Tuesday, October 23, 2018
As we desire to help you receive and achieve all God has for you, our Weekly Word of Power and Prayer devotional will empower you this hour, this day, and for the week. Join Jeanne as she brings these truths for your life from God’s Word and the Spiritual Powerline and Prayer to say out loud!!

Week of Oct 22, 2018

Week of Oct 22, 2018

Events Will

       Be encouraged today concerning what you want to see happen in your life.  Be encouraged even if it appears that you can’t get it accomplished, because…God is not through yet! 

       So even if things seem to be going against you, you can believe events will reverse!  When the conditions haven’t changed one bit, just hang tight because the trend is going to reverse. 

       Think of the huge reversal the man Job experienced.  At one point in the midst of all his trials, conditions were so bad that his wife told him he ought to just go ahead and die.  She was hurting so much from everything that happened, there didn’t seem to be any reason to go on.  Have you ever hurt that much?  That’s where she was because that’s how bad everything appeared. 

       You have to understand where they were coming from.  You see, they had been greatly blessed before the trial started.  Job chapter 1 begins by describing this man as being upright, abstaining from what was wrong; he had sons and daughters and possessed sheep, camels, oxen, donkeys and a very great amount of servants.  So much so that Job was known as the greatest of all the men of the East.  Now that’s saying something because there were very wealthy families in the East, but Job was the greatest of them. 

        Now he’s had a change in his conditions and circumstances.  All his livestock were stolen and his servants were killed by the robbers.  Then all his children were in the same house at a party when a tornado hit and wiped them out.  After that, his health was taken when he was struck with sores from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.  No one had more of a right to give up and believe there was no hope in God than Job.

       But when we come to the place that we think we have the right to believe there is no more hope for things to change, remember this: we also have the right to believe events will reverse for us BECAUSE OF OUR GOD.  What we’re seeing is just a partial picture.  Now, the devil will try to make us think, This is the finished picture.  It’s not going to be different.  But he’s wrong. 

       That’s what we have to keep telling ourselves.  Those thoughts from the devil are wrong.  This is not finished.  This is a partial picture.  God is working.  And when He’s finished, I will see how He turned everything in my favor.  And it was because I believed Him.  Because you believed Him….  That’s why they turn.

       So if the trend of the events have been going the wrong way for you, oh hallelujah, watch for them to reverse.  The events will reverse and start going in your favor.  Don’t you know the day that this began to happen for Job, he was rejoicing?

       Job chapter 42 says, The Lord TURNED the captivity of Job and restored his fortunes, when he prayed for his friends; also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.  God turned the tide.  What has been taken was restored.  But not just one for one; it was two-for-one.  Twice as much.  The passage goes on to say the Lord blessed his future more than his beginning. 

       You see when God reverses the events, He doesn’t do it just enough to get you by.  He doesn’t change the conditions just a bit.  He takes you beyond where you were in the beginning.  So the end is better than the beginning!

       He healed Job and gave him more beautiful daughters and sons, twice as many sheep and camels and oxen and donkeys than he had in the beginning.  And remember that at the beginning, it said he was the greatest man in the East because of his wealth and reputation and honor.  But now he’s even greater.  And to get to enjoy all of this, he lived another 140 years—BLESSED!

       In spite of how bad conditions may appear, and you view the disappointment of the way things are going, remember that God is not through yet.  There will be a reversal of events.  Disadvantage will become advantage.  And God can bless you twice as much as you were at the beginning, before all the bad happened.

       Yes, the picture you see is not complete.  All you’ve seen is the devil’s part of what he’s done; wait for what God is going to do to change the picture.  My oh my, there’s going to be a reversal in the trend of events.  And it’s going to be in your favor!

A Spiritual Powerline to say out loud:


Here is a powerful prayer to say out loud:               

       Wow, Lord!  I believe events are about to reverse.  Disadvantage will be turned to advantage for me.  You’re working on it, so I will stand in faith until I see what You are doing.  I’m believing for something twice as good!  In the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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