Monday, December 11, 2017

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




How can you send the power of God into your
 situation to change it to a miracle?  

We have a Power Prayer Time planned for you

Dear Partner, 

       Let me tell you what we discovered in God’s Word about how salt is a symbol of the power of God within you.  And when you need a miracle to change the circumstances, you have the power to do something about it. 

       This is what the man Elisha did.  Second Kings chapter 2, describes how Elisha was residing in a city when some men from the city went to him with a problem.  They described how even though the city was pleasant and they enjoyed residing there, the problem was that the water was bad.  So whenever someone would use the water source, it would cause physical issues.  Among those issues it caused were barrenness and miscarriage and some people were even dying from drinking it. 

      So Elisha instructed the men to get a bowl and put salt in it.  This was a symbol of God’s power that can take something that is causing problems and change it.  So he took the salt and went to the spring; then he cast the salt into it. 

      On that day, God healed the water and there was no sickness or problems because of it anymore.  It was purified and the whole city was blessed and able to live there with a good spring as their source.  It was because Elisha threw salt—the power of God—into the situation.  It wasn’t the salt but it was God’s power.  The salt was just the action or the tool that was used.

       Well, we need to realize that in our own way, we can THROW SALT INTO THE SITUATION!  Change the way things are.  See them get better.  How?  What is our “salt”?  The salt we can throw into the situation is the power to pray, say the right word, or take an action that God shows us.  There are so many things He can guide us to do that will have the same effect as salt coming into the circumstances.  We send something that has the power of God in it to heal, transform, or bless.  We can see power create the miracle. 

       You have salt!

       You have things you can do that have the power of God within them to heal situations, for yourself and for others.  Don’t underestimate what you can do to change circumstances.  As you are willing to seek God about the power within you and what can be done, He will guide you.  You just have to take time to allow the Holy Spirit to develop what is there.  He wants to see you walk into everything God has planned.  But it’s going to take power.  You can’t do it without having that all-important element operating in your life.  You have to live in power! 

       When you accept the wrong thoughts that you just don’t have that kind of ability or force or strength, then you will become powerless instead of being full of what God can do.  Pull out your salt.  Be ready to use it to make a difference.  Your words and actions can be so powerful and have great results.

This is what happened to Larry!

       When Larry was a young man, he had problems with stuttering.  It was a horrible thing for him because whenever he had to speak in public at school, he said he died a thousand deaths.  Then one day it really came to a head when he was asked to pray out loud at church.  Because he was upset about his stuttering, he became confused in what he was saying.  He thanked the Father for hanging on the cross, and then he praised Christ for bringing the Spirit from the grave.  Good words, just all mixed up.  When he finished, he said that he vowed right then and there he would never speak or pray out loud in front of a group again.

       After the service, he headed for the door as quickly as he could.  But one of the older men of the church was able to catch up to him and touched him on the shoulder.  So Larry prepared himself for receiving correction for what he had said.  Instead, this man said to him, “Larry, there’s one thing I want you to know.  Whatever you do for the Lord, I’m behind you 1000 percent.” 

       What was that man doing?  Throwing salt into the situation.  Sending healing into difficult circumstances.  He wanted that young man’s spirit to be restored so he could become all God had for him to be.  To this day, each time Larry thinks of those words, tears come to his eyes.  You see, that gave him power instead of the feeling that he was weak and stuttered.  He now felt he was going to make something of himself and do something for the Lord.  And with that new power-feeling, he eventually quit stuttering.  And you know what he does now?  He went on to get his doctorate in psychology and now has a large public ministry speaking and is also a best-selling author. 

       He’s doing what?  Living in power—the way God wants His people to exist.  Not an existence of suffering or weakness or need.  We serve the Almighty!  The God of power!  The One who cannot be defeated.  What are we doing groveling for a bit of blessing here, and trying just to get some help to get by today?  We should expect more from the God we serve. 

       But to do that we must remember what He’s put within us.  The same power—now get this—the same power of the Spirit of the One who raised Christ from the dead dwells within you (Romans 8:11).  Oh my!  We have power operating in our spirit.  We’ve got some salt to throw!  We have some spiritual force that we can use to change circumstances.  Don’t allow the devil to convince you otherwise and take that from you.

       Something I did that really ministered to me was that I got a small packet of salt and began to carry it around with me.  Now, each time I see it, I’m reminded of how I can send God’s power into my circumstances.  I have that symbol before me, and I remember that I can throw salt into the situation by my words and prayers and actions.  I have power!  If you want us to send you a salt packet, just let us know.

        It’s a symbol of the power we have to send into the circumstances.  I think of a Partner who wrote to us concerning his two brothers who had a fall-out and they were not speaking to one another.  Their relationship was broken.  So this Partner and we threw salt into that situation.  We joined our faith and stood on God’s Word and prayed the prayer of agreement.  Just two months went by and he wrote to tell us that his two brothers have made up and they’re doing well.  He made a significant difference by touching their lives with the power that God has placed within him.

        Another Partner wrote and told us that she had made a difference in her health by doing this.  She said, “The Lord healed me ten years ago of cancer in the tonsils….   During that time [that I was fighting cancer], I listened to and read everything you sent to me and prayed with your help in faith for my healing.  I have been cancer free for seven years now.” 

       When she was fighting that disease, she knew she had to have the power of God to win over it.  When things are bad, you’ve got to have your salt—those things you can do to send His power into the circumstances.  So what did she do?  While she was fighting the disease, she listened to and read everything that this ministry sent to her and prayed with us in faith for healing.  We were throwing salt against that cancer, and the power of God wiped out that disease.

       I encourage you to take a powerful action and click here to write down how you want us to come into faith and pray with you.  What is it that needs the salt, God’s power, thrown into the situation?  How do you need to see His power work for you?  Just as that city had bad water, what kind of bad water do you have in your life?  That water was causing the people to be barren; is there something barren in your life—is what you desire not being produced?  Are there delayed dreams?  Or is it the bad water of sickness or infirmity? 

       Perhaps you are facing bad finances or work or living conditions.  There is some issue that you need to see the power of God make a difference.  Whatever it is, we need to symbolically throw salt into it, so tell us about it right away.

       By the very act of asking us to come into a prayer of agreement with you, you are sending God’s power into the situation.  As we hear from you, John and I will pray and believe for the power of God to turn the situation around completely.  We are here to throw the salt, God’s power, into your need.

       We will come into prayer and lay hands on what you share with us and intercede with faith.  Be sure to get your prayer requests to us quickly.  And let us know if you want a salt packet to have with you.

       Now, John and I want to thank those of you who are giving of your prayers and finances into Alcott Ministries.  What a powerful spiritual act you are doing.  Just think of what God’s Word says happens when you give into His work.  When you do this, you prove His power.  That’s what God says.  And because of it, He will open the windows of heaven for you.  For you!  Then He will proceed to start pouring, and what He’s pouring out is a blessing—so much there won’t be room to receive it.  Then to make sure the devil doesn’t take it from you, He says He’ll rebuke the devil as he tries to devour the blessings.  And you will be fruitful and see the miracle of God.  (Ref. Malachi 3:10, 11.) 

        So as you give today, do it with great excitement and anticipation.  And John and I join you with our personal finances.  We know God is moving through this ministry to touch many people, and that’s what brings joy to all of us as we give today.

        Now, take an amazing Journey of Faith in 2018 to your miracles!

        We want to give you the opportunity to take an amazing journey of faith by sending you a beautiful 2018 calendar.  It depicts the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ.  You will feel as though you are with Him as He shows His power and compassion.  Each month is a different painting of the wonderful and mighty works Jesus did and still does in our lives.

         Also, on your calendar will be encouraging and faith-building scriptures from God’s Word for each day that can strengthen you and allow God to speak to your heart.  You can receive guidance and encouragement every day!  So request your Journey of Faith 2018 calendar today and take the journey of faith into your miracle!  Just request this for a gift of $10 into Alcott Ministries to help further the Word of God.  

        We are excited to receive your prayer requests and look forward with great anticipation to the miracles that can begin in our Power Prayer Time. 

        Our love and prayers cover you as we are…


                                                                 Your Partners in Prayer,

                                                                 Jeanne and John Alcott


P.S.  Be sure to rush your prayer sheet to us.  We’re going to throw salt into your circumstances by sending the power of God into them and expect amazing things to happen as God honors His Word during our prayer of agreement. 

      Also, click here to let us know that you want the Journey of Faith 2018 Calendar before our supply is gone! 

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