Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Ministry Vision of John and Jeanne Alcott is to bring God's power into people's lives to help empower them to live in His ways and experience all the blessings, help, and growth God has for them.


  Dear Partner,

        Jeanne and I want to share the latest financial report of the ministry with you.  As a supporter and Partner of Alcott Ministries, we want you to know how your gifts are producing fruit.

       In the most recent completed financial year, Alcott Ministries received donations of $121,755.  The ministry expenses totaled $117,075.  Alcott Ministries was established in December over eighteen years ago.  Since that time, over 3,700 broadcasts have aired! 

        Listeners have heard anointed, powerful, and concisely targeted life-changing messages.  Over the years the program has aired in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Ohio, Virginia, Houston, Chicago, and all of Southern California including Los Angeles and San Diego.


Is Your Giving a Good Investment?

       We conservatively estimate that for every dollar given into this ministry a minimum of 100 people hear this broadcast!  That’s not counting those who listen through Internet and our Web site.  Where can you invest $1 and have it affect so many with the Word of God this way?

       And God has placed dreams in our hearts that can grow this work and expand the impact of His Word to many more people.  So the money you give will live for eternity in the lives of those who were helped and delivered and those who grow in God because of your giving.

       This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to continue to do great things for God.  Jesus promises in John 14:12, lf anyone steadfastly believes in Me, he will himself be able to do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these, because I go to the Father.

       As you join with us in doing God’s work, you are helping fulfill that scripture.  Then you can expect greater miracles from God in your own life because you obeyed with your giving to get His Word into this world.  We’re expecting to see His favor and blessings be upon you this year as we partner with you in prayer.  God bless!


Jeanne Alcott’s salary is $1,000 a month with no benefits.
(Our personal giving more than covers Jeanne's salary so no Partner funds are used for it.)

John Alcott receives no salary or benefits.

Alcott Ministries has two part-time employees who work approximately 10 hours a week total.


                                                                              John Alcott



Tough Emotions
To Make It!
five-part CD
Jeanne Alcott
Oct 16 - 20

Allow God to give you emotions that can withstand the demands that are placed on you during certain times.  Those emotions can be a support to help you walk into victory.  When you are tough, you are hard to beat.  Your emotions can’t be tossed around and cause you to become weak and prevent you from making it.  This toughness will help youdo what you need to do.
I.   Keep Reaching for It! 
II.  Grab Your Lifeline! 
III. Laugh Sometimes! 
IV. Endure To Fulfill Your Calling! 
V.  Be Tough To Chew! 

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Healed of Cancer in the Tonsils!

“The Lord healed me ten years ago of cancer in the tonsils….  During that time [that I was fighting cancer] I listened to and read everything you sent to me and prayed with your help in faith for my healing.  I have been cancer free for seven years now.”

Able To Keep Going in Her Faith Walk!

“Thank you for your ministry and how you're used by God to minister to people!  I listen to your broadcasts and CDs all the time and God has used you to keep me going in my faith walk.  Thank you for having a spirit that's sensitive to the Holy Spirit!  His messages through you are timely and they minister to me in a deep way!  Thank you for your prayers and ministry!” 


       Click here to request Jeanne Alcott’s teachings to be sent to you each month—four CDs a month for a pledge of $30 a month.  Hear the encouragement, comfort, and teaching God wants to send into your life.


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