Monday, February 19, 2018
As we desire to help you receive and achieve all God has for you, our Weekly Word of Power and Prayer devotional will empower you this hour, this day, and for the week. Join Jeanne as she brings these truths for your life from God’s Word and the Spiritual Powerline and Prayer to say out loud!!

Week of February 19, 2018

Week of February 19, 2018

Your Springtime

 Is Coming!

       You know how it is in the wintertime.  Outside the grass and trees seem to have died and have no beauty.  It can be hard to imagine how it used to be when we had weather that was warmer.  We can’t wait until the days are sunshiny and it feels good to walk outside and enjoy activities outdoors.  So during the wintertime we cling to the fact that we know spring is coming. 

       That’s how it is with our circumstances of life.  We hit the wintertime.  Just as grass and trees seem to die, our situation can seem to be dead and have no hope of recovery.  We just can’t find a way to see the answers or our dreams fulfilled or to have needs be met.  That’s when we have to rely on what we believe.  Sometimes that’s all you have in the wintertime of conditions—your faith.  But that’s enough! 

       You can have faith that works for you.  It rises up in the wintertime and fills your heart with the belief that spring is coming.  It helps you in the midst of those circumstances which appear dead.  How does it do that?  Faith looks for life!  It doesn’t go toward death, meaning no hope and no answer.  It shows you where life is in your conditions.  Something is stirring!  There’s life going on in the midst of what seems to be dying.  Then you begin to see how God is moving in a great way to change things.

       So it’s important that when you’re in the wintertime, you allow faith to work for you.  Otherwise, you may lose hope or take an action that will delay or stop your springtime.  Remember that a new time is coming.  Say this to yourself.  Say, A new time is coming.  God is preparing your spring, so use your faith to be ready for it.  It will help you see the life He is producing in your hopes and desires. 

       This is something a young boy learned from his father because of what happened one winter.  He and his dad went out on their land to get some firewood.  So as soon as his father found a dead tree, he cut it down and chopped it into firewood.  Then they returned to the house.  However, that spring, when he and his dad were in the same place where that tree had been, there were new shoots sprouting all around the trunk.  They realized then the tree was not dead when he cut it down.  It just appeared that way. 

      So the father said, “I thought for sure it was dead.  The leaves had dropped in the wintertime.  It was so cold the twigs snapped as if there was no life left in the tree.  But now I see there was still life at the tap root.”  Then he turned to his son and said to him.  “Bob, don’t forget this important lesson.  Never cut a tree down in the wintertime.  Never make a negative decision in the low time.  Wait.  Be patient.  Spring will come.” 

      Are you seeing conditions that appear to be as dead and hopeless as that tree in the wintertime?  Even though it’s wintertime in your circumstances, remember this—that does not mean the dream is dead.  The tree is still alive.  Don’t cut down your tree!  In other words, don’t stop having faith for what you want to see God do. 

       Matthew 10 tells us to have faith so that when we pray we will see the dead raised.  There may be some dead things in your life that need to be raised.  That man saw the tree and thought for sure it was dead because it had dropped leaves.  It gave every appearance of having no more hope to provide shade and beauty for them. 

       Every appearance may seem to have no more hope to provide you beauty and joy and the assistance you need.  But just as that father said: Be patient.  Spring is coming.

       Use your faith to help you be patient and positive in the wintertime when things appear so bad.  It’s with your faith that you’ll be able to look for life and see it come.  If that father would have had faith that the tree was not dead, he would have looked more for signs of life before cutting it down.  When you don’t have faith that something is working, then you stop looking for signs of what God is doing.  You don’t look for life.  You think there’s no activity so there must be no life.  Then you miss the signs that God sends to show you that He is working. 

       When you have faith, you see changes start to happen.  The work God was doing underground is now popping up and showing wonderful and satisfying blessings for which you are waiting.  Remember, keep watching for signs of life.  Your spring is coming!

A Spiritual Powerline to say out loud:


Here is a powerful prayer to say out loud:           

       Lord, I know You’re working even though I cannot see You.  So though I face wintertime conditions, I refuse to cut down my hopes.  I’m about to witness a bursting forth of new life.  So I wait.  I am patient.  I know my springtime is about here.  In the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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