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       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




has been declared for you!  
On that day, we will pray
and release
 our faith.  
Then we will anoint and pray over
something special that we will send to you.

Dear Partner,  

       You’ve probably heard someone say before, “You just need to have faith.”  When you shared a problem or challenge with them, they may have advised you just to believe God.  That’s great advice. 

       But…wait a minute.  Is that so easy to do?  At the moment it may not be easy because you’re experiencing some trials as I am.  We can’t just say, “Simply believe.”  It’s not quite that simple when our emotions and thoughts are involved. 

       So how is it done?  How can we help ourselves believe so God can do His work for us?  We know we must read and meditate on His Word in order for our faith to grow, and we need to pray and ask Him for the answer. 
But we can do all of that and still have a struggle on the inside.  So here is what must happen.  Faith must be RELEASED.  Release your faith!

       That means that once you pray and ask for God’s help, don’t hold on to your concerns.  Release your faith to Him.  Feel it leave you and go to God.  Then He will take it and work with that faith.  Remember, He responds to faith. 

       You cannot hold on to the frustrations or apprehensions you have and expect your faith to be released to God so He can do the work. 
When you hold on to those concerns it holds down your faith.  That’s a good picture you need to have of what’s happening.  Those concerns take hold of your faith and they pull it down.  They hold it down from being released from your spirit to God so your faith can work. 

       That’s the purpose of hurt and fear and worry.  Their purpose is to grab your faith and pull it down so it cannot go out and produce what God has for you.  When you decide to push away from you the concerns you have, then your faith is released.  When you say, “I believe,” God says, “Now, I’ll do the rest.”

    But that WAIT-TIME is sooo hard.  It can get us to a point we want to reach out to grab for
something.  Yet, instead of grabbing for something, we need to let go.  We let go of what is bothering us and release our faith. 

       Pray and Release.

       When the concerns try to come back, do it again.  Pray and release.  Remember those three words because you cannot pray and still hold on to your concerns and expect God to work in your behalf.  The release of your faith has to come after you ask.  So every time the concerns try to take hold again, you know what to do.  Pray and release. 

       Say out loud,
My life is going to be better and I’m going to see what God is doing for me.  I will not hold on to this concern, but I release my faith today.  As I do, I know God is working for me.  I believe, and He will do the rest. 

That’s what a dear woman did who had contacted us to pray concerning her job.  After we heard from her, we sent a letter back to help her release her faith.  We do this for every person who contacts us.  And I believe the words we send are anointed by God’s Spirit to speak into your life.  So when she received her letter, her faith was inspired for what the Lord was about to do for her job.  She recognized He was doing something behind the scenes.  As soon as we came into faith and believed, that opened up God’s operating system for her. 

       Soon the company for which she had been working called and offered her a position.  She said that it was right on time because she was down to her last bit of money in the bank account.  Not enough to cover expenses.  With the position, she also received good medical insurance.

       Listen…God so much wants to get His power operating in your life.  And sure, I know there is a timing issue—everything has to be worked out in God’s timing.  But we don’t want to be the ones to delay what He can do because we’re hanging on to our concerns.  Let’s make sure that we are not locking ourselves out of the miracle that can happen by not releasing our faith. 

       Here’s another powerful example in Mark 5 of how a person released her faith during a challenging time in her life.  Her problem was a flow of blood that she had experienced for twelve long years.  Information reached her about a Man named Jesus, who was traveling around healing people.  She heard all the reports of who He was and what He could do.  So she decided to step away from her home and everything that she knew and step out to go find Jesus.  She was going toward her miracle. 

       Oh hallelujah, when you take the step that God puts on your heart, you are going toward your miracle because you’re going toward Him!  And He holds your miracle.  That’s what she believed.  She was releasing her faith.  She said, If I only touch His garments, I shall be restored to health (Mark 5:28).  So she became determined.

       She pushed through the crowd surrounding Jesus and touched His garment to be healed.  When she touched Him, power came out of Him and into her.  He felt it so much, He said,
Who touched My clothes (Mark 5:30)?  When you release your faith, you have a gigantic force with you.  Power is released.  And what happens when the power of God goes out?  Tremendous and amazing things.  For her, it meant that her flow of blood was dried up at the source.  I mean, the healing went all the way to the source.  God didn’t just treat the symptoms but He got to the root of it.  And it was such a powerful impact, the Bible says she felt in her body that she was healed.  She felt it! 

       When the power of God starts working for you, you’re going to feel it doing something.  You will know and sense that His Spirit is doing a tremendous work.  That’s what we believe will happen when we join together to touch the power of God during a Day of Intercession!  We know God would not put this in our spirit to do if it wasn’t going to be a great time of anointing in His presence.


       We have a prayer handkerchief that we want to send to you after we had prayed over it so that you can touch it as we will do also.  It’s a way of releasing our faith.  You know how this woman released her faith when she touched the hem of Jesus’ clothes. 

       And in Mark 6:56, it says wherever Jesus went, people would lay the sick in front of Him that they might touch the fringe of His garment and as many as touched it received a miracle!  Then in Acts 19, it describes how handkerchiefs that the apostle Paul had touched were taken and placed upon the sick and they received miracles.  So here is what we will do: 

John and I are going to take the needs you share with us. 
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Then we will take the special handkerchief and anoint
      it with anointing oil.

After we pray over it, we will write your name on it.


Then we will send this handkerchief to you, but you must request it.

       Oh, this is going to be an ANOINTED TIME, A POWERFUL TIME, as we come together and release our faith.  When you receive this anointed personal handkerchief, we encourage you to touch it and release your faith as you do.  Then keep it somewhere special and important.  Perhaps in your Bible or in your bedroom or office.  It can go in a purse or billfold.  Or if there is something that represents your need, such as your finances or a physical need or someone in your family or your work—whatever it is that represents that need—you can lay this prayer cloth on it and pray.  Then believe for the anointing and power of God to be released and do a miracle as your faith is released.

        We’re going to be calling upon God and interceding for His will to be done in a miraculous way!  So be sure you return your prayer sheet to us and let us know you want the handkerchief after we pray over it and anoint it and intercede for your prayer requests on that day.

       We also want to send you one of my teachings that I believe will change your whole perception of what God is doing in your life.  That’s when the impossible can become possible.  The name of it is, “God Goes Before You!”  We’re seeing so many wonderful things happen in people’s lives because of this teaching.  Be sure you request a CD of it.  I will personally SIGN your copy of the teaching.
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Now, this is the time when you can honor God with your giving.  And that’s what you’re doing when you give into His work.  You honor Him.  Show Him that you trust what He will do with the prayers and funds that you give to Him. 
I can tell you this, He has so many plans of what He is going to do with your gifts.  He’s already designated—and this will just give you goose bumps—God has already designated the names of the people He’s going to help as you give today.

       He will take your prayers and finances, and through Alcott Ministries people will receive help and miracles.  They will grow in Him.  Some can experience salvation, while others can be healed from the bed of affliction.  Yes, some great miracles are waiting on your gift.  So be sure to send it right away and add your prayers to your gift.  Believe that God will do His will because of your obedience. 

       Then here’s what you need to do.  Expect!  Expect the Lord to fulfill His promise to bless you in tremendous ways because you have given into His work (I Corinthians 9).  Oh yes, you’re taking a blessed and powerful action today.  And John and I are right in there with you giving of our personal finances to see this work fulfilled for God. 
Click here now to give your gift to God.

Now, we entrust you to God’s care and provision as we wait to hear from you.  We’re so honored and privileged to be…                                                               

                                                                       Your Partners in Prayer,

                                                                       Jeanne and John Alcott


          The Time of Intercession.  Heaven is going to feel something powerful happen on that day, because our prayers will be released and go to God as we anoint your handkerchief with anointing oil and pray over it.  Then we will write your name on it so you can use it to release your faith as you touch it and pray for the miracles God has for you to be released.  Don't miss this time and be sure to request the teaching we are offering to you on CD, "God Goes Before You!"

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