Monday, July 6, 2020

As we desire to help you receive and achieve all God has for you, our Weekly Word of Power and Prayer devotional will empower you this hour, this day, and for the week. Join Jeanne as she brings these truths for your life from God’s Word and the Spiritual Powerline and Prayer to say out loud!!


Week of July 6, 2020


    You Can Face


       Sometimes it can seem difficult to face tomorrow.  We think, Today was bad enough, but tomorrow looks like it's going to be worse!  But if you use the courage God put in you to face tomorrow, that’s when your deliverance will come.

       You can have the courage to withstand the temptation.  To endure pain when no one is with you.  To do the right thing in spite of what others have done.  You can have the courage to do what’s uncomfortable.  Tackle the new assignment.  Endure the hurt or disappointment.  The fear.  The sadness.  Nothing can overcome a stout heart.  You know that God is with you and so you can face tomorrow.

       It makes me think of the song that Bill and Gloria Gaither wrote.  “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone; because I know He holds the future, and life is worth the living, just because He lives!”

       Say, “I can face tomorrow!”  And you can do with it courage because you believe in what God will do tomorrow, in spite of what you face today.

       This is what a woman did in the Bible who was facing hard conditions.  Her husband had passed away and she was working through grief.  But at the same time she had to face the fact that her family was in debt, and she didn’t have another source of income.  Now as a single parent, her two sons relied on her, but she was not able to sustain the family.  I’m sure it was hard for her to face tomorrow.  How do you get up and face the next day when so much is going wrong?

       But in the midst of that, she decided to have courage.  She went to the prophet of that day, Elisha, and reminded him that she and her husband had served God.  So she should not have to exist this way.  She was right!  According to His Word, when we give our life to Him, He promises to take care of us and fulfill His promises.  So, we can have courage to face tomorrow knowing God will take care of us.

       When this woman went to Elisha she told how the bill collector had come to take her two sons to put them in bondage to serve him because she couldn’t pay.  So the prophet asked her what she had of value in her house.  Then she remembered she had a small amount of oil in a jar.  When you think about it and you’re facing dire circumstances, you always have one thing.  Look around.  God will show you one thing that can help.

       So the prophet instructed her to get that jar of oil, then go around and borrow more vessels from her neighbors.  She was to make sure they were empty vessels and get as many she could.  After that, she was to go into her house with her two sons, shut the door and the windows, and start pouring the oil from her small jar into the empty vessels she had borrowed.

       Strange directive.  Anyone knows that if you have a jar with a small amount of oil and it doesn’t even fill that jar, it’s sure not going to fill up a bunch of empty big vessels.  That’s where it takes courage.  Courage to fulfill what God tells us to do.  But if God is saying do it, He has a plan.  What He wants us to do is have some gumption and by faith do it!

       That’s what this woman did who was facing overwhelming debt, bankruptcy, grief, disappointment, and her home being broken up.  With courage she began to pour the oil from that jar into the empty vessels.  As she did, it was multiplied.  It just kept pouring.  And pouring.  I tell you, when you obey, you can see God keep blessing.  And blessing.  He’s blessing what you do.

       So much oil came out, it filled every one of those vessels and then stopped.  So she reported the results to the prophet and he gave her the next directive.  “Go sell the oil, pay your debt, and you and your sons live on the rest of that money.”  (Ref. II Kings 4:7.)

       Oh wow!  That’s where courage can take you.  From having debt, a broken home, a terrible future outlook, and heartbroken with grief to now debt-free, family restored, and a bright future and with money and provision!  Have a stout heart and endure, my friend!  Because your answer is on the way.  The Lord is speaking courage into your spirit.  He’s sending resolve into your mind.  Your nerves are being strengthened.  Your attitude is changing and your determination is rising.

       Yes, you can face tomorrow because you know who is holding it.  Your God has a plan and He is revealing it to you.  As you have courage to withstand the difficulties and disappointments, you can see your deliverance.  So be of stout heart.

A Spiritual Powerline to say out loud:

  Here is a powerful prayer
              to say out loud:

      Thank You, God, for putting courage in my heart.  I use it now to face tomorrow.  There’s no difficulty or new challenge that can overcome me.  I’m strong.  Fearless.  Now I’m going to see greater blessing as You work in my life.  In the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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Be of Stout Heart! 
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Jeanne Alcott
July 6-10
      You have to have courage to fulfill your responsibilities and to see the wonderful things in your heart come to pass.  If you’re going to stand strong in the face of adversity or conquer those new things in front of you, yes, you need courage.  So you have to have a stout heart.  And the good news is you do!  So find out how to use the stout heart God has given you to see your life move forward and overcome what’s trying to overcome you.  You can go into new territories and conquer new things.
I .  Face Tomorrow With Courage! 
II.  Don’t Hang On To
        What You Shouldn’t! 
III. Wrestle To Win! 
IV. Protect Your Walls! 
V.  Do Whatever It Takes! 
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