Monday, February 19, 2018

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




What does your future hold?

Let's pray over your future
so you experience everything

God has for you!

Dear Partner, 

       Are you excited when you think about what your future holds for this year?  Sometimes it can be difficult to be excited when you consider that your future holds the known and the unknown—those events of which you are aware and those you know nothing about.  Your thoughts may be trying to give you a discouraging picture.  But God wants to give you His picture of your future—what He has planned.

       He is working on your behalf.  Things may not have turned out the way you desired so far, but instead of concentrating on that, concentrate on what God is saying He will do.  He is painting the picture of what is to come.  Have hope until His work comes to pass. 

       There’s a scripture about this I’m going to give to you so you can hang your faith on it.  It’s interesting that this verse is not known very well, but it gives tremendous encouragement to believe that when we cannot see the possibility of our desire coming to pass, it can still happen for us.  It’s in Proverbs 10:24 and it says that a good man’s hopes will come true (TLB).  The Message Version says what good people desire, they get.  Now, the definition of good people is that we belong to God and walk in His ways.  So we know our Father is working on our behalf, and as we believe, our hopes will come to pass and we can see them come into reality.

       Here’s a good example of how we need to be.  It would benefit us to imitate a woman named Nancy who learned how to do this.  She discovered how to be encouraged as she focused on what she believed God was doing in spite of the conditions around her.  And as a result, she was happy and fulfilled in her life, even before, and hear this, even before she saw her desires come to pass.  Nancy didn’t have much funds and the job she had to do was hard.  But her coworkers saw that she always was joyous and went about her responsibilities with a good attitude.  That’s because she knew God was working on her behalf in the unseen realm to change her conditions.  She believed she would not always be doing that hard work and having financial needs. 

      God was working on something better for her and that’s what she chose to see with her faith instead of the conditions around her.  But there was one coworker who couldn’t stand it.  So she decided to try to take her down to where she was in her attitude and thinking.  She wanted her to be as miserable as she was.  So one day she said, “Nancy, you’re happy now, but just think of what the future holds for you.  You may get sick and not be able to work at all, or the company may move to another city and you wouldn’t be able to get another job around here.  Just suppose….”  At that point Nancy said, “Stop!  I never suppose.  The Lord is my shepherd, and I KNOW I shall not want.  It’s those kinds of thoughts you’re having that make you so miserable.  Why don’t you give them up and just trust the Lord.” 

       We can’t afford to be as that miserable woman and go around supposing bad things.  It will drag down our thoughts and emotions and therefore affect our faith.  Remember that Scripture: it’s our hopes that will come true.  So we hope in what we believe God is doing behind the scenes for us.  That enables us to hang on until our conditions change.  Nancy was keeping herself encouraged.  Instead of living in misery because things weren’t the way she wanted them to be yet, she took courage as she thought about what was to come.  Be encouraged today about what is to come.  It’s good and it is the will of God for you. 


What you see right now is not the final outcome. 
God is working!


       He’s doing things you haven’t even heard about, neither has your eye seen all that God has planned.  He works and shows Himself active on behalf of those who earnestly wait for Him.  (Ref. Isaiah 64:4.)  Look forward to seeing the picture of what He’s putting together by His hands for you.  The devil may be showing a different picture, but watch for God’s encouragement.  He is sending it so you will know good things are waiting in the background.

       God is working on your future.  Don’t forget that.  And that’s why He sends encouragement to you—to offset the discouragement of what circumstances try to whisper to your heart.  The devil wants your heart to be weakened so you won’t be able to believe God is going to do something for you.  Allow God to whisper something new to your heart today.  He is encouraging you.

         A man tells how he needed encouragement in a difficult time in his career.  He was in his mid-forties and had much responsibility, and about that time his job came to an end.  To make matters worse, he did not have anything else waiting for him.  No other position.  As he began to wait for a job offer to come and was trying everything he knew to do, it was easy to get discouraged.  But God wanted him to know that He was working in his behalf even though the waiting was hard and he couldn’t see anything going on.  So He sent people to this man with words of encouragement. 

       One friend said, “It’s going to be exciting to see God’s solution.”  Those words helped him think that his future held something good.  Then a short time after that he heard a message about how God is our sufficiency.  That helped to get his faith ready.  He knew what God had been doing for him would come to pass.  He didn’t focus on the fact that he did not have a job, but on the fact that God was providing one for him in the right timing.  He knew what his future held.  And two months after that, he was offered not one good job, but two!  And both in the same week! 

        It’s fun how God does things such as that to show us how mighty and powerful He is and that He has tremendous resources to take care of us.  He’s ready to take care of you, My Friend.  He’s got all His resources gathered and is about to release them into your life.  He will show up in the exact area where you need Him. 

       So watch for the encouragement He’s sending you.  Take it into your heart.  Get excited about what you will see happen as His work becomes reality in your life.

Let’s open our arms and receive what God has for you now.  We need to come into a prayer of agreement and stand together.  That’s what John and I are here to do—stand with you in faith.  We’re going to pray over your future—the known and the unknown.

God has the picture of your future, and He wants you to believe in it so you can see it come to pass.

       Here’s a powerful way to help you do this.  Right away, send us a list of the hopes and desires you want to see for your future and for those people you care about.  Then send us a picture!  Send one of yourself or of someone for whom we should pray.  Or you can send a picture of something representing your need or desire.  As we lay hands on your picture or your prayer requests and pray, we believe the hands of God will touch them and His Spirit will begin a great work. 

        So be sure you share with John and me where you need to see God work.  What do you need to see happen?  As soon as we hear from you, God’s Spirit will close the distance between us, and by His Spirit we will be side by side in faith and prayer.  After we pray, we will send you a note that will have good words for you from God’s Word.  So let us hear from you soon.

When we hear from you, there is something John and I want to send you that we believe can help you experience everything God has for your future.  It’s a set of two teachings called, “A Picture of Your Future!”

        That’s what we believe these two teachings accomplish—they give you God’s picture for your future.  He tells what He has planned for you over the days and weeks and months to come.  Oh, if you could just see the tremendous and wonderful things He is working on for you.  So don’t miss hearing what He wants to get deep into your spirit about what is going on behind the scenes.

        As you listen to the teachings and enter into the prayers we have at the end of each message, you can hear His Words so that your faith will be strong as you face the known and the unknown.  Always remember that God is there for you and is planning and orchestrating your days.  So we’re thrilled to offer this to you: two CDs in a beautiful album for a gift of $14 into Alcott Ministries to help with all we are doing for God.

        Now, here’s something so amazing that I want you to think about it.  Every time you plant a seed of finances into God’s ministry, something is happening underground with that seed.  You can’t see it, but God is working with it, growing it, causing it to burst through the soil and produce miracles. 

        So as you release your gift today, envision Him taking it in His hands and working with it where you cannot see.  Someday you can see the miracle that seed will produce in your life and in the lives of those people who are touched because you obeyed God and gave. 

       His Word promises in II Corinthians 9 that you will be enriched in all things and in every way because you were generous, and that seed will also produce cries of thanksgiving from many other people.  That’s what the Word calls it—“cries of thanksgiving.”  That’s because you provided the way for God’s Word and work to come into their lives with answers and miracles and growth.  So John and I give thanks for you, and we join you with our personal giving also.  God is doing something great, and we can see it come to pass.

       Now we are feeling God’s Spirit stirring in the supernatural realm as we think about laying hands on your prayer requests and the picture you send.  (Even if you can’t send a picture, be sure and send your personal needs.)  We’re expecting you to see the hands of God shape your future in the days to come.  We are covering you with our prayers as….


                                                                 Your Partners in Prayer,

                                                                 Jeanne and John Alcott


We’re looking forward to receiving your prayer requests and your picture also (if possible).  As we lay hands on them, we believe God will lay His hands on them and your future will be filled with blessings, answers, and great accomplishment and victory.  Also, let us know that you want to see "A Picture of Your Future!" by requesting this beautiful album with two teachings that can affect your future!  We can't wait to hear from you! 


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