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Reflections 2022 Calendar


This beautiful calendar has inspirational photos on each month and each day has a Bible verse on it.  You can express a scripture over your life that day and feel yourself gaining more power and freedom in your life.  It’s great for praying protection and blessing over yourself and others.  At the bottom of it is the message for you to see all year long: Be still, know that I am God!  Full size is 11 x 18 for the wall in your office, kitchen, garage, or wherever it fits for you!

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Rescue Is Coming!
five-part message
Jeanne Alcott Airing
Aug 15-19

  You know how it is to come to the place you wonder, "How am I ever going to get out of this?"  You’re facing some conditions and you need to be rescued from them.  God is the One who can bail you out of the problems or danger or events not going in your favor.  However you need to be rescued, He is the One to whom you can turn.  He’s going to show you the different ways that you can depend upon His rescue coming to you.
I.    Better Off in the End.
II.   Back to Your Proper Place.
III.  Seeing Things As
         They Really Are. 
IV.  What God Will Do. 
V.   Retrieving From
         the Garbage.  
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                                     No Cancer Cells Found.
“I had a biopsy and other procedures and needed another surgery.  I went through the biopsy and first procedure.  [But] when I went for my follow-up appointment, the doctor was taken aback that I didn’t look my age.  [I am] 70.  I asked when would the next surgery be and he said, ‘What surgery?  I am satisfied with the results and will not put you through another surgery.’  No cancer cells found, praise God.  Thank you for your prayers.  The Lord told me He was restoring even my youth.  Hallelujah!  He is worthy to be praised!”

                                Two Raises and Visa Gift Card.

“Praise be to God for His goodness.  So much has been happening.  Since the last time I wrote to you, God has blessed me to get two raises on my job.”  Then this Partner wrote again and told about the cherry on top that God had given her.  She said, “On my job they pulled names for gifts at our workers appreciation day, and I won a VISA gift card which I had never won before.  I truly thank God for winning that.  I do appreciate you all being there for me, standing in agreement with me and in prayer for my family and me.  Here’s my offering.  I name this seed God’s provision and financial breakthrough.

                                   Restored to Her Calling.  

“The Lord restored my soul and sent me back to my calling.  He has blessed me abundantly with favor and finances.  I am so thankful for His guidance and direction into His will for me.  Thank you again and again for your faithful prayers for me.  Love you so much.  I’m forever grateful for becoming your Partner and friend.”


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