Thursday, October 19, 2017

       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




This is a call from God

to go deeper with Him!


Dear Partner, 

       Does your heart yearn to know God in a greater way?  He is reaching out to you because there is more of Him which He wants to reveal to you and to minister to you.  God wants to show you who He is for your life.  As you are willing to go deeper with the Lord, that’s where…

     there is satisfaction,

     it’s where your ability to make it through trials and tests becomes stronger,

     life improves,

     you can see answers in an easier way, and

     you grow and mature in Him as you connect with Him in a greater way. 

       So much happens when you go deeper with God.  This is an exciting call from Him today.  It’s one that pulls at your heart because deep in your heart you want to go deeper with Him.  But to do that, you have to decide you will not stay where you are.  Let me give you a good picture of how God wants to see you do this by sharing this analogy with you.

       There are certain kinds of fish which are called koi fish and they can grow to different sizes.  The size is based on where they are living.  If the fish is in a small tank, it cannot grow more than two or three inches.  If it is put into a pond, it can grow up to ten inches or even up to eighteen inches.  But if it is put into a very big lake where it can stretch, it will grow up to three feet. 

       Now it doesn’t take much effort for the fish to exist in the small tank.  The owner is going to provide food.  And the fish doesn’t have to swim around much in the small space.  Life is easier—but it’s also duller.  There is no stretching.  No growth.  No greater experiences.  That’s what can happen with our life in God.  We can stay in the small tank.  Or we can go the next step and go to a pond where we can see more and have more room to move.  But if we really want to go deeper with Him, we have to go to the big place—the lake.  That’s where we can stretch our faith.  We can have new experiences in God. 

       Sure, it takes more effort on our part.  We have to have more faith for the food to be provided instead of just having someone throw it to us in the tank.  In the deeper water we have to search and explore.  But think how much more fulfilling and exciting it is to go where we can grow in God.  So much more is accomplished and God can do more with us.  We enter into a knowledge of Him that we did not have.  Because of that, we grow and are more satisfied in our relationship with Him to a greater degree.  We also grow in our faith to see things happen.  That’s where God wants to take you—deeper with Him.

       Now, see how Jesus did this with a man named Peter, because I believe this will affect you in a profound way.  See yourself doing what Peter did and getting to experience the tremendous things that happened because of it.  This story begins with a picture of people pressing around Jesus on the shore of the Lake of Gennesaret to hear the message He had.  That’s when Jesus saw two boats that were sitting in the water with no one in them. 

       The men who had been fishing in them had taken the nets out and were washing them.  Fishing was their business, and they had been out all night as partners trying to make a good haul for their business, but they didn’t get even one. 

        So as these men were washing their nets, exhausted, all of a sudden they saw this Man, Jesus, get into Peter’s boat.  Then Jesus requested that Peter draw away from the shore a short distance so He could sit in the boat and teach, and the crowd would be able to see and hear Him.  So Peter complied and allowed Jesus to use his boat.  Now, even though Peter is tired, he’s getting the benefit of hearing the Word of God spoken and it is getting down into his mind and heart.  Eventually this was going to cause him to be able to go deeper with God, just as it does us when we hear God’s Word.

        So when Jesus stopped speaking, He turned to Peter and said, Put out into the deep [water], and [cast] your nets for a haul (Luke 5:4).  Notice that Peter is going to have to go out into the deep water.  He’s at the point he has to make a decision whether he will stay in the small tank of doing what he and his partners have always done or go out into the deep water of the lake where he can see bigger things happen.  That’s going to take some faith that he hadn’t used before then.  But if he doesn’t stretch his faith, he won’t be able to cast his nets into the deep for a haul as Jesus promised.  He said if Peter would go deeper with Him, he would receive something really big.  A haul of fish.

        There comes a time that if you’re going to go deeper with God, you have to CAST YOUR NET INTO DEEPER WATER!  Don’t stay where you are, doing the same thing you’ve been doing.  You have to be willing to cast your net of faith out there to take in what God has for you.  Believe that He has a big haul of wonderful things that you are going to be able to net and pull into your life because you are willing to cast it into deeper water.

       But at the time, Peter was not quite ready to go deeper.  He still had some reservations.  And God can sense from us when we are holding back from going deeper with Him.  We’re not quite ready to stretch our faith.  That’s when we start expressing to Him what we’re thinking.  And so Peter shared with Jesus how they had been sweating and working hard all night and had caught nothing in their nets, and there didn’t seem to be much use to go through that same process again in water that did not produce results.  But Jesus was telling him to go deeper than what he had done previously. 

        So, even though Peter was hesitant, he had been hearing Jesus teach and His words were now inside him, giving him a hunger to test this word.  I encourage you to test the word that God is giving you.  That’s what Peter did.  He told Jesus, On the ground of Your word, I will lower the nets [again] (Luke 5:5).  He’s going deeper! 

        He went out into that deep water and put down the nets, and the Bible says they caught a great number of fish.  Those fish just kept coming and coming.  It got to the point that their nets were breaking, so they had to signal to their partners to come on out and take hold of the nets with them.  As soon as the partner’s boat got there, they raised the nets and both of the boats were filled with fish to the point that they were going to sink.

        When you go deeper with God, be ready for something big to happen.  Bigger miracles.  More excitement.  Greater manifestation of God’s power.  You get to see Him in action.  And that causes you to fall to your knees in humble worship in adoration of Him.  Oh, your God is great and mighty. 

        After Peter saw that great miracle, he fell at the knees of Jesus and was gripped with amazement.  Now what’s happening?  He is going deeper in his relationship with Him.  He said, Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord (Luke 5:8).  Jesus is now becoming the Lord of his life.  He recognizes Jesus.  That’s what happens when we go deeper with the Lord. 

        You’re in the boat of your life with Him and He’s told you to launch out and cast that net of faith into deeper water.  So something great is going to happen.  Then as you turn and see Jesus before you, all you can do is fall before Him and confess who He is and how great and wonderful and loving He is.  He’s everything for which your heart yearns.  The Lord is mighty and compassionate. 

        As you see this and experience it, your connection with Him goes to a greater level.  Your faith stretches and so more happens and greater things are accomplished.  It’s a wonderful time in the Lord.  Be willing to cast your net of faith into deeper water.  That’s when you will make a haul.  Your life will be blessed and your relationship with God will be enriched.  Get ready—it’s time, your time to go deeper with God.

        So He’s just waiting for you to say yes that you are ready to go deeper with Him.  You can do that by joining with us as we cast a net into deeper water for God to perform miracles.  Say yes by coming into prayer with us.  We want to help you get on the road to experiencing your desires being fulfilled and to have a deeper connection with God.  So be sure to click here to share what’s on your heart today! 

        Also, we want to send some tools to you that can guide you into greater faith and a deeper relationship with the Lord.

        The first tool is a journal.  It’s a soft beautiful black journal that has a privacy latch on it.  As you spend time with God, you can use this to write what He speaks to your heart.  Log your thoughts from Him and also what you’re feeling toward God and about Him.  These things are important to do in your journey to grow deeper in Him.  It’s also important to write your prayer requests.  Then leave space to write beside them when they are accomplished.  You believe God’s Word and you’re casting the net of faith out into deeper water.  So you’re believing for a big haul! 

        The second tool is a “how-to” CD.  This is a five-part teaching that we believe will be instrumental in helping you see greater things happen in your life and to connect with the Lord in a fulfilling way through your faith and worship.

       The third tool is an instrumental piano CD by the wonderful musician, Daniel Kleefeld.  It’s called Quiet Resting Places, and it is so helpful to play this in the background of your prayer and meditating time.  Daniel has seen many people helped and healed in different ways as they listened to this music.  We use Daniel’s music on our radio broadcast, and you can always feel the Spirit of God as he begins to play.

        So we can’t wait to send these wonderful and helpful aids to you.  To receive the journal and the teaching CD, you can sow a seed of $15 into Alcott Ministries.  Or you can have all three tools for a gift of $20.  Just write or click here or call.

        When you give your gift, realize how great a thing you are doing.  You’re going deeper with God!  And, oh my!  When you go deeper with God through your giving, you do just what Peter did—you cause the powerful blessing of God to be released into your life.  You’re casting your net of faith out into deeper water and now you can pull in a big haul.  Thousands of people will be helped and healed.  They can be restored and grow in God.  There’s such wonderful personal stories of what happens through your giving.  You help create those stories.  You can click here to give to God.

        And now get ready for a great story to happen in your personal life as God blesses your giving.  And John and I join you with our own personal giving into this ministry.  We want to see God’s vision fulfilled in your life and in the lives of many others.

       We’re excited to hear from you soon and then begin to pray and see God do a great work for you as you go deeper in Him.  We are…


                                                                 Your Partners in Prayer,

                                                                 Jeanne and John Alcott


P.S.  We are ready to pray with you and send the tools you need to go deeper with God.  So cast your net of faith into deeper water and share your prayer requests today.  Expect a big haul!


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