Tuesday, August 4, 2020

As we desire to help you receive and achieve all God has for you, our Weekly Word of Power and Prayer devotional will empower you this hour, this day, and for the week. Join Jeanne as she brings these truths for your life from God’s Word and the Spiritual Powerline and Prayer to say out loud!!


Week of August 3, 2020


        Sow the

     Right Seeds!


       We know that a farmer can’t see anything grow if they don’t prepare the field.  They must do everything necessary for the crops to produce a harvest.

       That’s how it is in a spiritual way for you.  If you want to see God’s miracles and goodness produced in your life, you have to prepare for it.  You get your field ready with words and faith and actions.  That’s when the “crops” God has for you can grow.  That’s why Proverbs 24 says, Get your fields ready for next season.

       If you want to see what God is going to do in the next season of your life, you have to get your field ready.  That means you sow the right seeds.  I’ll tell you one story of how a person did this because she was in need of a job.  This woman wrote to us and said that she was praising God because she had just heard our message that day.  She said, “It was as if God was preparing me for what would happen in my own life.”  She had been treated with injustice at her work and it resulted in her being laid off.

       Now at this point, she could have gotten bitter and disappointed and felt as if life wasn’t fair to her.  She could have sowed seeds of anger and seeds of doubt that God could do anything for her now.  Instead she wrote to us for prayer on our Web site and said, “I don’t understand this.  [But] I’m trusting God that He has better plans for me.  Please pray that God opens doors no one can shut.”

       She was preparing her field for God to do a miracle in those bad circumstances.  First, she sowed seeds with her words that she believed God had a plan.  Second, she sowed seeds with her faith by writing to us for prayer.  Last, she sowed seeds with her actions by giving a gift into God’s work.  Now God had something to work with in the soil.  He could start producing.  Oh!  Her field was ready.  It was ready for God to do a great miracle.  She had sowed the right seeds.

       So we took her request for prayer and her seed to God and we prayed over them and stood in faith that He would do something.  Then we wrote words encouragement to her by God’s Spirit.  Read her words about what happened next.  “God is SO good!  I have tears of joy as I’m writing this.  I asked if you would be in prayer for a job for me….  I was planning on going out of state for work because the pay was good, but there was a delay.  I didn’t understand and was a little frustrated but knew God was in control.  I sowed some more money into the ministry as a thank offering.”

       After she did all this, she tells how a friend gave her name to a supervisor for a possible job.  Now remember she’s thinking that she’s going to have to move out of state to get a good paying job.  But this supervisor from this other company called her and said that she had a position right there in her own home town and made her the offer for the job.  She accepted!

       Now she doesn’t have to move out of state.  Not just that, but here is how God is so good.  She used to drive forty-five minutes to get to work but this new job is under a mile from her house.  She ended her praise report with this, “Thank you so much for sending the letter of encouragement.  I just had to share how good God is.  He gave me a job without my even looking for this [one].”

       Now that story is filled with all kinds of wonderful things happening.  But it could have been very different if she had not put the right seeds in the ground so that her field was made ready for the miracle of God to grow.  If the ground isn’t prepared, a miracle can’t come up out of it.  Put first things first.  Get something in the ground with your words and your faith and your actions.

       If you want to have greater spiritual growth or family unity or a promotion or see an unfair condition turn around—whatever is on your heart right now and you’re asking God to do it, sow the right seeds so His promise can grow and come to pass.

       Plant words of faith.  Sow thoughts in your mind about the goodness of God.  Plant generosity and kindness.  Put into the ground of your life the teachings of God.  Pray in the Spirit.  Give into His work.  In other words, do things to show you are getting your field ready for Him to do His work.

      When He sees that you have something in the ground, He promises to grow it into just what you need.  The crops or the miracle that you need.

      So it’s time for you to put something in the ground the way God directs you.  Then watch for His goodness to manifest in your life.

A Spiritual Powerline to say out loud:



  Here is a powerful prayer
              to say out loud:

       Lord, I’m getting my field ready.  I’m excited to see what You will do in the next season of my life.  Help me to sow the right seeds according to Your Word.  I’m expecting a miracle harvest.  In the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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Get Your Field Ready! 
five-part message
Jeanne Alcott
Aug 3-7
      Proverbs 24 says, "Get your fields ready for next season."  If you want to see what God has prepared for you, you have to prepare your life for it.  So the Spirit of God is exhorting you to get your field ready for what is coming.  The farmer can’t see anything grow if they don’t prepare the field and do everything necessary for those crops to grow.  See how to prepare to receive the blessings of God and see your crops grow.
I.    Put Something in the Ground!
II.   Keep the Weeds Out!
III.  Prepare It With Prayer!
IV.  Break a Sweat!
V.   Wait for the Growing!
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