Monday, May 23, 2022

As we desire to help you receive and achieve all God has for you, our Weekly Word of Power and Prayer devotional will empower you this hour, this day, and for the week. Join Jeanne as she brings these truths for your life from God’s Word and the Spiritual Powerline and Prayer to say out loud!!

Week of May 23, 2022


   Can You Count

       the Stars?

     One evening God came to the man Abraham and said that He would give him abundant compensation and his reward would be great.  The first words that came out of Abraham were, “Oh God, what can You give me, since I don’t have a child, so I don’t have anyone who can inherit what You’re promising me.  You have given me no child.”  (Ref. Genesis 15:1-3.)

     That man had to have a sign.  He couldn’t see the potential of what God could do for Sarah and him since they didn’t have an heir.  He needed a God-sign.

     So God brought Abraham outside his tent where he could see the sky.  Then He told him to look up.  See, Abraham’s head had been down, discouraged, disappointed.  That’s how we are on the inside when we don’t see the potential of how God can fulfill a desire in our heart.

     But if we keep our head down, then we can’t see the signs of what is happening.  That’s why He had Abraham raise his head up and view the stars in the sky.  He said, Look at the sky.  Count the stars.  Can you do it?  So shall your descendents be.  (Ref. Genesis 15:5.)

     If he could count the stars then he could count his descendents.  That’s how many would come from him and call him their father.  The father of faith.  The reason he’s called that is because the next verse says that Abraham believed and trusted in what God said to him.  He didn’t go back into the tent and ignore it and think it could never happen.

     The potential of what God was going to do for Abraham was so big, there was just one way to demonstrate it and show what was to come.  He had to use all the stars in the sky.  It was the “so much more.”

     Oh there is so much potential of what God is about to do in your life, that the sky isn’t big enough to hold the signs of what you’re being shown.  It’s so great.  Vast.  Blessed.  Full of wonders.  Look for the signs of His moving.  Watch for the God-sign of what He’s doing.

     This is what a woman decided to do when she needed to be healed.  At first, she just couldn’t see the possibility of what God could do for her body.  She had undergone surgery to have a tumor removed from her ear, which resulted in a facial nerve being damaged.  That caused paralysis and weakness on that side of her face.  It also affected her hearing so she had to wear hearing aids, and she heard a constant ringing in her head.  That caused her to be dizzy so much that she had to be in bed often.  Another side effect was that the nerve which controls the sense of taste had been cut, so she couldn’t really taste food.

     As she was driving to church one day, a voice inside her said, “This could be the last time you drive to church sick.”  God was giving her a sign of the potential of what could be!  It was possible!

     When He begins to speak to you in that way, it isn’t you.  It’s God’s Spirit.  It may seem way too wonderful to receive something in your life, but when God is moving, you’ll receive a sign from Him.  It will be a sign of the potential of what can be!  That’s when you have to pay attention to it.  Grab onto it.

     That’s what this woman was doing.  As she continued to drive to the church, her spirit was alive.  It was sparked.  When you get a God-sign, it sparks your spirit.  You become alive and ready to see the potential of what can be done.  She didn’t want to miss the “so much more” God had for her.

     She was fed up with what the enemy had been doing to her health so after the service she prayed a do-or-die type prayer.  When she opened her eyes, light poured down on her.  It penetrated every part of her being.  Then here came the big sign.  She saw in front of her big tall words that read, “YOU ARE HEALED.”

     All of a sudden she found that she could hear without her hearing aid.  All the ringing in her head had vanished.  She wasn’t dizzy anymore.  The feeling in her extremities returned.  Even her sense of taste came back.

     This woman received complete healing.  That’s because when God showed her a sign as big as the stars in heaven, she believed it.  She saw the potential of what He could do and received it.

     Just as Abraham, you may be thinking, God, how can I know this will happen?  How can I know this will be mine?  You can know because He’s coming to you now and sparking your spirit.  Look at the stars.  Count the stars if you can!  Reach out and take hold of the stars and pull them into your life.  God is giving them to you this day.  Accept by faith that He can give you so much more.

A Spiritual Powerline to say out loud:



  Here is a powerful prayer
              to say out loud:

       God, I believe what You’re about to do for me.  I am receiving the God-sign today.  So I’m looking up!  I’m expecting so much more.  I receive all You want to do for me.  In the name of Jesus.

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Signs of God Moving!
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II.   Sign of Deliverance.
III.  Sign of the Right Way. 
IV.  Sign of Hope. 
V.   Sign of Moving On.   
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