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The Ministry Vision of John and Jeanne Alcott is to bring God's power into people's lives to help empower them to live in His ways and experience all the blessings, help, and growth God has for them.



Dear Partner,

         This is the Inside Report of Alcott Ministries that we want to share with you, our Partner, so you know what God is doing through your generous gifts.           

        Jeanne and I were led by God to begin this ministry many years ago.  It all started on a tiny radio station in Sand Springs, Oklahoma with a once-a-week broadcast on Saturdays until we then began daily broadcasts.  

        Jeanne’s passion has always been to mentor people in God’s ways and help them live in those ways and His miraculous power every day.  He put in her a strong compassion for people and their needs.  I believe our listeners sense that as she communicates God’s heart.  She discerns and sees God’s ways and paths clearly and provides that insight in the teachings and writings.  She also provides a one-on-one voice and one-on-one written letters.  Many of those who contact us keep the letters she writes because she hears so clearly God’s heart and it speaks to their heart.  We are also seeing many miracles in the lives of our listening friends who contact us with their needs. 

        Since that small start on one station, over the years the ministry has covered millions of people over the airwaves, from twenty million people living in Southern California to Chicago, Houston, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia.  The broadcast on the Internet Ministry also has listeners from many states and countries. 

        God is doing great things through the radio broadcast, the personal letters we write, newsletters, prayer calls, the Internet Ministry, and the many prayers for those who contact us.  The total income received by Alcott Ministries to do all this was $193,027 for the reported financial period.  This is an increase over the last period mainly due to increased giving from Jeanne and me to the ministry.  We also give monthly gifts as well.

        Thank you for your gifts and know that God is delighted in His heart as you determine to give to His work.  He has BIG PLANS for your gifts and for your life because of your obedience.  God bless you!

                                                                                John Alcott





Activate the Word for You!
five-part CD
Jeanne Alcott
Aug 26-30

We truly believe the Scriptures when they tell us the Word that God gives us is full of power.  But are you seeing the Word of God do everything in your life you desire?  Learn how you can activate the Word to work for you.  Energize what has been said in the Scriptures to operate in your behalf.
I.    See the Remarkable Happen!
II.   Send the Right Word!
III.  Build the Position of Faith!
IV.  Hit the Mark!
V.   Keep the Word Before You!

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She Went From Homeless, and in Pain to a Job, Improved Health, and Her Own Place!

“A few years ago, I heard Jeanne Alcott on the radio and ordered a couple of her CDs.  The message was so powerful that I listened to it day and night and started believing God at a new level.  I was homeless, in my 50s, and had bad back pain.  I asked Jeanne if I should go back to the state [where I had been living formally].  She wrote me a beautiful letter back.  I got a better job, my health improved, and I got a car and my own place.  Everything the devil stole, I got back and more.  Thanks so much for letting me know God is on my side.  He tells me to call Him FRIEND!”

Pain Gone and Reports Good!

“Thank you for your prayers.  I am happy to say my pain is gone and all reports were positive.  I am so relieved.  I listen to your CDs every day in my car.  I am always in awe of your anointing.  God speaks to me with His Word as it comes from your heart and voice.  You are making a huge impact in the lives of people you will never meet until our family reunion in heaven.”


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