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       We encourage you to read the letter below and hear what God is saying for your life.   We believe the powerful words from God’s Spirit can stir your faith and help you walk into the answers He has for you.  This is a special and personal word that the Lord gives us to send to our Partners.   Every quarter we send out this special ministry letter, and if you would like to receive it through the mail, see below to request the Power Packet which contains this special letter as well as a newsletter, spiritual articles, testimonies, and much more for you.                  Jeanne and John Alcott




We invite you to an


as we come together in the Spirit

to believe for a greater infilling and

empowerment of the Holy Spirit. 


Be filled with power from heaven by the Holy Spirit
(Luke 24:49).

Dear Partner,  

       Do you want greater power in your life from the Holy Spirit?  Do you want a more intimate relationship with God?

       The Lord provided the impartation of the Holy Spirit for your life for many reasons.  One is so you could be prepared to do what He has birthed in your heart to do.  He also gives you courage and boldness to withstand challenges.  The Holy Spirit within you creates a deeper relationship with God and empowers you to overcome obstacles and receive miracles.  And you can minister to others through the gifts of the Spirit.

       So we are having a time of prayer for you to receive a special impartation from the Holy Spirit.  Tell us how we can pray for you as we spiritually go to the Upper Room as the disciples did to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.  Do you want to see one or more of these impartations come into your life?

       A fresh infilling of the Spirit.

       Special empowerment of the Spirit.

       To operate in more of the gifts of the Spirit.

       The baptism of the Holy Spirit.

       The Spirit to move in a powerful way in your household or church or community.


       Join us for Holy Spirit prayer for you. 

      God wants to empower you in many ways so you can walk in the destiny He has for you and be able to enjoy life and fulfill the desires He has put in your heart and help others.  We’re going before God and waiting upon Him to believe for the Holy Spirit to fall in a greater way.  Jesus told His disciples, I will send the Holy Spirit, just as my Father promised.  But stay here in the city until the Holy Spirit comes and fills you with power from heaven (Luke 24:49 NLT).

      Those disciples had to have power from heaven to understand what was coming against them and be able to fulfill the Lord’s commission on their lives.  So the Holy Spirit was going to give it to them.  Just think if they had burst out of that Upper Room before the Spirit fell on them and had gone forth and started doing what they wanted.  It could have been disastrous.  They wouldn’t have the final preparation and would fail. 

       There are certain steps we need to take in preparation for receiving and achieving what He has for us. 

       This is what was happening for these disciples.  Before they could do the work of God, they had to get the power.  So Acts chapters 1 and 2 tell us how after they had been there for a while, when the timing had fully come, the power was released.  And that’s what happens with you.  Your time comes and God’s power is released. 

       So as these men and women who were in that upper room, they heard a sound from heaven as if it was a rushing violent blast.  The whole house was filled with it.  There appeared to them tongues that resembled fire.  That fire separated and came upon each one of them.  And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in other languages.  Immediately, God began to work through them to reach others with the gospel and perform miracles.  They had the power now!  They were prepared!

       The time of preparation makes you more powerful.  God is preparing you to be able to receive every blessing and achieve every purpose He has for you. 

       Ephesians 5:18 tells us to STAY FULL of the Holy Spirit.  Let Him fill you in a fresh way so you have power and abound and are overflowing—bubbling over with hope (Romans 15:13).

       This is your opportunity to go into the Upper Room spiritually with John and me to believe for the Holy Spirit to fall on your life and take you to a deeper level and for you to manifest the power of the Spirit in greater ways.

       You can receive a new boldness.  The deeper relationship you want with the Lord.  You can receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you (Acts 1:8).  Believe for an outpouring.  Signs and wonders and miracles from on high.  Guidance and wisdom to make decisions that are the best.

       This is going to be an exciting life-changing time in the Holy Ghost.  Believe you will see the Spirit fall in a powerful way.

       We also want to send a teaching to you to help you receive all God has for you.  It’s called, “Stay Full!”  In it, I describe how you can stay full of the Spirit.  You can get this teaching on CD and also receive a cup that has the reminder on it to STAY FULL.  It’s a beautiful white cup with blue lettering. 

       Just think, every time you use that cup and take a drink, you can feel a sense of how much the Holy Spirit is filling you.  He is empowering you to live a more enjoyable, conquering, wonderful life.

       Then to help you stay full of Holy Spirit power and joy, we also have a list of Scriptures for you to keep in your house or car or at work.  You can speak these out loud and feel the presence of the Spirit as you do.  This is called the Holy Spirit Package.  Just click here now to request it.

       Be sure to join us for this Upper Room experience.  Click here now to share your prayer requests.

       And also join John and me as we give into God’s hands so His Word can go forth.  You see, when we give, it activates so many tremendous events.  When a gift leaves your hand, a boom goes out into the spiritual realm.  That’s the sound of the start of miracles happening.  That’s because you’ve activated God’s promises from His mighty incomparable faithful word.  So things start happening.

       Just read some of the praise reports on this Web site and see a small taste of what God is doing in so many people’s lives.  Then He declares He will also fulfill His Word to bless and increase and restore your life.  (Ref. Luke 6:38; II Corinthians 9.)  When you give, the promise goes into FULFILLMENT STAGE.

       So click here now or write and take this opportunity to get into the fulfillment stage of God’s promise for your life and for this ministry.  Praise the Lord!

       John and I can’t wait to receive your prayer requests and see how you want the Holy Spirit to fill your life in a fresh way.  Have your spirit prepared for the Holy Spirit time of prayer as soon as we receive your prayer requests!

       Until then, we are…

                                                       Your Partners in Prayer,


                                                      Jeanne and John Alcott

Holy Spirit time of prayer for you.

Be filled in a fresh way by the Spirit. 
Be empowered in a greater way.

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