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As we desire to help you receive and achieve all God has for you, our Weekly Word of Power and Prayer devotional will empower you this hour, this day, and for the week. Join Jeanne as she brings these truths for your life from God’s Word and the Spiritual Powerline and Prayer to say out loud!!


Week of Mar 30, 2020


     Amaze God!

       Think about when you woke up this morning.  What were some of the first words you said?  As you got out of bed and started making your way through the day, did you find yourself saying things that reflected a sad countenance or frustration or a low sense of hope?  Or were they words that showed you believed God would help you no matter what you were facing?

       Sometimes we forget that our words matter.  That’s because those words coming out of us reflect what’s in us.  They will make a difference in which way the day goes.  We can create power with them when we are speaking the truth that God puts within us.  Words such as, I can have good things happen to me today.  I’m protected by God.  Blessings are coming to me.  My answer is waiting for me.  I’m walking into better days.

       That’s the test.  Will you speak words according to what God says, or do you get caught repeating the words the devil wants you to believe?

       There’s a story that shows what words of truth can do as they go against the lying words the enemy speaks into our life.  The man, Nikolai Bukharin, was a Russian communist and was very powerful in the early 1900s.  He had taken part in the revolution of 1917 and also was editor of the Soviet newspaper, Pravda.  The name of the paper means “truth,” but it printed anything but truth.  That’s how the devil does.  He cloaks himself as though he is speaking truth to try to get us to believe it.

       In 1930, Nikolai went to Kiev to address a very large group of people on the subject of atheism.  For a full hour, he demeaned Christianity and said the people should see it as false and stupid.  Afterwards, the people were very quiet.  It would seem the damage had been done, and they would no longer have faith in Christ.

       So with triumph, the atheist looked out over the crowd and boastfully challenged, “Are there any questions?”  There was just silence.  Then one man decided to get up and walk onto the platform and stand right next to this famous man.  Then he turned to the crowd and with his arms raised in the air, he shouted a greeting that was well known in all the Russian churches.  He shouted the words: “Christ is risen!”

        Suddenly en masse the crowd arose, and with one voice they shouted out the Christian response, “He is risen indeed!”  Truth had triumphed. 

       It took just a few words to overcome all the many words the atheist had spoken for an hour.  Let me tell you, it only takes a few words, the right words coming out of you, to overcome all the words the enemy says against your life.

       Set him straight.  Speak words that are God’s truth.  "My future is secure.  I’m getting better every day.  My life is growing.  This virus is conquered.  I’m strong in the Lord.  I’m convinced this work issue will be resolved.  My finances will be more than enough.  I overcome the words of the enemy with the words of my faith.”

       Believe in what God can do and what He IS doing right now.  There is nothing that can overpower you when you use the power of your words.

       This is what a man believed who was a Roman Centurion in the days of Jesus (Luke 7).  One day when his servant became ill, he went to Jesus to heal him.  So the Lord decided to go to his house and lay hands on the boy, but before He could, the Centurion said that he was not worthy for Jesus to come under his roof.  However if the Lord would just speak a word, he knew his servant boy would be healed.

       How could he say that?  Because he understood the power of words.  He said, For I also am a man daily subject to authority, with soldiers under me.  And I say to one, Go, and he goes; and to another, Come, and he comes; and to my bond servant, Do this, and he does it (Luke 7:8).  This man knows you don’t have to say a lot of words.  Just “Go.  Come.  Do this.”  And things happen.

       So, he knew all Jesus had to say was, “Be healed,” and the boy would be well.  The Lord was so amazed by the understanding and faith the Centurion had in what He could do that Jesus spoke the word, and the servant boy became well.

       Amaze God today.  Show Him the faith you have by the words you speak, in spite of how big the circumstances seem around you or how hard it is to accomplish something.

       Oh, what your words can do for you!  You can see God move in your behalf and accomplish your desire.  Don’t allow your words to take you away from the very thing you want to see the Lord do.  Speak the truth of what God wants to do in your life.  Amaze Him with your faith in Him.

A Spiritual Powerline to say out loud:

  Here is a powerful prayer
              to say out loud:

       Lord, I have faith in what You are doing and not how the circumstances appear.  So I’m speaking words of truth about my life today.  Now I believe I will see You fulfill Your good plans for me.  Help and victory are coming.  In the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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What Your Words Can Do for You! 
five-part message
Jeanne Alcott
Mar 16-20

We know that words are a powerful tool that can do one of two things—build up or tear down.  They can get you nearer to your desire or further away.  In other words, what you say can "give into your life" or "take away from it" what God intends for you.  That’s how much influence and power they have.  See what God can do when He hears the words coming from your heart.  You can…
I.    Use Your Words
           To Inspire!

II.   Use Your Words
           To Heal!

III.  Use Your Words
           To Guide!

IV.  Use Your Words
          To Overcome!

V.   Use Your Words
         To Create Courage!

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                                    God Has a Good Plan!

“This morning I was sitting in the chair and was feeling very down and sorry for myself.  Missing [my husband] is hard and having to deal with all the other issues is enough, and now with the holidays it’s a bit overwhelming.  Anyway, something came over me and told me I needed to get past this depression and move on.  So, I laid face down in the middle of the floor and spread my arms and proceeded to pray.  I chose to talk to God on a one-on-one basis.  I got up [from there] feeling refreshed and with a new attitude.  I know God has a plan, and I know it is a good one.  Thanks for your prayers and concern.”


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