful prayer of agreement to break the bad cycles and start good ones.  We will be in a cycle of faith together.  This is your time to see your heart’s desire fulfilled.

       Request your own Personal Chalkboard.  Click here to request an actual chalkboard that’s about the size of a piece of paper (8 ¼ X 11 ½).  We want to send this to you with a small eraser and pieces of chalk.  IT’S CRUCIAL that you take this chalkboard and write on it words about yourself as the Holy Spirit puts them in your heart.  Use words that show what you know God thinks about you. 

          Write on it words such as, “I am strong.  I am blessed.  I have God’s favor.  He loves me.”  All those things He tells you in His Word and in your heart of how He feels about you and how He sees you.  Get rid of the destructive words that have tried to cause you to live below what God has for you.  Remember this: destructive thoughts will destroy your dreams if you don’t destroy those thoughts.  So by writing on this chalkboard, you’re getting rid of destructive thoughts.  You’re writing good and true words from God’s Spirit that will help your dreams come to pass.

       Get your 2019 Reflections Calendar.  Now, the next thing you need to do is request the 2019 Reflections Calendar.  The reason this is important is because every day of the year has a scripture on it which you can say out loud over your life.  Each scripture reflects God’s words being spoken over your life that day.  And the pictures on this wall calendar are beautiful and inspirational to help you each month see the beauty that God has for your life.  We are offering the chalkboard and this calendar for a gift of $15 into this ministry.  When you click here you will see a picture of the calendar and the chalkboard so you can request them.

       When you put all of this together—

       Writing God’s Word about you on the chalkboard,

       Expressing the Scriptures from this calendar over your life every day,

       And coming into a prayer of agreement with us concerning your prayer requests, you can create good cycles in your life and start seeing breakthroughs, fulfillment, deliverance, and achievement.  You’ll be starting a good cycle of faith!  A cycle of miracles!  That’s powerful!

       Also, it’s very powerful for you to enter into God’s promise of giving and receiving according to His Word.  As you give into this ministry today, envision the miracles you’re releasing through your gift.  Thousands of people will be touched with the power of God and bad cycles will be broken over their lives and good ones created.  There will be miracles!  YES, YOU’RE GIVING A MIRACLE GIFT! 

       That’s why you can expect a miracle for your own life as God blesses you for your obedience.  And John and I are with you as we give of our personal finances to see God’s work continue with the radio broadcast and the teachings, and the materials and letters and newsletters.  Wonderful things will be released from heaven as we join our gifts together to do something great.  Praise God.  You can click here now to donate.

       Now we look forward to receiving your prayer requests.  Until then, know that we are always here as your Partners in Prayer.


                                                                       Your Partners in Prayer,

                                                                       Jeanne and John Alcott

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