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As we desire to help you receive and achieve all God has for you, our Weekly Word of Power and Prayer devotional will empower you this hour, this day, and for the week. Join Jeanne as she brings these truths for your life from God’s Word and the Spiritual Powerline and Prayer to say out loud!!

Week of September 18, 2023


Keep Plowing

 Until You're


     At times we have to force ourselves by faith to keep doing what we know we should.  We don’t feel like doing it.  We want something to be different now.  So it isn’t easy to keep plowing.  It’s easy to wander away from believing that God will call us to a new part of our life.

     When you come to that place, keep plowing, and as you do, the calling will come.  The new time, the next season, the new phase, the change you wanted, it will come.  Just keep plowing until you’re called.

     Elijah was a great prophet that saw many miracles.  Then the time came for him to start mentoring a younger person to follow after him.  So God told him who the person was, where to find him, and how to anoint him so he could begin doing the works of God as soon as Elijah was finished.

     What’s interesting is that this prophet didn’t search for him in some important position or among those that were famous.  No, he found his person plowing on a farm.  First Kings 19 says he walked right across the field, went up to this young man, and cast his mantle upon him, which was a symbol of passing on the power and authority of an office.

     Elijah was the type of guy to get the job done.  He didn’t try to have a discussion with him or give him a long story about what had happened and what the job entailed and how the future would be.

     Have you noticed that’s how God does us many times.  No big story about what’s happening.  Not a discussion about if we’re ready to go on or not.  And He doesn’t tell us all the future.  He just puts the mantle on us and says, “I’m giving to you the power and authority to go into this new area of your life.”

     Now, if we’re out in the field plowing and doing what we should, we’ll be ready.  But if we have put down our plow and become so disappointed that we don’t believe we’ll ever see our desire fulfilled, then we won’t be ready.

     Right away Elisha said to the prophet that he would kiss his parents goodbye and then he would go.  He was ready to go to this new calling God had for him.  He had been obedient and working until the time came.  That’s the part that may not be fun.  The plowing.

     To plow means to proceed in a steady way.  To labor.  So there may be times it’s hard, tedious, not exciting.  But remember what it’s producing.  Our action of plowing is producing something powerful.

     We’re preparing the ground of our life.  Much as a farmer plows the ground in order to grow and produce something, that’s what we’re doing by obedient actions every day.  If we choose not to plow, then we can kill the calling.  If we’re not working and obeying, the calling can die.

     If you want to see the next season of your life begin, if you want to see a vision you have start to unfold, keep plowing where you are and one day you will feel the mantle fall on your shoulders.  It’s that process of plowing which enters you into the next season.

     God may put a mantle on you to fulfill the passion of seeing your family serve Him.  You may feel called to start a special Bible group in your home or prayer group.  Maybe He’s calling you into the season of developing your finances so they can increase and therefore you can help increase the kingdom of God.  Or He is anointing you to produce a product that will be beneficial to believe for greater miracles.  Maybe you’ve come out of a difficult trial and you’re going to be helping others in their trials.

     There are so many different ways God wants to call you into an area that will be fulfilling to you.  I think of one woman who was sharing how because she heard the Word of Power teachings they gave her strength to accomplish something that was on her heart.  She wrote to us and said, “God has called me, even late in my life, to fulfill the music ministry He…intended for me.  As you know [there are] many distractions and afflictions that come from the enemy but God delivers us from them all!  Thank you both for your ministry.”  Even though she had another vocation, she was able to fulfill the calling in her heart to minister in music.  She wasn’t young when the mantle fell, but that doesn’t matter.

     When the mantle falls, if you’re still plowing, you’ll be able to answer the call, and what’s been inside you will come out and come to pass.

     So even when you’re plowing, continue to believe you’re called.  You’re called into a new season of fulfilling what God has for you.  The day will come when God will touch your life and you will see where He’s taking you.

A Spiritual Powerline to say out loud:


Here is a powerful prayer to say out loud:                          

    Father, I believe You have great and wonderful things planned for my life.  So I’m going to keep plowing until I feel the mantle fall on me.  Then I will see fulfilled every good thing You have for me.  I will be fulfilled and thrilled with my future.  In the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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