Monday, June 17, 2019
As we desire to help you receive and achieve all God has for you, our Weekly Word of Power and Prayer devotional will empower you this hour, this day, and for the week. Join Jeanne as she brings these truths for your life from God’s Word and the Spiritual Powerline and Prayer to say out loud!!

Week of June 17, 2019

Week of June 17, 2019

The Season
 of Your Fruit! 

       You know how different fruits have their own season.  It’s the time when you can expect them to grow and ripen and be ready to eat.  Think how wonderful it is when the first peach of the season is available and you pick it up and smell it.  Then you take the first bite, and it’s juicy and good and sweet.  That’s because you bit into it in the right season. 

       Well, you have peaches in your life.  There are different times that a peach is waiting for you in your work or health or in your finances, or in the situation you’re facing that’s tough, and in your relationships and growth in God.  There are peaches that will ripen in their season. 

       But you can miss when it’s the right time.  Here’s how that happens.  You’ve been without the fresh fruit in the winter so when the right season comes and it’s ready to be eaten, because you’ve been without it so much time, you may have gotten tired of waiting.  So you didn’t notice when the season came around because you were so consumed with other things.

       That’s what can happen when we enter into a time of waiting and working towards something.  There may be disappointments and frustrations.  So when our time comes, we’re so wrapped up in those, that we can miss it.  Don’t miss your season.  There is a time for you to come out of that valley of trouble and challenges and bite into a peach.  Experience the wonderful miracle and victory God has for you.  Your time has come, so have faith and receive it.

       This is what happened to a woman who refused to get discouraged.  She was not going to miss the time of her miracle.  She had contacted us to pray in agreement with her that she would be debt-free.  Now for some people it would be hard to believe for that.  But she had a moving in her spirit and knew her season was coming.  It was time for her to get out of the valley of debt and be free from it.  She had been trying to sell some property but it would not budge.  So we prayed with her and stood in faith during this time. 

       Now, she has written with an update and said, “Your messages of kindness and hope came just at the right time.”  See, God made sure that His Word to her came at the right time.  Then she goes on to say, “[Here is] more proof of God moving: A substantial debt was lifted from me…when I sold a rental property after carrying the mortgage for years.  Praise God!  He told me He would do it and He did.  I am now debt-free.  I asked you to pray for me in the situation; thank you for being in agreement.” 

       There’s a sentence in that letter which is so important.  She said, “God told me He would do it and He did.”  In other words, when she was in the valley of debt she knew her time would come to get out of it since God promised her that.  So in the times when she waited and sometimes felt the heaviness of the finances, she refused to stop believing.  Because of it, she walked into her season.  She got to take the bite of her peach.  And oh how sweet it was! 

       It will be sweet for you when your season comes.  You’re in the valley of the burden right now, but just at the right time the fruit will be ripe if you are ready to experience it.  Your faith must be prepared and watching for the timing of the answer or blessing God has for you.

        In Numbers chapter 13, we see this is where the Israelites got off.  Their faith wasn’t ready when their season came, so they missed it.  When they had come out of Egyptian bondage and it was time for them to go into the place of promise, their leader, Moses, sent twelve spies to check out the land.  He specifically told them to bring back some of the fruit from that area.

        What’s interesting is the scripture says that, Now the time was the time of the first ripe grapes (Numbers 13:20).  The time was the time!  God made sure the fruit was there as proof of what was waiting for the Israelites.  So when the spies came back, they carried grapes with them that were so big and abundant, it took two men to carry the branch of grapes on their shoulders.  But because the cities were fortified and the people were big in the cities, ten of the spies convinced the people they could not go into the place of promise.

       If we allow ourselves to have that kind of thinking, we’ll never get to partake of the fruit.  We won’t go into our season.

       So that generation of Israelites never entered into the blessings that God had planned for them.  Believe God will fulfill His promise so you can eat the fruit of the land.  Enjoy it.  It’s your season.  It’s your time.

A Spiritual Powerline to say out loud:


Here is a powerful prayer to say out loud:               

       Lord, I know You have my “fruit” prepared for me.  Now by faith, I enter into my season.  My season of miracles and answers and growth and blessings.  It’s mine because You desire to give it to me.  This is the time.  In the name of Jesus.  Amen.


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Eyesight Restored!

A woman called and described how her eyesight was being taken from her by a disease.  So we began to do spiritual warfare against that disease and take her eyesight back.  After prayer and standing in faith and believing God’s Word, she has now given us a praise report.  Her eyes are so much better.  The one eye that she couldn’t see out of is now clear and she can see.  Since then, we received a second update from her that the process continues to get even better.  Her healing is being completed.

A Financial Turnaround!

“Well, I have good news.  I am finally working for a good security company full-time.  I am enjoying it and the people that I work with.  But the best part is that now I will be able to support the ministry full-time also.  The veteran’s department paid my back utilities and assisted me with the training for the course to become a security guard.  So I have received a turnaround.  Things are looking up!”


                                        No More Low Self-Esteem!

The Word of Power today freed me from a lot of junk from the past that was causing low self-esteem.  Thankful I'm free of it!  I have been praying for that!  The Lord has helped me to be complete in Him, fully mature to go forward in Him.  Bless you both.  Thanks for listening to His leading!” 

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