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Reflections 2022 Calendar


This beautiful calendar has inspirational photos on each month and each day has a Bible verse on it.  You can express a scripture over your life that day and feel yourself gaining more power and freedom in your life.  It’s great for praying protection and blessing over yourself and others.  At the bottom of it is the message for you to see all year long: Be still, know that I am God!  Full size is 11 x 18 for the wall in your office, kitchen, garage, or wherever it fits for you!

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No Entrance!
five-part message
Jeanne Alcott Airing
Nov 29-Dec 3

  At times we have to put a sign on our life which says, “No entrance.”  That’s because our enemy, the devil, is trying continually to get his foot in the door.  He wants to enter where he shouldn’t.  God wants to show us how to prevent circumstances and problems from gaining entrance into our life.  Prevent them from occupying the place they’re trying to invade and be free of them.
I.    Stop the Takeover.
II.   Don’t Be Taken In.
III.  Go for the Best.
IV.  Protect Your Nest.
V.   Keep Swinging.
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                                  Oppression Gone With Prayer!
“A Partner called and said there had been an oppressive spirit on her and she had tried everything she knew but could not break it.  She has had a series of unhappy things happen in her life.  So she was getting to the point of feeling quite desperate.  She decided to call us to ask for powerful prayer.  Within half a day she said she could feel the prayer.  Then it was gone.  She is so very thankful for the ministry and prayer.”


                              Promotion With Car!  Great Peace!

“I had a great answer to prayer for my brother.  He got a promotion with a lease car at his present business where he's working.  I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given me.  So many answeres to prayer.  I also wanted to say that even in these times, I have never had so much peace in my life.  What a gift from our Lord.

                                    Eight Pounds, Six Ounces!  

I wrote last month to ask for prayer for my son's baby.  Well praise the Lord, the baby girl was born in March.  She is a precious gift from God!  Eight pounds, six ounces and delivered at home by a midwife!  We are so very thankful for your prayers.


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